As my semester in Sydney is over I finally have some time to travel around Australia a bit. My first stop was Fraser Island; an island on the southeastern coast of Queensland. The island is also known as the largest sand island in the world. There are no roads on the island, only sand. As you can imagine, as the beach lover I am, I was very excited about going. As it's kind of impossible to go there by yourself, my friends and I had booked a 3 day trip where we got to drive around the island by ourselves in a huge car.

Driving around the island was amazing! We played music as loud as we could and saw the most beautiful nature. It was a bumpy ride of course - driving on the sand and up and down the hills of the rainforest - but that just made it even more fun. On our drives we stopped to explore the area, the highlights being the beautiful Lake McKenzie and the Champagne Pools - natural pools formed by volcanic rocks. We also went to a lookout point where we spotted big turtles swimming in the ocean. For some reason, this was one of my favorite moments of our 3 day trip. I've never seen turtles swimming around like that and there were so many - it was beautiful to watch! We also got to see a few dingos running around the island. Dingos are wild dogs that live on Fraser Island. They are quite dangerous so we couldn't go near them but one of them followed our car as we were driving. It was extremely cute in my opinion but it was probably a good thing we were inside our car.

The beautiful Champagne Pools where we stopped to swim.

The lookout point we hiked to, where we spotted the turtles.

Lake McKenzie in the middle of the rainforest, where we also went swimming. Dress from Black Coral.

During the night we were camping in the forest, sleeping in tents and cooking our food outside. I'm not a camping person; i've actually never tried camping before and I don't really think i'm going to do it again. As much as I loved being on the island, I wasn't that fond of sleeping inside the forest where we were warned that some of the most deadliest snakes in Australia were hiding. I got so scared and I started to look for snakes and spiders everywhere! It didn't help either that our first night was filled with rain. And not your typical rain - the kind of rain that leaves you completely soaked and freezing. But then again "surviving" that night and the whole camping experience made me quite proud of myself - if you know me, you'll understand why - so I wouldn't have been without it. The island and everything we saw was too amazing to miss out on just because I was (and still am) scared of the wildlife.

If you're thinking about going to Fraser yourself, i've made a list with a few tips for you. I could have been better prepared for this trip, especially weather wise, so hopefully you'll be that after reading these tips!


1. Be prepared not to have internet or reception. It's an island! You have to live the island life for a couple of days. So say goodbye to friends and family before going offline - and enjoy it!

2. Bring warm clothes for the night. The weather is very unpredictable on Fraser Island. Even though it's summer it's still likely to rain throughout the day, so be prepared for anything. I'm not saying you should bring a huge suitcase but just a sweater and a pair of long pants should do it.

3. Bring a powerbank. Just like there's no internet, there isn't really that many plugs in the forest. If you want to take amazing photos, you should make sure you can charge your phone or your camera - therefore, a powerbank is quite handy to have!

4. Don't expect a beach holiday. Even though the island is the largest sand island in the world, you can't actually swim in the water as there are sharks, stingrays and dangerous currents. You can swim in the Champagne Pools and the lakes of course, so you still have plenty of opportunities - but Fraser Island is still more of an adventure trip than a beach holiday. You spend most of the time driving around and seeing the nature, so you're not chilling on the beach. But that doesn't make it any less amazing!

That's all for now. Stay tuned for my next blogpost about the Whitsundays coming in a couple of days.

Love Claudia

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As I recently turned 22 and am therefore now very old and very wise, I thought i'd share a few things i've learned my last two years of being a 'grown up'.

Jokes aside, the other day my friends and I had a conversation about wether or not we're grown ups yet just because we're in our twenties. I for one do not feel very grown up at all; i'm still messy, I can't cook and I don't think i'll ever really understand taxes. But while explaining this to my friends, I realised that there are actually some differences between what I knew when I was 17 compared to what I know now - so I decided to make a little list. Here are five things I know now, that would have been very helpful for me to know as a teenager:

1. All women have cellulite and stretch marks

"But that's not true because a lot of the girls I follow on Instagram don't have it in their photos!" - well, that's because they edit it or just choose the photos where it doesn't show. Wether a little or a lot, all women have it. And it's not something to be ashamed of or something that you should waste time worrying about. No matter how much time you spend at the gym or how many chocolate bars you refuse, you are still going to have a bit of cellulite. First of all, because a lot of it is just genetic and second of all, because that's what it's like being a woman. Don't try to lose a lot of weight, because that won't matter; even skinny people have cellulite. Even models have cellulite. So stop worrying about it and put your energy towards something else!

