Many residential and commercial multi-storied buildings in Australia are covered with a typical type of cladding for batter aesthetic appearance. These claddings are usually bolted on exterior walls of these buildings to have a glossy and colorful look for the entire building.

This cladding is made with aluminum at the top for getting attractive finish by powder coating or any other process to have a colorful attractive surface. However at the inside it has polyurethane or some other types of fibers. These materials are supposed to provide insulation for durability of these cladding sheets. However the most dangerous fact is that these materials are highly inflammable in case of introduction of a flame to their surface. Test results show that these materials catch fire within 55 seconds.

So, in emergencies when there would be occurrence of fire in any part of the building that has this type of external cladding, the cladding that is covered completely on all the exterior parts of building could be a major cause for fastest spreading of fire in all directions. Thus it would be difficult to evacuate the buildings quickly to save lives of inhabitants as we might not get enough time to carry out thorough evacuation of all the inhabitants in a large building in the midst of highly spreading fire.

Thus, as a safety measure to avoid casualties and a serious damage to assets it would be advisable to remove these claddings completely from the buildings. Cladding Removal Company Australia would take care of the entire process of removing cladding from exterior parts of the building using trained workforce and modern equipment to reach various heights and difficult areas of exteriors of buildings and complete the process within minimum possible time.

Sheet Wall Cladding Removal Australia would be essential to stay protected from potential fire hazards in cases of emergency. By removing cladding on exterior parts of multi storied buildings, we can add on control on fire from spreading drastically across all parts of the building within no time. When the cladding is removed, we get chance to restrict the spreading of fire within the room or floor from which it has started, and firefighting efforts would be easily performed as the amount of fire would be limited to a particular area or a part of the entire building.

Building Cladding Removal Australia provide expert services for removal of specialized cladding, existing rainscreen cladding, terracotta tiles, stone cladding and removal of single and composite panels from exterior parts of multi-storied buildings and skyscrapers for providing a safe surrounding for inhabitants.

Another major factor that restricts firefighting efforts in case of fire in skyscrapers is that the ladders available with firefighting services are limited up to a height of around 20 floors and the sprinklers might be available for spreading water in interior parts of the building. Thus fire spreads easily through exterior inflammable claddings and makes it difficult for people in the buildings to stay protected. Thus removal of inflammable cladding can help us remain safe in case of fire.

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