This iconic musical rekindled my love for true entertainment and old Hollywood glamour.

The film starts at the highly anticipated movie premier Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Kathy Seldon (Debbie Reynolds) where the audience is introduced to their relationship on and allegedly off the screen. However the premier doesn't go as smoothly as planned when Don has to try to escape his crazed fans. With is efforts to escape he runs into Lina (Jean Hagen). A heated argument soon brews between the two and they depart leaving Don at the after party for the premier. This is where Don is told that sound is major hit and his new film needs to compete. the new problem is to find a way to get around the leading lady of Kathy's horrid screen voice. So with the help of Lina and Don's old friend Cosmo Brown (Donald O'Connor) they make all their efforts into making the new hit film with sound.

I went into this film with a lot of skepticism due to the fact that it was a rather old film and because it was a well known musical. However I was immensely surprised at how much I adored this film. It brought be straight back to my childhood days of musical theater and over acting with extravagant hand gestures in all the musical numbers. I even found myself resisting the urge to stand up and dance along with the largest smile painted on my face. Aside from my own personal ties to this style of musical theater, the whole production design of the film was superb. All the props and lights just depicted old Hollywood in all it's glory. Maybe that's not such a convincing statement coming from an English person who was born in 1997 but that's how i would imagine it to be.

I would give this film an 8.3 out of 10

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When I was 11 my school introduced an 'Oscar' award for the person who was the best in drama class that year and ever since then it was my goal or to at least be a 'nominee' which was the award for best in the sub-class. I had never gotten either of those awards and finally the last year of that award came for my year and every told me it was my time for at least the nominee award. I was so convinced it was mine that I even left home against the doctors orders (I had just had a minor operation on my throat) and went in for the celebration assembly. I sat right in the front row with all my friends and when it was time for the award we all sat in anticipation holding hands. I knew that getting the 'Oscar' was a bit of a long shot for me out of over 100 students, considering my class never took drama seriously, so my big aim was the sub-class award. I held my breath when it was time for my class and then the teacher announced the winner, and it wasn't me. My heart dropped to the ground and I just burst into silent tears and it remained like that until the ceremony was over an hour later. I think I must of cried for the rest of the day and ever since that day the Oscars have held a dear place in my heart as the pinnacle of admiration and respect for the best actors out there. And then after my film list started, It's held an even higher place.

I know that story probably made me sound like a self righteous, better than everyone kind of person but it really wasn't like that. For me the Oscars was and are the symbol of success in the acting industry. As an aspiring actor myself, I can't even imagine receiving this award and if I was ever so blessed to even be nominated the array of emotions would be overwhelming.

However since I'm stuck in school I live my dreams through the study of films especially the ones that are critically acclaimed which brings me to the reason for this blog post of the start of award season! This is the time of year where for each award ceremony I add all the nominees to my large film list and make it my personal en devour to watch all of them before the upcoming list of winners. Of course with the amount of award shows over that small space of time and my busy schedule of school I've never had a chance to do this but for me the only one that really counted for the Oscars. If I watched all the films of the Oscars I had watched all the important and best films of the year. Now I know that's not the case and that the Oscars like certain types of films but my ideology of the best of the best still stands.

So every year my main goal in award season is to watch every film nominated for an Oscar and to make my own judgement of who I think should get the coveted award. I never manage to complete this goal but it will always remain a goal for me. Hopefully by starting early in adding these films of award season to my list i should be able to watch many of the nominees before the list is even reveled. This is down to the notion that most films are renominated for the awards so if i try to watch other nominees I will have seen some of 2016's Oscar nominees.

So here's to a great award season and to my own enlightenment to the many great films of 2015-2016 and finally to completing my prestigious goal. Hopefully this Oscar knowledge will come in handy one day but for now it let's me live my biggest dream through the comfort of my laptop.



This film was originally put on my list because it was a Canne film festival selection and it was watched last night because it was available on Netflix. I had no idea by the end I would be sitting there in shock at what I had just watched.

