Hey guys!

We made a NYC guide that we hope you will like!

So, we think everyone should go to the classic places such as Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the rock and Central Park. But we decided to gather some tips that people may not be so familiar with. The first days we went to the restaurants that everyone is promoting on Instagram and the food was pretty indeed, but it didn’t taste that good. So we realized quickly we have to ask around and find our own gems.


312 Bleecker street, Greenwich village
See Eyewear. We randomly walked by here after an amazing brekkie at Buvette. The salesman was wonderful, all of the sunglasses cost 100 dollars and best of all; they have no retailers so they are unique. We both left the store with a pair of new fly shadeszzz.


Driggs Ave close to the Bedford ave subway station
This man has been running this thrift shop in Williamsburg for a decade. While here we met a stylish guy from San Fransisco who claimed he has been thrifting all over the world, but this was still his all time fave. And we understand why! A great selection of really unique pieces.

Other vintage stores to recommend: L train vintage, Beacons closet, No relations, Urban Jungle

And a bit more shopping..

35 Howard Street, SoHo
Opening ceremony. Definitely window shopping, but so much eye candy!!! We wanted every single piece in there and it was heartbreaking to put the pieces back and leave the store. :(

651 Kapkowski Rd, New Jersey
Jersey gardens. An outlet 30 min from the city where we found sports attire, shoes, knitwear and jeans. This is not a very cool place haha so we would not recommend anyone to bother going here if you are in NYC for a short time. But on a rainy day it is a great place to bargain!


255 Bleecker street, Greenwich village
Tacombi. Became our favorite taco restaurant. Authentic Mexican food and an absolutely wonderful staff. We recommend the fish tacos and the guacamole!!

114 Kenmare Street, Nolita
La esquina. Also a great Mexican restaurant! We missed our reservation (aka went and partied haha) so the day we managed to get there we got to eat in the bar. Which was totally worth it, the parmesan corn was insane and the atmosphere is so typical New York. And oh! It looks like a street food restaurant from outside but you just go in and say you have made a reservation and you will be escorted through the kitchen into the restaurant downstairs.


Many locations -for example Upper West Side, 561 columbus ave at 87th st
MILK. Their cereal soft serve is amazing.


42 Grove street, West village
Buvette. Just the best restaurant, all categories. We always go here when in Paris and their sister restaurant in NYC was exactly as good. The croque forestier is just something else. And everything is so. darn. pretty.!!!

And more breakfast.. With mimosas..

220 Bushwick ave, Brooklyn
Bread and brothers cafe. We ended up going here e-v-e-r-y morning because of the insanely good bagels with sun dried tomato cream cheese.

173 Ludlow St, East village
Tre. Best spot on Sundays. You buy their pancakes and get to drink unlimited amount of mimosas for 2 hours haha. There were a lot of fun day parties in general around Ludlow st on Sundays!

548 Driggs ave, Williamsburg
Bakeshop by Woops. A regular café with coffee and sweets BUT the interior is absolutely amazing. It is so harmonic here and we went here a lot to study and work.


Freeman alley, Nolita
Freemans. OH.MY.GOD. We ate the sickest dish in our lives here. An artichoke dip that was out of this world. This place is pretty expensive (we realized when the bill came in), so just go there and annoy the staff by just ordering the artichoke dip which is a starter hehe.

Everywhere, the one in Madison Square Park is the best
Shake shack. Classic but oh so fantastic!!!! And don't miss the salted caramel milkshake, we almost did.


NY Waterways East River Ferry. We actually found this boat when we were lost but this boat is a cozy alternative to the metro if you are going from Williamsburg to Midtown.


The best thing to do is just to ask people because the hip places change from week to week. We tried the fancier nightclubs and had fun, but it was not our scene. Instead we got introduced to the underground nightlife with parties in restaurants on Wall Street, backyard parties and rooftop hangouts. The best parties are definitely downtown and in Brooklyn. But just try to go where the locals go at the moment!

