Hello Annie baby. This is a message from the future you to tell you that you really are a baby. Future you is also a baby, a silly, crying baby, because you're forcing her to write the essay that the present you should have finished by now. Instead, you're just writing nonsense on the internet. SCREECH the connecti- BEEEP weak SPPPRHHH no internet VRRRRR you are a failure BEEP very disappoin- BOOM

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Tiger Lou was amazing (I'm not sure if I should use the singular or plural verb form... I'll stick to the singular because the individual band members join together to form a single unit, a unit that's still the same even if those comprising the band would change) (I'm a grammar nerd, leave me be).
Anywho, the gig was amazing, and it was even better being there with Rebecca. The original plan was to get drunk, but that didn't happen. Rebecca still has a cold and I was so tired from school >_< We suddenly realised that through THIS PAST DECADE we've known each other, we've never taken a selfie... As I'm writing this, I come to think of one picture of us that might constitute as a selfie, but neither of us have it and we can't have been more than 14 years old... Oh well. We tried. (Rebecca's eyebrows though?? They look amazing)

Tiger Lou performed some of my favourite songs as well, such as Nixon, Albino Apparel, and Like you said. When Rebecca and I heard the first chords, both of us exclaimed "OMG LIKE YOU SAID" in each other's faces. I wanted to quote it in the title since we both like it, but it's quite depressing...

it's cold in here
the music is too loud
i hate this place
i hate this crowd

Quoting that would make it seem like it was a crappy evening, when it was the opposite (the lyrics are however applicable in any other social situation). There were wood beams in the ceiling, which made the venue even more charming. It was so fricking cold outside though, and we were pestered repeatedly by men. You know what, I'll give that disgusting male behaviour its own post, because it pisses me off.

All in all, I had a lovely time with my lovely bestie at a lovely gig in a lovely venue.



Ah, the title... In my head I hear one of the senior lecturers at my university screaming at the top of his lungs "but that is not iDiOmaTiC eNgLiSH!!!! iDiOmATiCiTY WE TALKED ABOUT THIS!!! you really are the mayor of IDIO(ma)T(i) CITY!!!!!!!!!!"

But one of my favourite k-pop idols has a tattoo of that phrase, and I love her, but I love my mum more ಥ‿ಥ We had breakfast together at my place before I went to school, and she noticed that I was a bit stressed out (read: very), and when I got home I saw that she had done the dishes and vacuumed our apartment (ι´Д`)ノ My soon-to-be husband (shh don't tell him I said that) and I invited her over for dinner to thank her, and it was really nice and I LOVE MY MUM.

LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS (that was technically a year ago, but cute people are always cute) (I really need to wear eyeliner more often)



10 things I like:

- Cacti

- The colour pink

- Lamps

- Tea

- Strawberry-flavoured straws

- Books

- Learning

- My phone, let's be honest

- Birds (except ostriches. no reason)


9 things I like less:

- Raisins (dried fruit in general, because everything tastes like raisins)

- Fascism

- Most people (especially men, more often than not)

- Stockholm

- People who think they know everything (because by thinking they know everything, they prove that they don't know shit. For example, the more I learn about space, the more I learn that I don't know about space) (and even if someone did know everything, they should display some modesty)

- Horoscopes

- Published works of shit

- Lectures and seminars starting at 8am (I'm only human; who the fuck wants to take a bus at 6.15 in the morning?)

- Coffee and watermelon combined....

8 blogs I'm reading:

- bestie rebaby

- i

- don't

- know

- leave

- me

- alone

- #cornered

The first time I wrote these things down was more than three years ago, and two of the things I wanted to do in the future were "study at a university" and "become a teacher". Today I'm studying to become a teacher at my first-choice university. So touched T_T

7 things I want to do in the future:

- Have a baby

- Become a teacher (only 5 years to go!!!!)

- Be elected education minister, so that I can reform the Swedish school system

- Get married

- Meet Angelina Jolie

- Write a book

- Give a lecture at my university

6 things I'm afraid of:

- The normalisation of anti-democratic opinions

- Ignorance (in others and in myself)

- Losing my mind

- Others disappointment

- Fire

- Men in public

5 places I love:

- Our home

- Buses

- Demis

- Classrooms

- Libraries

4 words that describe me:

- Bubbly

- Impulsive

- Wise

- Passionately curious

3 things I look forward to:

- Now that autumn is already here... Winter

- This Saturday (Tiger Lou concert + Rebecca = jjang!)

- Going to school

2 good movies:

- Fight club

- Castaway on the moon

1 good song:

- Since we're seeing Tiger Lou this weekend: Warmth

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Let's talk about food for a bit. I don't mean food in general, but two particular food items. Let's start with watermelon.

With its red meat and non-threatening green exterior, a watermelon is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the bored person on the phone with their grandfather, looking for a new doodle subject. Watermelons are usually frickin delicious as well. They taste very sweet, and the taste alone is enough to trigger the memory of summer (not the sweaty parts).

Coffee, on the other hand, often has a rich, savory taste. It may be bitter, but so is life and it is time you realise that. A piece of chocolate, preferably dark, is not seldom used to top off the taste of coffee; it reminds us that there can be a silver lining in these troubling times.

Comparing these food items, one will find that they are vastly different from each other. While they can be quite exquisite on their own, the contrast may cause conflict when they are combined.

You know what, replace the "may" in the last sentence with "will". The above fuckary with words is just me trying to warn people not to eat coffee and watermelon together, because my breakfast was frickin gross. Thus, I'd like you to consider the title of this post and stay out of my way.



My cousin was here all weekend, and we got drunk and watched 50 Shades of Grey. I've been meaning to watch it for a long time, but I couldn't watch it with my boyfriend because he doesn't see the point in watching and criticising things you hate. So, my cousin and I got drunk and criticised the shit out of it. Good times.

Anyway. I had to get up early today, to say goodbye to one of my best friends. He's a soldier boy and he'll be abroad until Christmas, so... I don't really know what to write here.

I have to finish an essay and read a bunch of short stories, so I'll be going. Rebecca has to grace my life with her presence soon; it's a quite dull hobby to just inhale oxygen and exhale carbondioxide at a steady pace. Laters~ 



What's better than hanging out with a close-dwelling soul, or taking a walk through the woods?

*drum roll*

*vague screams in the background*

*sweat drops roll profusely from the contestants' foreheads, and spill onto the floor*

contestant 1: doing the sex act

mc: 10 points from gryffindor, you dumby. what did you say, "doing the sex act"? this is why you're in gryffindor. anyone else care to provide an answer?

contestant 5: death threats

*silence followed by slight cough*

mc: giving them, receiving them... What do you like about them?

contestant 5: just death threats

*again, silence*

contestant 2: excuse me, but isn't it better to do both at the same time?

mc: sex and death threats?

contestant 2: no, taking a walk in the forest with a close soul

mc: *looks at cue cards* uh yes


Sorry about that, I just like having friends.