2. You can't make everyone like you

No matter how nice you are, how good looking you are or how smart you are, there will always be someone who won't like you. Just because. And there's nothing you can do to change that and trying to is just not worth your time. What you should do is stop thinking about what people will think and just do what makes you feel good. Because some people will just find a reason to dislike you, no matter how much you try not to give them one. So post the selfie you want, wear what you want and talk to whoever you'd like to talk to. You are here to make you happy, not everyone else.

3. You shouldn't compare yourself to other people

Because you can't win at everything. You might not have long legs like that girl you admire or you might not be as good at science as the rest of the people in your class. But that's okay, because there are other things that you have or that you are excellent at. It's the oldest story in the book, but you have to focus on what you have and not what you don't have. It's extremely hard. But are you really going to let the fact that some other girl has longer legs than you, ruin your confidence? No!

4. It's never as bad as you think

In a year or maybe even in a few months, that guy who broke your heart - who you thought you couldn't live without - won't matter to you. Because eventually you will meet someone new, someone who will make you so happy, that you will be glad you got rid of the other guy. It's always like that. You might be struggling in math class, hating every second of it and feeling ashamed that you don't know how to differentiate equations. But as soon as your done with school it's very likely that you'll never have to worry about math again. Everything that is hurting you is temporary - and everything that's making you sad will get better.

5. You are never going to look like a Victoria's Secret model

Because they don't even look like that! Yes, they are naturally beautiful and fit, of course but none of them look exactly like they do in the Victoria's Secret campaign photos - because it's edited. A former retoucher for Victoria's Secret revealed just how much editing they go through just to make sure that the girls look like they have skinny legs and toned abs, but still big breasts and other female curves (read the article here). So stop trying to achieve the impossible! This relates a lot to number 1 and 3: stop comparing yourself to other people and be happy with what you have - because that's what makes you unique (and beautiful!).

As much as I know these things now I still sometimes struggle with remembering them - but i guess that's a work in progress throughout life. If you have any similar things you wish you'd known as a teenager, feel free to share! I'd love to know.

Otherwise, have a lovely day!

- Claudia

Danish translation: Nu er jeg jo for nylig fyldt 22 og er derfor naturligvis meget gammel og vis. Derfor tænkte jeg, at jeg ville dele et par ting, som jeg har lært de sidste to år, mens jeg har været "voksen".

Spøg til side, så havde jeg en samtale med nogle af mine venner den anden dag, der fik mig til at tænke. Vi diskuterede, hvorvidt vi er voksne, bare fordi vi nu er i tyverne. Jeg føler mig bestemt ikke selv særligt voksen; jeg roder, jeg kan ikke lave mad og jeg tror aldrig jeg kommer til at forstå det der med skat. Alligevel kom jeg dog frem til, at der faktisk er et par ting jeg ved nu, som jeg ikke vidste da jeg var teenager. Derfor tænkte jeg, at jeg ville lave en lille liste. Her er fem ting, jeg ville ønske jeg havde vidst, da jeg var teenager:

1. Alle kvinder har appelsinhud og strækmærker

"Det passer altså ikke, for alle de piger jeg følger på instagram, har ikke!" - nej, men så er det fordi de enten redigerer det væk, eller bare udvælger de billeder, hvor det ikke er synligt. Alle kvinder har det - og om det er meget eller lidt, så er det altså ikke noget at skamme sig over! Det er det mest naturlige i verden og der er ingen grund til at prøve at ændre på det. Højst sandsynligt kan du faktisk ikke ændre på det - ofte er det genetisk og lige meget hvor meget du træner eller hvor lidt chokolade du spiser, vil du nok altid have lidt. Og lad nu være med at prøve at tabe dig, for at få det væk, for tynde mennesker har altså også appelsinhud. Selv modeller har appelsinhud. Så stop med at bekymre dig om det og læg dit fokus et andet sted!

2. Der vil altid være nogen, der ikke kan lide dig

Lige meget hvor sød du er, hvor pæn du er eller hvor klog du er - så vil der altid være nogen der ikke kan lide dig. Bare fordi. Og det kan du ikke ændre på. Der vil altid være nogen der kan finde en grund til ikke at kunne lide dig, lige meget hvor meget du prøver ikke at give dem en. Så i stedet for at spilde din tid på hvad andre tænker, bør du bare gøre lige hvad du har lyst til. Post det selfie du har lyst til, tag det tøj på du har lyst til og hæng ud med dem du har lyst til! I sidste ende er du her for at gøre dig glad, ikke nogen andre.

3. Du skal ikke sammenligne dig med andre

For du kan altså ikke vinde hver gang. Måske har du ikke lange ben ligesom hende pigen, der ser ud til at have det hele og måske har du ikke ligeså nemt ved fysik, som de andre i klassen. Men det gør ikke noget! For der er så mange andre ting du har. Det er den største kliché, men du bliver simpelthen nødt til at fokusere på hvad du har, i stedet for hvad du ikke har. Det er hårdt, men det andet kommer du altså ingen vegne med. Og har du virkelig tænkt dig at lade en eller anden pige med lange ben, ødelægge din selvtillid?