Gwen (Jacqueline Kim) is working on marketing and being the face of a new body swapping procedure that has currently been paying her a substantial amount of money to support her and her daughter Jules (Samantha Kim) in this dystopian world where women are struggling to survive financially. However soon her superior and old flame Fisher (James Urbaniak) fires her for being too old to be the face of the company. Throughout this job loss, Gwen's main concern is for her daughter and how she'll e able to support herself as a women without having an expensive education. Gwen then decides to make the ultimate sacrifice of transplanting her brain into doner body (Freya Adams) in order to keep her job so that she can support her daughter. Nevertheless this choice comes along with something her and her daughter never imagined would happen.

I think me, and my mum who fell asleep during the film, agree that it was a very slow film. Having said that though I think that in regards to the shock at the end this slowness played in advantage to the film. I think the best part of this film was the plot and defiantly the notion of swapping your body to younger one. No doubt this idea has been explored before but the way the audience discovered what this sacrifice really meant through the relationship with Gwen and her daughter Jules is a way I've never seen explored. This film, for me, really explains the strength of a mothers love for her daughter's survival and what she'll do for that.

Out of 10, I would give this film a 6.4



I Know I'm like 100 years late but It WAS Halloween!! This is the perfect excuse to Binge on all those horror and halloween clasics along with the new releases in time for the gore fest. This list is my personal horror and halloween favourites in no particulatr order

Carrie (1976, Brian De Palma)

This 1976 adaptation of the famous Stephen King novel is filled with gore and superstition that like me you'll have to go to your friends house because you're too scared to stay home alone.

Insidious (2010, James Wan)

Being late to the Insidious train, i found myself having to hold a pillow up to protect myself from the frightful ghosts and ghouls present all throughout. And the twist at the end will leave you screaming NOOOOO at your screen.

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, Wes Craven)

This horror classic checks all the boxes with tons of fake blood, creepy iconic antagonist, a group of helpless teenagers and playing on a genuine fear of nightmares. A young Johnny Depp also helps a lot.

Poltergeist (1982, Tobe Cooper)

This film is a perfect way to scare yourself as not only is the plot itself terrifying, the film has a Hollywood curse attached to it which would scare you silly when you find out.

Scream (1996, Wes Craven)

Some horror's go overboard with the supernatural side that it becomes unbelievable, but this is set, like most in high school, where the serial killer ghost face could be anyone...

Sinister (2012, Scott Derrickson)

This film genuinely scared me soo much. I saw it in the cinema and i had to literally run home my heart was racing so much. I think little children are probably the scariest in horror films.

The Ring (2002, Gore Verbinski)

This probably sparked my fear of watching horrors in the dark before going to bed. I was so scared of this film that it ruined one of my favourite songs (that i played on repeat because i couldn't sleep) and i saw Samara like 5 times the next week. But now it's one of my all time favourites.

Corpse Bride (2005, Tim Burton)

Not all Halloween classics have to be scary and this is the perfect example of that as this is probably the only film on this list that involves one of my favourite jokes.

Battle Royale (2000, Kinji Fukasaku)

the inspiration for the The Hunger Games phenomenon, Battle Royale is full of the savageness of survival among 13 yr olds and what would this list be without a hint of Japan.

Edward Scissorhands (1990, Tim Burton)

Ending on another by the Gothic legend Tim Burton, this film is perfect for Halloween to remind us that the monstrous children hyped up on sweets banging on our doors still have a heart



I've probably heard this film be referenced my entire life and unfortunately the 'choice' was spoiled for me before i had the opportunity to watch the film. However this took nothing away.

The film starts off with the protagonist Stingo (Peter MacNicole) moving into a room in a pink house in Brooklyn to pursue a career in writing. He then hears and see's an argument on the stairwell where were introduced to Nathan (Kevin Kline) and Sophie (Meryl Streep). After witnessing this dramatic scene and being insulted by Nathan, the couple tries to make amends with Stingo by throwing him into their crazy relationship dynamic. Throughout the film, more and more is reveled about Sophie's past in Auschwitz. along with this Stingo seems to develop feelings towards Sophie which then creates tension between them and hysterical Nazi obsessed Nathan. When Sophie and Nathan disappear, Stingo goes looking for Sophie and finds out she was lying about her father and his views. This forces Sophie to finally tell the truth about how and why she was taken to Auschwitz and her time there. The film ends tragically but in order to save readers from spoilers, you'll have to watch the film yourself to find out why.

