My face

Well, hello there. How are we today? Good I hope. I just wanted to say hi, and make a little bit of a introduction of myself. And I know, this is still my "old blog" but I wanted to make a few changes, and I wanted to start over so here we go.

My name is Elin, I am a 22 year old girl (guess I should say woman huh...?) that lives in Sweden, and I am a little bit of a nerd. I love books and movies, I write on a daily basis and comics are a passion of mine, and in my blog you are probably gonna read a lot about that. But I will aslo write about me, and my life. I struggle with anxiety and depression and has done so for many years, and write a lot about that, and other problems in life. I love having discussions about more serious things, as well as the not so serious stuff.

So I hope you wanna go on this little journey of good and bad with me.