4. Det er aldrig så slemt som du tror

Om et år, eller måske allerede om et par måneder har du glemt alt om ham fyren der har knust dit hjerte. På det tidspunkt vil han slet ikke betyde noget for dig, for der har du mødt en ny fyr, som kun gør dig glad for at være sluppet af med den anden. Sådan vil det altid være. Det kan godt være du sidder i matematiktimen og hader hvert minut, mens du skammer dig over at du ikke kan finde ud af at differentiere - men højst sandsynligt, kommer du aldrig til at bruge det igen, når du er færdig med gymnasiet. Alt hvad der gør ondt og alt hvad der gør dig ked af det, vil gå over.

5. Du kommer aldrig til at ligne en Victoria's Secret model

- for Victoria's Secret modellerne ligner ikke engang Victoria's Secret modeller! Selvfølgelig er de naturligt smukke og trænede, men der er ingen af dem der ser ud, som de gør på kampagne billederne. De billeder er redigeret til uigenkendelighed, så det ser ud som at modellerne både er megatynde, trænede og har store bryster og kvindelige former - læs selv en tidligere VS retoucher's beretning her. Der er altså ikke nogen, der er så perfekte i virkeligheden, så det behøver du heller ikke stræbe efter at være.

Selvom det er viden jeg har nu, betyder det ikke, at jeg ikke glemmer det nogle gange. Men sådan er det vel - det er noget man skal lære at huske sig selv på, gennem hele livet. Hvis du har nogle lignende ting, du ville ønske du havde vidst som teenager, skal du endelig dele dem! Kommentér gerne, for jeg ville elske at høre om det.

Hav en rigtig dejlig dag!

- Claudia



This Sunday we went to the beautiful Grounds of Alexandria. The Grounds is almost like its own little city, placed in the middle of an otherwise quite boring industrial area. It feels a little bit like suddenly being on the countryside as there are farm animals, blooming flowers everywhere and cute little food stands. It's exactly the kind of place you'd want to spend your Sunday: cozy, relaxed and with plenty of options for good food around.

Danish translation: Denne søndag besøgte vi det meget smukke 'Grounds of Alexandria', som nærmest er sin egen lille by i midten af et ellers ret så kedeligt industriområde. Det føles en smule som pludselig at være på landet: der er dyr fra bondegården, blomster så langt øjet rækker og en masse små mad-stande. Det er præcist sådan et sted, man har lyst til at tilbringe en søndag; hyggeligt, afslappet og med mulighed for at få masser af god mad.

The first thing you see when you enter is the amazing flower garden. It has such a charming atmosphere - it's almost like being at a wedding. As it is very instagrammable it is also quite crowded - especially on a Sunday. It probably wasn't the best day for us to go but we enjoyed it immensely nonetheless.

Danish translation: Det første man ser, når man kommer ind, er den fantastiske blomsterhave. Det er så charmerende et sted - det føles nærmest som at være til et bryllup, så romantisk stemningen er. Det er helt klart instaværdigt og derfor også meget populært - især om søndagen. Det var nok ikke det bedste tidspunkt for os at komme, men vi nød det stadig utroligt meget.

There are three different cafés spread across the Grounds along with a whole lot of cute food stands that mainly sell desserts. We chose to sit at the one called The Café where they have a bakery inside. We got a table in their outside area which instantly reminded me of Paris - with round tables and a huge selection of pastries and coffee. My friend Ines and I shared the red velvet cake, which is a lot bigger than it looks like on the picture. I'd definitely recommend it!

Danish translation: Der er tre forskellige caféer og en masse små, søde stande der primært sælger desserter. Vi valgte at sætte os på The Café, som også er et bageri. Vi fik et bord i deres udendørsområde og jeg fik med det samme følelsen af at være i Paris; små runde borde og et stort udvalg af kage og kaffe. Min veninde Ines og jeg delte en red velvet kage, som var meget større end den ser ud til på billedet. Den kan helt klart anbefales!

All in all we had such a nice Sunday at the Grounds and we're definitely coming back another time - but probably on a weekday next time so it's less crowded. If you want to visit it as well you can read more about it here. I hope you have had - or will have, depending on where you are in the world - an amazing Sunday too!

- Claudia x

Danish translation: Alt i alt, havde vi virkelig en dejlig søndag og skal helt klart tilbage igen - men nok en hverdag næste gang, så der er lidt færre mennesker. Hvis du har lyst til at læse mere om The Grounds, kan du gøre det her.

Hav en dejlig søndag!




