Location: La Plange, France

Hotel: Club med Aime La Plange

Degrees: 0, -10

Year: 2014

first of all! if this is the first time that you are skiing- rent a room in a club med hotel with a group to started surfer. This way it will be easy for you to learn, to saddle down the weather, and have fun.

When I was 18 I traveled with my sister and her boyfriend and a couple friends of them. They where 30 years old!!! But- in a minute you will meet so many friends no matter where are you from, especially if you are at Club Med hotel.

So, pack up all you're HOT clothes, buy some therm clothes, and don't give up if at first it gonna be a little bit hard for you.

Even to me that was very hard at the beginning, but after all you will have fun and find out that was worth it.


You could watch a bit at my vacation at the video bellow || Thanx.