In January 2015 i was lucky enough to travel to England and France for just over 3 weeks. The flights were long and the weather was freezing especially in comparison to the summer weather at home in Australia but it was all worth it because of the different culture i got to experience.

I spent majority of my time in London with family but we still managed to do a lot of exploring around the city and we visited all the main attractions.


  • Just walk: This may sound completely directionless and mundane but its the best way to experience the city for what it really is. London is a large city but by walking you can see all the different pockets and cultures and the best thing is, it doesn't cost you a cent (which is what you're aiming for in this expensive city)
  • Take a ride on a double decker bus: This completely juxtaposes what i just said about walking everywhere but lets be real you're going to get tired and a trip on the red double decker bus is an iconic thing that must be done in London. A bonus is that the bus provides you with headphones and through them you can listen to an automated voice telling you about all the buildings you're driving past and all of the history involved with them.
  • London Eye: The London Eye is like a ferris wheel on steroids but it does provide some of the best views. The image above was taken from the London Eye and gives quite the picturesque view of the Big Ben, although i ddi have to fight the other people in our capsule to be right up against the window. I really recommend going up as the sun comes down because it enhances Londons beauty even on a rainy winters day.
  • London Bridge: This is another iconic London tourist spot but it really does just have to be ticked off the bucket list. I didnt do anything fancy but i did still past it and take a few snaps and in my opinion that was enough
  • Trafalger Square: It is not just one of the many stops on the monopoly board. I personally loved Trafalgar square even though there isn't anything in particular to do there. Of course their is the iconic gold lions that tower above and watch over you but there is also the fountains which were frozen over when i went there! and street performers and artists which are always entertaining.
  • The tube: The tube is not a picturesque place or really just in general a place you would want to be but i feel like you haven't really been to London until you've suffered on the tube. Its very cramped and defiantly not a luxury experienced but its has to be done and can make travelling from one end of the city to the other extremely quick
  • Greenwhich Park: I absolutely love this park and it even looked pretty on a gloomy winter day. This is the home to the Prime Meridian which dictates the time differences between the lines of longitude and it even has the line on the ground to prove it. Be prepared for a steep walk up the hill to the top where the clock is but it does provide an amazing view so it completely worth it


Im going to admit i dint really do much in Paris due to wild weather conditions but what i ddi see was amazing so i will share my limited view

  • ​Disneyland: would i honestly be human if i didn't mention Disneyland? It brings out the child in everyone and is one of the best things I've ever experienced. I spent 2 days there and the highlight was definently the parade in the afternoon and the fireworks at night over the castle.
  • Eiffel tower: Again this is another iconic destination that you have to visit. I do recommend paying the money to go up to the top level of the Eiffel tower so that you can see the best view over the city
  • Love lock bridge: Im sure you've heard of the love lock bridge and you're inner white girl is just screaming at you to go visit. I hit up the bridge and locked on a lock for my best friends back home and one for my family and through the keys into the river so they were stuck in love with me forever
  • Walk: Im sounding awful repetitive but once again its the best way to see any city and i really enjoyed looking at all the architecture and seeing all the designer stores.