As you may know, my boyfriend Nicolas lives in Denmark and I’m currently living in Sydney for half a year. If you’ve read my post about moving here, you know how sad I felt about moving away from him (if not you can read about it here). My first thoughts about doing long distance were very negative, to say the least. The whole point of being in a relationship is being together! Why would anyone want to spend half a year apart? There were several times when I thought about cancelling the whole thing so I could still be close to him. But I didn’t.

Because, it’s inevitable that our lives are going to lead us different places sometimes. We are after all different people. I have always wanted to live somewhere else than Denmark. Now that I think about it, it has probably been my biggest wish throughout my whole life. Not in a sad way, because I do value living in Denmark. More in a curious way. Denmark is such a small country and we can’t deny that the weather sucks. Big time. So I’ve always dreamt about living somewhere warm and tropical. Somewhere like Australia…

When I got the opportunity to apply for exchange, Nicolas and I had just started dating. It had been my dream for so long that nothing could have stopped me then. Nicolas jokingly kept saying that he’d never ask me to be his girlfriend because he knew I was leaving. Luckily, I think I got him convinced anyway.

So here we are, currently having been apart for almost three months with still more than two months left before we see each other again. The first month was definitely the hardest. You’re so used to seeing each other every day that just sleeping alone seems like the worst thing in the world. If you’re not currently in a relationship you probably think I sound foolish but that was really how it was for me.

As hard as it is, there’s nothing you can’t get used to over time. And so we got used to being apart as well. We talk to each other everyday, two times a day actually: when Nicolas wakes up and just before I go to sleep. We text message each other throughout the whole day and play games together on our apps. Stupid really, but sometimes it’s the little things.

Not that it’s been without any problems at all. We have fought, quite a lot actually. It’s very easy to misunderstand each other when you’re so far apart and it’s especially easy to worry about nonexistent problems – such as cheating. I, myself can get quite jealous at times, simply because I’m afraid of losing him. Even though I trust him and know that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me – he actually doesn’t even have time if he wanted to, because we FaceTime two times a day – it still doesn’t stop me from creating stupid scenarios in my mind. When that happens, I think it’s important just to accept it. Accept that these are your feelings and that they’re completely human and okay to have. Talking about it helps too. That’s probably the most important thing in a long-distance relationship: communication. You have to be able to talk about your feelings, to tell the other person when you’re sad or missing them. If you can’t do that and if you feel like you have to put up a façade and act like you’re doing just fine, then it’s not going to work. Honest communication and patience – a lot of patience. Because sometimes you won’t both be sad at the same time – sometime you can be having a great day and he’s feeling sad, or the other way around. So being patience and honest is the key to making it work, in my opinion.

One very good thing about being apart is that I’ve realized something important. I don’t need Nicolas in my life, but I want him in my life. I am able to function on my own and to handle my own problems. I think that’s very important, because in the end you never know what will happen. I am absolutely certain that Nicolas and I are going to stay together for many, many years to come but in reality, we have no way of knowing. Therefore it is important that I’m able to live my life without him as well. That being said, I’ve discovered something else too: how much I want him in my life. Every time I have a great day or see a beautiful place my first thought is always: ‘I wish Nicolas was here with me’. Being apart has made me realize how happy I am that we are together and how much I enjoy having him in my life. It’s getting cheesy now, but being apart has definitely made me realize that he is the only one I want to spend my life with. And that’s something I’m very happy about.

I think I’ll end it here before it gets too long but if you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking an interest in my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed reading it! And as always, if you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lots of love,


DANSK: Som I nok ved, så bor min kæreste Nicolas i Danmark, mens jeg skal bo i Sydney i et halvt år. Hvis du har læst mit tidligere indlæg om hvordan det har været at flytte hertil, ved du hvordan jeg har haft det med at skulle væk fra ham – hvis ikke, kan du læse det her. Jeg var virkelig negativ om at skulle have et langdistance forhold i et stykke tid. Meningen med at være kærester, er jo at man skal være sammen! Hvorfor skulle man dog tilbringe et halvt år hvert for sig? Der var virkelig mange gange hvor jeg havde lyst til at aflyse hele mit udvekslingsophold, bare så jeg kunne blive hjemme hos ham. Men det gjorde jeg ikke.

