Never expect the obvious, never try to see the clear. Expectations can and will be something who haunts you down to the bitter end. Try instead to be open about everything, and you will get some pretty awesome gifts for your birthday. - B.Reijnow

FOTO: Bellis Reijnow, Moa Eijsing

STORY: Bellis Reijnow

MAKEUP: Bellis Reijnow

MODELLER: Bellis Reijnow, Moa Eijsing



In the end there is nothing, but just you. Take a moment just to absorb this fact. What is life without YOU? Black is not black, whit is not white, there is so much more to see, thousands of colors and more. It all depend on the sunlight, how the sunbeams crack and land on the color. So is grey so dull now, like you thought just a sec before. That´s for me is life.

text by Bellis Reijnow

Modell & styling

Moa Eijsing

Foto, makeup & story

Bellis Reijnow