Seandainya waktu bisa diulang, apa yang akan berubah? Cara pandang kita? Mungkin aja!

Seandainya waktu berjalan tanpa melihat ke belakang, apa yang akan terjadi? Semua berantakan? Mungkin aja!

Seandainya tidak ada kata "seandainya" untuk semua hal, maka semuanya bisa terjadi. Termasuk bagaimana kita kedepannya!

Takdir mungkin sudah ditentukan. Tapi ternyata beberapa takdir berakhir berbeda. Sedikit yang merasakan tapi bisa dibilang mempengaruhi semua nya. Mungkinkah takdir kita berbeda? Mungkin aja!

Adanya kepastian itu yang aku tunggu! Adanya niat itu yang aku tunggu! Tapi diam aja tidak menghasilkan apa apa. Lewat hari senin masuk hari selasa. Lewat hari selasa masuk hari rabu. Berputar tanpa menoleh kebelakang.

Cuma 1 hal yang disayangkan. Hari berlalu tanpa berbeda.

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Hello, welcome to my blog! Welcome to blogging life for me. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog, hehe.

First of all, pardon my english grammar (i write in english so everyone can read).

Last Eid Mubarak Holiday, We; my family, had a tiring yet amazing roadtrip to Bromo. I guess most of you don't know much about Bromo, so do I at first. So, wanna know more about Bromo? Keep reading, I'll show you how beautiful it is.

First stop, we stayed in Semarang for a couple days (my dad must finish his work first).

Cute pics of white rabbit and little brother. From backyard (looks more like a forest) at dad's workplace.

After spending another night in Surabaya, we finally arrived. BROMO.

Since it's a mountain, so surely the air is still clean, fresh, and COLD. At that time, It was about 13 degrees Celsius. Bromo is the coldest place i had ever been in Indonesia so far.

Still managed to take a photo before the sunset entirely.

In order to see the sunrise, we'd have to wake up at 3 a.m. and it was freezing cold. You'd prepared beanie, gloves, shoes, mask&glasses; the most important bcos of the sea of sand and the wind is no joke. So, you know, when the wind hits the sand and unconsciously you open your mouth and congrats you just eat the sand. But don't worry, the locals also offered all those things, just bargain.

We took a jeep to go up Mount Pananjakan, it took about 30 minutes. Our driver name is Sugeng, he was kind to us and gave a lot of information. On our way up, i could clearly see the city from above even tho i don't know which city it was, but surely it was like a picture. When the city was asleep. Sky, stars, yellow lights, buildings, shadows, Too bad i didn't take a photo of it. After a long dark steep road by jeep, we still need to walk to reach the Mount Pananjakan.

It was still 4a.m. and i think the temperature was less than 13 degrees Celsius. It was still dark, so I have to use flashlight from my phone to guide us walk. While waiting the sun comes up, we sat on the stairs. The locals, i can say they are smart and maybe it's how they got money. They rented carpet for us wait and sit on the stairs, they also guided us to sit on the front. Then we waited til' my hands feel numb. I even jogged around to get rid of the cold. Pff!

Sun, where the hell are you? Ah, you almost there!

Finally, the sun was rising up as I took merely a couple pics and it was foggy.

My family wanted to take a photo but I couldn't hold the camera well, my hands kept shaking. AHA. As the sun went up, the view was stunning. I was amazed. FYI, it was so crowded here, we have to take turns to take photo and step up the railing (a bit dangerous).

Our first stop, Mount Pananjakan. Actually, when we got here, my first thought was there is nothing to see (I was too sensitive, because it was still dark?). From up here, you can see the Bromo's Crater as seen in the second pic.

Next stop, Bromo's Crater. The road we had taken earlier was actually the same road we took to get the Crater. Now, I could see horses and the sea of sand; which I had been waiting for. And those horses were running after your jeep, like in a movie (oh my imagination!). You can walk or ride horse to get up there. But it was way too far and horse shit everywhere(oops!).

5 seconds before i got hit by sand :) #nokidding

Picture taken by drone, kidding!~

The stairs had less than 100 steps. It was too steep and tiring. (Picture soon) But, the Crater was just an ordinary crater, like nothing special I think. For me, I just enjoyed the horse riding part. Even my guide made the horse run for me, it was fun!

The third stop was Teletubbies Hill. This one offered you a great photo spot. It was more colorful than the Crater and free from sand.

Teletubbies, berpelukan~

Last stop, The sea of sand (Pasir Berbisik). Because we were so tired, so we chose not to stop here. The view was good but, we were sick of taking another picture lol. And the sand was real, it flew everywhere. It came and grinned to me like "I'm coming for ya", hahahah. That's the end of our journey in Bromo.

There is still plenty of place I wanted to go in Indonesia. Bromo checked list!

That's all for my Bromo Holiday. Keep Loving Indonesia. Thankyou. Peace :)

nb: Most picture taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 5