For det er jo uundgåeligt, at livet nogle gange fører os i forskellige retninger – vi er jo trods alt forskellige mennesker. Jeg har altid gerne villet prøve at bo et andet sted end Danmark. Nu hvor jeg tænker over det, så tror jeg faktisk det har været mit største ønske gennem hele mit liv. Ikke fordi jeg ikke sætter pris på Danmark, men mere fordi jeg ved hvor småt det er i forhold til resten af verdenen. Og hvor dårligt vejret er. Så jeg har altid haft lyst til at prøve at bo et anderledes, varmt sted – et sted som Australien…

Da jeg fik muligheden for at tage på udveksling, var Nicolas og jeg lige begyndt at se hinanden. På det tidspunkt, var der intet der kunne stoppe mig. Nicolas blev ved med at sige, at han ikke gad være kærester med mig, fordi han vidste jeg alligevel skulle rejse næste sommer. Heldigvis, fik jeg vidst overtalt ham alligevel. Nu har vi så været væk fra hinanden i snart tre måneder og har stadig mere end to måneder tilbage, før vi ses igen. Den første måned var helt klart den hårdeste. Man er så vant til at se hinanden hver dag, at det føles helt forfærdeligt at man, for eksempel, skal sove alene lige pludselig. Det lyder måske fjollet, men det var virkelig sådan det var for mig.

Det bliver selvfølgelig nemmere med tiden. Nu er vi efterhånden blevet ret vant til at være væk fra hinanden. Vi snakker stadig sammen hver dag, to gange om dagen, faktisk: når Nicolas vågner og når jeg går i seng. Vi skriver sammen hele dagen og spiller spil sammen på vores apps. Ret åndssvagt egentligt, men nogle gange er de bare de små ting, der gør at man føler sig lidt tættere på hinanden.

Det har dog ikke været uden problemer. Det er svært ikke at skændes nogle gange, for man kan nemt misforstå hinanden, når man er så langt væk. Så er der også de klassiske bekymringer, man ikke helt kan undgå – for eksempel om den anden kunne finde på at være utro. Selvom jeg ved, at Nicolas aldrig ville gøre mig noget ondt – og at han faktisk heller ikke har tid, hvis han ville, for vi FaceTimer som sagt to gange om dagen – så stopper det mig ikke fra at bekymre mig om det. Nogle gange kan jeg også blive jaloux, bare fordi jeg er bange for at miste ham. Når det sker, så tror jeg det er vigtigt, at man bare accepterer det. Acceptér, at det er sådan du føler lige nu og at det er en helt normal følelse at have nogle gange. Det hjælper også at tale om det. Det er nok noget af det vigtigste ved lang-distance: at man taler om tingene. Man bliver nødt til at kunne være ærlige over for hinanden og fortælle hvis man er trist eller i dårligt humør. Hvis man føler, at man bliver nødt til at lade som om man er helt okay og ovenpå hele tiden, så kommer det bare ikke til at fungere i længden. Tålmodighed er også vigtigt. Oftest er man jo ikke trist på de samme tidspunkter – nogle gange kan den ene have en fantastisk dag og den anden have en rigtig dårlig en – og så bliver man bare nødt til at være tålmodig med hinanden.

En virkelig fantastisk ting ved vores langdistance, er at det har virkelig fået mig til at indse, hvor meget jeg elsker at have Nicolas i mit liv. Jeg har fundet ud af, at jeg sagtens kan klare mig uden ham og få min hverdag til at fungere på egen hånd – men samtidig, har jeg også fundet ud af hvor meget han betyder for mig. Hver gang jeg har en virkelig god dag eller ser et nyt, fantastisk sted, er min første tanke altid at jeg ville ønske han var der. Jeg har lyst til at dele det hele med ham. Nu bliver det måske lidt for sukkersødt, men jeg har virkelig fundet ud af at han er den rigtige for mig – og det kan kun gøre mig glad.



I think it's safe to say that I have fallen in love with Sydney already. It’s such a welcoming city; everyone seems to be smiling all the time and people actually say "thank you" to the bus driver when they leave the bus! It’s definitely easy to feel at home here. It's also a perfect mixture of city life and tropical vibes - with both tall New York-like buildings and palm-tree filled beaches, who could ask for more?

As I am still quite new to Sydney I am in no way an expert on where to go and what to see. But that being said I have found a few places that has made me very excited about living here. Here are a few of my favourite spots in Sydney so far – hope you enjoy!



Bondi Wholefoods

For someone like me who loves the sugary breakfast options like pancakes, muffins and so on – but still wants to be healthy and feel good – Bondi Wholefoods is the perfect place. Their pancakes are probably the prettiest I’ve ever had – and they taste amazing! Bondi Wholefoods has a wide range of smoothies, healthy breakfast and lunch dishes and also a huge to-go selection. It’s a perfect place for a Sunday brunch and both their shops are definitely worth a visit.

Bondi Wholefoods, Surry Hills and Bondi Beach: https://www.bondiwholefoods.com.au/


Establishment Bar

I spent my birthday at Establishment and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go dancing. I went there on a Tuesday where they have free salsa lessons and $12 mojitos. Stepping in to Establishment on a Tuesday is a bit like stepping into the secret dance place in Dirty Dancing. The vibe there is definitely something else compared to your usual dance bar; everyone is moving to the Latin beats and not just standing there moving a foot or two. We’re talking proper dancing and it’s so much fun!

