Hi! Today is Monday and since Saturday I've had this cold that is really bothering me. I have no strength or focus and that's why I've been home from school today. I hate not being able to do all my homework but I really struggle with this stupid cold. Tomorrow is an important day and I'm incredibly nervous. First it's picture day, which will be fine but because of my cold I'm extra pale, shiny and red around my nose. The struggle will be to keep the makeup on and intact until the photo but I'm not really worried. What jiggles my guts is my meeting with my local cultural center where I'll tell them about me and my art. My hope is that I'll be able to exhibit my art there but I really don't think it's going to happen. I feel like I'm going for a certain death bc i'm 99% sure they will reject me. But I'll come back and try again, I just have to go through the embarrassment of this time.

This friday it's my birthday which is nice except that the school decided to schedule a dumb sports day on a friday, never the less my birthday. I'll get to celebrate it with my friends tho so I'm still excited. Not to mention I'll get the best present I could ever have asked for... GEMINI! Macklemore, my absolute favourite artist is dropping a whole new album after 2-3 years on my birthday. So yes, my party will be filled with GEMINI.

Btw. am I the only one who still get pumped when I hear HSM music? Hahah it's so lame but it's literally impossible to feel sad while listening to HSM.

I've also decided to delete IG from my phone. I'll still have my accounts but in order to be more productive and successful i've had to realise that I'm incredibly addicted to the explore page on Instagram,. I watch the same video ten times every day, because I'm stuck, I'm basically a CD that got stuck and is just repeating itself which I don't like it. And according to the topic I'm also trying to do a 10-day art challenge constructed by myself. The first ten days will be fruits and yesterday I started with a banana which actually turned out okay. I failed today tho by not doing it, I got sick of my stupid apple and decided to paint a bit on my eye and start a new 'angel of death' drawing. I love working with charcoal, tho my drawings are quick they have the aesthetics i'm looking for.


Down below you can see three of my flowing paintings. These are incredibly satisfying to make. 

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Hi! There something I've been thinking about which is if my art is actually good enough to display in an exhibition. I decided to try and I emailed my local cultural centre and asked if it was possible to send in a portfolio showing my work. To my surprise they actually replied with the answer that it's possible to come and meet them. When I got the answer i felt like, wtf I wasn't serious. I mean i've always wanted to exhibit but now I can only feel strong hesitation. I'm a good artist but I'm not a great artist. My work is not good enough to impress people other than the ones in my social circles.. I got talked into at least going to the meeting which means I have to select my best works to bring and show. The more I look at my art, the worse it feels. I'm going to do this meeting but i most certainly don't expect anything. I'm trying to look at it as a step towards my career in art and not as a failure and hopefully it'll motivate me and in a few years i'll be able to do it for real.

Most of my art is on Instagram under the username: @colorfulavocados   



For some reason I really wanted to make a short list of which tv-shows i've watched or am watching. Im just gonna add a short line of my opinion.

*Grey's anatomy 💉- this was my first tv-show i ever watched and it's my all time favourite show. I've probably watched every episode around five times or more. There's just something very interesting about it, and honestly the drama can be slightly overrated. I find the medicine incredibly interesting and sort of intriguing.

*Sherlock (the ABC series)- besides Grey's anatomy this is my favourite tv-show. I just love Sherlock's character and personality, the way he analyses situations imprisons me. I just wish there were more episodes.

*Modern family- this is pretty much my go-to happy series and it's the show i've watched second most (after greys). It's just one of those series that pretty much have no content which means I can't feel anything but happy when I watch it. I recommend it for depressing days when all you want is a better sitcom (It's not really a sitcom).

*Jane the virgin- Top 5 definitely. I've watched to season three or four and I just love the characters. I'm so incredibly in love with Jane's character as well as Mateo's. I do have a love for Spanish, it's the most beautiful language and they way the talk in 'Jane the virgin' is just enchanting'.

*How to get away with murder- since it's shondaland ofc I had to watch it. I love it and all the plot twists but what I don't like is when Annalise flips out and goes into her drinking stage. That's when the show looses value and interest. But when she's not in the depressing state she has this badass personality that I love and admire.

*Orange is the new black- Though I find a lot of scenes completely unnecessary and almost vulgar I did like the two first seasons. The way they portray life in prison seems interesting but when I read Piper Kerman's book 'Orange is the new black' which is the autobiography the series is based on I just felt like the series was an insult to the book. I could barely sit through the last season without gagging of disgust and boredom.

*How I met your mother- I loved the first seasons but after a while I got sick of constantly wondering who's the mother. Tbh the development ohh Barney and Marshall and Lily was way more interesting and entertaining than Ted's. He should have been more of an equal character which he's not, he's technically the main character.

*Friends- This is †he show I'm currently watching and I love it. But like a lot of sitcoms they can become dull and uneventful. Between season 5 and 8 i was slightly bored but I stuck through it and now I'm a the last season. I will come back with a final opinion.



Hey! This is my first time having a blog and I'm very excited to try it out. Basically my plan is to write about how my life is going and what I think about it. This post will simply be a short introduction to me. I'm fifteen years old and I live in Sweden, my main passion is drawings and paintings. Be aware i will share my art here but that's not all I'll talk about. A lot of my thoughts circle around my mental health as I suffer from anxiety and an eating disorder. Anyway just go with it!

- Ebba

Also go support my instagram, which is all art: http://instagram.com/colorfulavocados