Hope you enjoyed the tips!

xx, Cloudberry Rush

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We've been M.I.A for a while, but what better place to make a comeback than in NYC?

Even though this is a vacation we've been running around town like we're in a hurry somewhere. There is absolutely nothing relaxing about this city, except from Central Park. Yesterday we grabbed some good old Shake Schack with us and headed out to the park for the afternoon. Soaked in the sun (23+ here!!!) and observed all the different kind of people this magical city consists of.

xx. CBRS



Hey guys!

Wanted to show off this wonderful vintage Moschino skirt I bought last Saturday. I just had to put it on right away so this is the outfit I wore at an event the same night. Just like Meri stated, florals are one of the best fashion essentials this fall. Unfortunately I hate wearing colorful skirts with pantyhose, so this skirt will be waiting for me in the closet until spring time.

What else? I'm stressing out about school (got in to Bussiness School at Stockholm uni, yay!!) and trying to recover from this crazy-ass summer hehe. Easier said than done!

Have a fantastic week! Xoxo, Uchenna




It's time for my favorite season - at least the best season for fashion!

I'm wearing a new scarf from the H&M Studio A/W 2016 collection. The scarf with the embroidered flowers is just what I'd been looking for. It takes an ordinary outfit to another level.

We both, Uchenna & me have been in a quite a roller coaster for the past month. Work work work work work..... But we have some great plans so stick around ;)

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It's a new week and the last one of August. Woah where did the summer go? 

The week after the Flow Festival is always rough, like last week was. I diagnosed "post-flow-depression" for myself but I'm over it now :-D I have some amazing plans for this week, for example a staff party at my workplace (scared) and I have a date at a movie theatre where you can eat sushi and drink wine while watching movies!! Perfect, right? 

Let's just continue wearing bright and colorful clothes and we'll get through this upcoming fall! 

XX: Meri-Kaisla 

Photos: None other than Uchenna <3 




Before we move our thoughts towards fall, we spend three magical days at Flow Festival here in Helsinki. It's basically this wonderful weekend filled with food, friends and fantastic music.

This is what it looked like last year. We'll see if anyone can top "Florence + The machines" magical show last year.





Finally the season I LOVE is coming up. This season between summer and fall where you can wear skirts and dresses with layers of shirts and jackets. 

And speaking about fall. We booked NYYYYYYYCCCC yesterday. We'll be gone for two weeks and the excitement is beyond.

xo, Uchenna




AAAH, those carefree days in the Philippines.

Some of the best moments were when we sat in the middle of the open sea in our canoes watching the sunset, playing the songs "Hymn for the weekend" and "Part ll On the run" over and over and over again. Not because they are two of our favorite songs (hahaha, OUR favorite songs :'-)), which they are. But because they were the only two songs that Meri had on offline mode on Spotify during the entire month haha. Usually I'm the self-appointed DJ among friends, but my phone got stolen on day freaking TWO haha. But it actually was very liberating after all.

Now I have to go to my last day at work until I'm going to one last tour to H-toooown tomorrow!!  This time for two weeks!!





- Wandered the streets of Stockholm at 5 am and fell in love with the city even more. My Snapchat story was full of videos of Uchenna showing her favorite places and things in the city like Carl Philip's car (?)...

- Went to see Rihanna and she blew me away! She was really in love with herself, with the audience and maybe with some rapper too..;)? Everything was on point - dancing, singing and her CLOTHES! DAMN!

- I have had my breakfast too many times at my new favorite Restaurant Story - The pancakes - yummmmmy!

- I've been wearing my five year old Birkenstocks and they look rough but I just can't let go!! :'D  I swam in the salty ocean in the Philippines with them but they're still OK.

- Saw BEYONCÉ from the second row and just wow. She is my Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's slay





We're reunited in Stockholm because tomorrow Beyonce's taking over town!!! Over and out.

xx, Clourberry Rush