Check it out here: http://merivale.com.au/whats-on/event/celebrate-all-things-salsa/


Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Looking at the photo of Bondi Beach it might not seem like a good place to get active but I promise you it is! The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is a 6 km scenic walk overlooking the most stunning Sydney beaches such as Tamarama, Bronte and more. It's definitely more exciting than your usual treadmill session at the gym. Wether you jog or simply walk it'll be a good workout - and there are even several small outdoor gym spots on the way where you can stop and do exercises. The best thing about it though is that whenever you get tired, you can just choose on of the beaches and relax there instead!

Read more about the walk here: http://www.bonditocoogeewalk.com/


Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets is the coziest place to spend a Saturday. Located in the lovely streets of Glebe surrounded by small cafés it's a very relaxed place to shop. The market has a bit of everything: second hand clothes, eccentric jewellery and a lot of local Australian brands. You’ll also find plenty of vintage Levi’s denim at very reasonable prices – something that I’ve definitely taken advantage of. If you get hungry the market also provides smoothie bowls, cakes and more – but as there are plenty of cafés in the area you have a lot of options. I would recommend going to Well Co café, which is located just opposite of the market. Sit in their outside area upstairs and enjoy the sun and their amazing breakfast/lunch options.

Glebe Markets is open every Saturday from 10-4. Read more about it here: http://www.glebemarkets.com.au/

Read more about Well Co Café here: http://wellcocafe.com/


Morriset Park

When you’re in Australia, you have to meet a kangaroo. I did not know enough about these crazy creatures before I went to Morriset Park. There they run free and are completely comfortable with humans. The baby kangaroos are so cute and if you bring bananas or carrots you can feed and pet them. But beware of the older ones - we brought a picnic when we went there and ended up having to eat it far away from the park, as a very muscular, male kangaroo wouldn’t leave our hummus alone. Very clever move to have a picnic in a park full of kangaroos, right?

Read more about Morriset here: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/picnic-areas/morisset-picnic-area

That's it for now! There are of course many more places to go in Sydney so stay tuned for more on my blog as i'll soon be sharing more of my favourite spots here.

Love Claudia x




So I thought i'd start to share a bit about how I spend my Sundays here in Sydney. It's funny because back home in Denmark, Sunday to me means staying inside watching (too much) Netflix and eating (too much) food. If I do get around to do anything productive at all it will be skimming my homework while lying in bed. But Sundays in Sydney are entirely different. Sydney public transport has this amazing deal: every Sunday the public transport will never cost more than $2,50 - no matter where you go! As public transport is a bit expensive here this is actually a huge deal and the reason why Australians take their Sundays very seriously. Since I came here we have spent every Sunday exploring new parts of the city and especially those that are a bit further away. I've been to some amazing, very insta-worthy places and I thought it would be cruel not to share!

Last Sunday we went on the most amazing hike. It's called the Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walkway. You start out at Spit Bridge and walk the whole way to Manly Beach. The walk is 10 km long and therefore you should probably wear comfortable clothes and shoes - something we didn't and kind of regretted. My friend Nathalie (seen on the photo above) was the only one who had done the walk before and therefore she was dressed in proper activewear. The rest of us? Not so much. As you might have seen I had chosen to wear a very tight, very white dress. Nathalie laughed so hard when she saw me.

Despite the lack of workout wear I did not regret one minute of that walk. We walked past the most beautiful, hidden beaches. Unlike some Sydney beaches these weren't crowded at all but instead very peaceful and relaxed. We decided to eat our lunch on one of the smaller ones - just soaking up the sun and resting there for a couple of hours.

After our break on the beach we started taking the walk a bit more seriously. Other than beautiful beaches we came across some great viewpoints overlooking Sydney.. aaand we also came across quite a few huge lizards. I'm not gonna lie: I am not a big fan of these. They aren't at all as bad as snakes of course, but I would still prefer to meet no reptiles at all. I did shriek (probably a little too much) when I saw the first one. But then I got quite used to it and as they don't really come near you I found it okay. So reptile haters, if I can do it so can you!

Anyway, the walk is too beautiful to miss out on because of a few lizards. But definitely wear your workout clothes and remember to bring lots of water and something to eat as well!

You can read more about it here:


That's all for now. I'll make sure to update you every Sunday as we explore more of Sydney! And if there's anything else you'd like me to write about or if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me here or on my Instagram @claudiabhimra.

Have a great Sunday!