I thought all three characters were very interesting in their own way. Stingo as the innocent protagonist claiming to love both of his 'best friends' when in actual fact he would rather only have Sophie. Nathan with his eccentric and dramatic qualities whether he was happy or outraged and I think Kevin Kline did an amazing job with going from one extreme to the. But the gem of this film was the brilliant acting by Meryl Streep as Sophie. Being a native American, she keeps up a seamless polish accent all throughout the film. not only mastering that but also speaking fluent (at least to a person who doesn't speak either of these languages) German and Polish with no hint of a foreign accent. Regardless of her linguistic talent, Meryl seems to master every scene, from her desperation in trying to hold on to Nathan compared to her absolute joy the next day when they seem as just a couple happily in love. Perhaps I'm biased as i do idol Ms Streep but her performances do support this idea of her being the Queen of acting.

Out of 10, I would give this film a 7.6



I went into this film not really knowing what to expect but even with no expectations I was still shocked the whole way through.

Dope is a film centered around a senior in high school named Malcolm (Shameik Moore) who suddenly gets mixed up in the drug world of LA. After Malcolm and his two best friends, Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons), attend a party for the films love interest Nakia (Zoe Kravitz), before Dom (A$AP Rocky) gets arrested, he puts bags of MDMA into Malcolm's backpack. When this is discovered the group go from getting chased by maniacs, to jamming out the drug addicted children of Malcolm's college interviewer to setting up their own drug selling business online and eventually making almost $100,000. Along with all this going on, Malcolm is still trying to secure a upper education future for himself which is more specifically shown through his struggle to write his personal statement. When this comedy draws to a close, it ends with Malcolm reading aloud his new statement and critiquing the use of stereotypes and labels applied to himself as a band member, a child with a single mother, a straight A student and most importantly a member of the black community.

Some of my favourite parts of this film was of course the 90's vibe of the trio as a 'made in the 90's' child myself. I also loved the character of Diggy. You don't often see lesbian characters in films that don't center around sexuality nevertheless she wasn't over the top to fit the cliche of a butch lesbian but she still had that fierceness that shone through in a couple of scenes. Other's might not agree with me that she was such a good character but the group are still self proclaimed geeks so there won't be overpowering personalities but each of their little quirks made it believable that they're real people which I love in a film and Diggy was my favourite of the three. I also really did like the script of this film. Initially i thought the constant use of the word 'Nigga' was too much but during the last scene of Malcolm reading his personal statement about labels, it fitted with the while meaning of the movie perfectly. Speaking of the personal statement, i thought that whole monologue was fantastic. As it went along, the statement just got better and better and the final line creates such an impact and makes you really question society which I think is great especially in a comedy.

Out of 10, I would give this film a 7.2



I've never had any urge to rob a bank before but this film made me think with the right mask and voice impression, it would be the easiest thing ever

When I picked out Point Break from my film box, my first thoughts were oh god another dad film. What I mean by this is a film my dad would turn on TV Saturday night, filled with boys, maybe one girl for the sake of a love interest, guns, car chases and bad quality. However I was over the moon to be pleasantly surprised by this film.

Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves)is an FBI who goes undercover as a surfer to find the infamous bank robbery group, the ex presidents. While undercover a whole load of shit goes down like him falling in love with Tyler (Lori Petty) the tomboy surfer chick,nearly killing his partner (Gary Busey) a bunch of times and finally dying because of him and becoming friends with Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) leader of the ex presidents without even knowing it. However when he does find out every opportunity he gets to kill or arrest him, he passes because... I don't even know.

Parts of this film I wanna scream at like the fact that Johnny never kills or arrests Bodhi. To me they didn't seem that close but apparently they were. Also I hated Tyler. I mean at parts she was kinda cool but mostly everything she did just made me wanna screw face her.

However overall I actually loved this film. The ex presidents were so cool, I wanna be them. Like seriously that idea is so creative, who thinks of doing that, really cool people that's who. I loved all the scenes with guns and chases and I'm not really sure why but something about this film got me so transfixed to the screen.

I give this film 7.3 out of 10 and I am defiantly going to be watching this again with my Dad.