With its beautiful, shiny, and elegant appearance, marble has become the flooring tile of choice for most homes and offices in Singapore. Besides its beauty, it is durable, very easy to clean, and doesn’t accumulate any type of bacteria.

Despite its durability, marble flooring needs some TLC (Tender loving care. It’s a common colloquial word) too. Without proper care and maintenance, marble stains easily and loses its shine. Good thing there are a bunch of marble floor polishing companies in Singapore offering professional services to help maintain the glossy appearance of your marble flooring.

It may not look like it, but marble floor polishing is not a task that some average Joe or Jane can easily do. Hiring marble floor polishing experts is a must for they know the cleaning required for different kinds of marble stains, as well as the tools and solutions needed to ensure your marble flooring maintains its pristine condition.

The question, however, is how to choose the most reliable marble floor polishing company in Singapore? For your convenience, we’ve rounded up five of the most trusted marble floor polishing specialists in the country and zero in on what sets them apart in the marble cleaning game.

iCleaning Services

iCleaning Services makes use of highly sophisticated equipment for repairing and restoring any marble flooring to its former glory. They provide recommendations on how best to go about the marble restoration process and ensure that no stain is left unremoved, whether it’s as simple as a coffee stain or as complex as rust.

Absolute Solutions

A one-stop shop for all kinds of cleaning services, they do it all – from house cleaning to aircon servicing. While not specialising in marble floor restoration per se, they are surprisingly well-equipped to do the job. They offer a wide range of marble floor polishing services that cater to the specific requirements of the flooring while ensuring they build good customer relationship by providing tips on how customers can maintain the condition of their marble surfaces.

Complete Services

Being in the cleaning industry for over a decade, it is not surprising that Complete Services has gained quite a following – industries that are as varied as their myriad of services. It is in marble floor polishing that they have chosen to excel, however, boasting to offer the “best technique” in ensuring that any marble flooring maintains its au naturel shine. They utilise a state-of-the-art buffing equipment to carry out exceptional cleaning and polishing action. This is backed by a team of skilled marble polishers who deliver marble cleaning and polishing that’s systematic and efficiently done.

Singapore Polish and Grind

Since 1989, Singapore Polish and Grind has been making the rounds of Singapore’s residential and commercial establishments to bring their expertise in flooring restoration and maintenance. What probably makes it stand out is its process of marble flooring restoration, which uses diamond encrusted pads to eliminate any marks or scratches on the marble surface. They also constantly ensure that the skills of their workforce are upgraded to meet the demands of the job.

Avalon Services

With 14 years of experience in marble floor polishing, Avalon Services has already mastered the right marble floor polishing techniques for any kind of marble flooring. From applying cleaning agents that complement any kind of marble to using high-quality finer grade pads and sealers, they provide clients with an “established methodology” in marble floor polishing that meets today’s industry standards. And at the end of every process, clients are assured of marble flooring that looks exactly like the majestic surface it once was.

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