Claudia x


Jeg tænkte at det kunne være fedt, at fortælle jer lidt om hvordan jeg tilbringer mine søndage her. Det er ret sjovt, for i Danmark bruger jeg altid søndagen på at ligge indenfor, i min seng, hvor jeg ser (alt for meget) Netflix og spiser (alt for meget) mad. Hvis jeg overhovedet laver noget produktivt, så er det at skimme mine lektier, mens jeg forbliver liggende i sengen. I Sydney er mine søndage dog meget anderledes. Det er nemlig sådan, at den offentlige transport aldrig koster mere end $2,50 om søndagen her. Lige meget hvor du tager hen, stiger beløbet ikke! Det er altså ret billigt og en ret fantastisk mulighed, i forhold til hvor dyrt offentlig transport er til hverdag. Så søndag er altså bare dagen, hvor man skal ud. Lige siden jeg kom, har jeg været på udflugt hver søndag. Jeg har virkelig set nogle fantastiske og ikke mindst insta-værdige steder og jeg tænkte det ville være synd, ikke at dele dem med jer!

Sidste søndag var vi på den mest fantastiske gåtur. Turen hedder Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walkway. Man starter ud ved Spit Bridge og så går man hele vejen til Manly Beach. Det er en 10 km lang tur, så man skal helt klart hoppe i træningstøjet – noget vi desværre ikke gjorde. Min veninde Nathalie var den eneste der havde gået turen før, så hun var selvfølgelig velforberedt og kom i sit behageligste træningstøj. Jeg havde derimod valgt at tage en meget stram, meget hvid kjole på. Nathalie grinte meget da hun så mig.

Selvom jeg ikke lige havde fanget dresscoden, havde jeg stadig en helt fantastisk tur. Stien går langs vandet og vi kom derfor forbi de smukkeste små strande. De var fuldstændig gemt væk fra offentligheden, så der var næsten ingen mennesker – hvilket er ret exceptionelt for en strand i Sydney. Vi valgte at tilbringe et par timer på en af strandene, hvor vi spiste vores mad og nød solen.

Efter vores strandpause, begyndte vi at tage gåturen lidt mere seriøst. Udover smukke strande, kom vi forbi nogle virkelig vilde viewpoints, hvor vi havde udsigt over hele Sydney. Det eneste jeg ikke var så begejstret for på turen, var de mange kæmpestore firben vi stødte på. Jeg kan ligeså godt indrømme det: jeg er simpelthen bange for alle slags krybdyr. Jeg ved godt de ikke er farlige og jeg ved godt at de ikke gør mig noget, men jeg hader dem! Når det så er sagt, så vænnede jeg mig faktisk overraskende hurtigt til dem. De er egentlig ret kedelige og sidder bare stille i et hjørne – og det er simpelthen for flot en gåtur til, at et par firben skal stoppe mig. Så til alle jer der heller ikke kan fordrage krybdyr – hvis jeg kan klare det, så kan I i hvert fald også!

Jeg kan helt klart anbefale at gå turen – i kan læse mere om den her: https://www.sydney.com/things-to-do/nature-and-parks/walks/manly-to-spit-bridge-walk

Det var alt for nu. Jeg har tænkt mig at opdatere bloggen med et nyt indlæg hver søndag, så husk at følg med! Og hvis der er noget som helst andet, I kunne tænke jer jeg skrev mere om eller hvis I har nogle spørgsmål overhovedet – så skriv til mig! Enten her eller på min instagram @claudiabhimra.

Rigtig god søndag!

- Claudia




It has now been more than two months since I moved to the other side of the world – more precisely to Sydney, Australia. As my boyfriend said to me I couldn’t actually be further away from home. Denmark is exactly 14.407 km away from Australia – which, I must admit, is quite far.

To be honest I actually wasn’t excited to go at all. To some it might seem like a dream to go to Australia for half a year but I was mostly just very, very scared. I was going all by myself leaving everyone at home behind – including my boyfriend. We're used to seeing each other every single day so leaving him was extremely hard for me. And if that heartache wasn’t enough it was actually also my first time moving away from home. I’ve never lived anywhere but with my parents till now. Such a smart move starting out in Australia all alone, right? The only thought going through my head during that time was what the hell am I doing?

When I actually arrived in Australia I didn’t feel any better. After the 30-hour plane ride with nothing but time to dwell in my misery, I was in such a bad mood. On top of that I was suddenly eight hours ahead of time and the jetlag was killing me. At one point I actually thought about faking that I’d been mugged or attacked just to have a reason to go home again. I called my very patient boyfriend crying all the time and it didn’t feel like it was ever going to stop.

It did stop of course. I think the first day I started feeling good was when I met two girls who have now become two of my closest friends here. It’s crazy how much it can affect your mood just being around people, talking and laughing. I instantly felt better. And then I went to the beach. Bondi Beach, to be exact. I was completely stunned by it; I had never seen the ocean so wild and incredible before. Even though it was in the middle of winter the weather was still warm and sunny – and I suddenly remembered why I wanted to go here in the first place.

Now, two months later I absolutely love my life here. It’s not perfect, of course, because nothing ever is. Some days missing my loved ones overwhelms me – and I wonder if it’s even possible to be genuinely happy when you can’t share it with the people you love. Other days I am bursting with excitement at the very thought of being in this beautiful country.

I’ve started to realize that even though moving to another country all by yourself is hard, there is something so empowering about it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m the only one who can pick myself up when I’m down. I can’t rely on my family or friends or anyone else to help me or get me out the door. Learning to say, “get yourself together!!!” to myself and actually make myself feel better has made me feel so strong.

I’ll end this before I start sounding like some proud life guru - maybe that's actually too late, I already sound like that - but I just want to say, if you’re thinking about going on exchange or travelling by yourself, do it! You’ll find that you are capable of way more than you think. And it’s definitely worth it.

Claudia x


Det er nu mere end to måneder siden at jeg flyttede til den anden side af jorden – mere præcist, til Sydney i Australien. Som min kæreste sagde til mig, kunne jeg virkelig ikke være længere væk hjemmefra. Danmark er præcist 14.407 km væk fra Australien – og ja, det er altså ret langt væk. For at være helt ærlig, var jeg faktisk overhovedet ikke glad for at skulle af sted. Jeg er sikker på at det er en drøm for mange at rejse til Australien et halvt år, men jeg var egentlig bare sindssygt bange. Jeg skulle af sted helt alene og måtte sige farvel til alle derhjemme – også min kæreste. Det var utrolig hårdt for mig, eftersom vi er vant til at se hinanden hver eneste dag. Som om det ikke var nok, så var det faktisk også første gang jeg flyttede hjemmefra. Jeg har aldrig boet andre steder end hos mine forældre. Ret smart lige at starte ud med at flytte til Australien helt alene, ikke? Det eneste jeg kunne tænke var bare ”hvad fanden laver jeg?”

Da jeg var fremme i Australien, havde jeg det overhovedet ikke bedre. Efter 30 timer i fly, hvor jeg ikke havde andet at lave end at have ondt af mig selv, var jeg virkelig i dårligt humør. Jeg var pludselig også otte timer fremme i tiden og var hårdt ramt af jetlag. Jeg havde det så slemt, at jeg faktisk på et tidspunkt overvejede at fake at jeg var blevet overfaldet – bare så jeg havde en grund til at tage hjem igen. I stedet ringede jeg til min meget tålmodige kæreste og græd hele tiden. På det tidspunkt føltes det ikke som om det nogensinde ville blive bedre.

Det gjorde det jo selvfølgelig. Jeg tror den første dag jeg begyndte at have det bedre, var da jeg mødte to piger, som nu er blevet to af mine tætteste veninder her. Det er helt vildt hvor meget det kan gøre for ens humør at være omkring andre mennesker og bare snakke og grine. Jeg fik det bedre med det samme. Og så tog jeg til stranden – stranden over dem alle, faktisk: Bondi Beach. Det var det vildeste øjeblik, da jeg endelig var der; jeg tror aldrig jeg har set havet være så vildt og smukt. Selvom det var midt i den australske vinter, var det stadig varmt og solen skinnede. Jeg blev pludselig mindet om hvorfor det egentlig var, at jeg ville afsted til at starte med.

Nu, to måneder senere, elsker jeg mit liv her. Det er selvfølgelig ikke perfekt, for det er der intet der er. Der er nogle dage hvor jeg savner dem derhjemme så meget, at jeg begynder at tvivle på om det overhovedet er muligt at være glad, når man ikke kan dele det med dem man elsker. Så er der andre dage, hvor jeg er helt oppe at køre og overlykkelig over bare at være i det her fantastiske, anderledes land. Det er begyndt at gå op for mig, at selvom det kan være hårdt at flytte til et andet land, er der også noget ved det der styrker en så meget. Det er den der følelse af, at jeg er den eneste der kan gøre det her. Den eneste der kan trække mig selv op, når jeg er nede. Jeg har ikke lige familie eller tætte venner rundt om hjørnet til at hjælpe mig med det. Jeg har lært at sige ”nu tager du dig sammen!” til mig selv og rent faktisk få mig selv i bedre humør – og det gør bare at man føler sig lidt stærkere. Inden jeg begynder at lyde som en eller anden stolt livsguru – hvilket jeg nok allerede gør – vil jeg bare sige, at hvis du på nogen måde overvejer at tage på udveksling eller bare rejse rundt alene, så gør det! Du finder ud af hvor meget du er i stand til at klare på egen hånd og det er virkelig det værd.