Okay today I went to Asda with Joe to buy some stuff for tonight, it's rest day yeey!

So right now I'm drinking some tea and I am watching How I met your mother. It just stopped raining for a little while so I'll see if Adams mom wants to take a walk with Chloe so I can take some photos. I'm so happy right now, I feel like I can decide how my life will be, what kind of friends I will have and what I want to do with myself.

I'll post some Morley photos a bit later, So stay tuned!

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Im sorry, It's been so much to do with the move and getting settled. The first weekend my dad were here, and I had a great time.

On the Friday we first went to White Rose, that's one of the malls in Leeds. And just after that we went out for a family dinner. We went to a beautiful little place called Gildersome Arms. Sadly I were to tired to enjoy it to the fullest, So I fell asleep the second I got home.

On the Saturday we went to Leeds city to shop even more and play some bowling, ended up with buying fish and chips just to show my dad some typical British food. Later on that night we went to a nearby pub and after a while we just felt like going to the next pub further into Leeds.

In my opinion it was a good night.

Sunday, More shopping and some KFC, and even a bit of bowling. Later that night we just took a slow night watching some movies.

My dad went home on the Monday and after that I've been to gym with Adam & Joe. Feels nice to actually work out once in a while. We are going 6 days a week and on the 7th day I'll go swimming.

I promise to update everyday !

I seriously live here now!!!! IT'S CRAZY!



Today I'm first of all sharing this...

| P E A S T R E E T |

This is a girl designing these cool things. I adore It, I love this Old-New fashion style.

I got 3 BIG likes! I love the jacket on picture #2 and the shorts on #3 and the pink beauty #9. So go in to her home page, order, order, order!

It's cheap but amazing, I would say it's really worth giving it a look at least.

 I got this tips from The amazing  blogger Sannie.  


Link To Pea Street; Peastreet



Sofia, Sweden ;What's your biggest fears about the move?

My biggest fear isthat because of them leaving EU, I dont know what's happening for me stayingthere. But Somehow I will solve it when that time will come.

Nicole, Hawaii; What's the best reason to why you want tomove to UK?

Because of my lovethere, I want to be with him and it's easier for me to move to UK then for himto move to Sweden.

Sam, UK ; What is your goal/goals with the move to UK?

My goals is thislist;

Explore the country.

Try to be something in music.

Get my dream job & Dream Life.

Caroline,Sweden; What's positive & Negativewith moving?

Well positive thingis that I can get a better English Dictionary. And the negative thing is that Iofcourse will miss my family.

Victor,Belgium; If you could choose one cityin UK that u could move to, where would it be?

I would chooseLondon, It's so much music and art there, would be nice to live there, butexpensive.

If u got more questions, please don't be afraid to ask.




God morning or lunch depending where you're from.

I woke up around 9 Am and took some coffee and started to study my online photo school. It's so interesting what you really can do online.

Today I'll make some important calls for the move. Start packing bags. It's so weird that it's just one week til' the move and I haven't even packed yet. Normally when I'm going somewhere I pack like a month before. I guess it's been so much to do so I kind of forgot it.

In this post I also want to remind you. That if you got problem with English u can translate it on the translate button below my profile Picture.

Swedish; I det här inlägget vill jag även påminna er. Ifall ni har problem att förstå engelska så kan du trycka på översättning under min profilbild så ändrar sidan automatiskt.

Today I'll also post the challange I'll start doing fr. today. And also post some of the comments and PM's that I got from my Instagram followers.



Finally I'm done with the apartment, Me and my cousin cleaned out the last things.

It's so amazing seriously, I also met a old classmate in town, got a little chitchat. Left some papers and I just got home again. I don't know why but I am so nervous about the move, Like probably any young adults would be. Leaving the family behind, moving to a whole new country.

So now I'm gonna wait for Adam to come home from gym so I can talk to him on Skype, gonna eat some late dinner and watch some TV before bed. I'm gonna go through some of your blogs now too.

Talk to you tomorrow!



Last night I met my cousin, got some nice photos for my moving album. It's not long now til' I move. And I felt that last night. All the time since the day It got decided that I'm gonna move, I Haven't felt that realistic feeling, until now. Now I'm exited,sad and happy at the same time. I'm gonna miss my family, my friends & just hearing the Swedish everywhere. But I am so happy that I'm gonna be with Adam and that I can follow my dreams.

I'm gonna post some photos I took Last night, from the hill, and from our sushi date. Today me and my cousin are going to the apartment to clean up the last things, cause tomorrow I have to leave the keys. 



Okay a date is decided for the move. The 28th September, The family will be complete.

So Today I've been looking at cameras and got a need to take photos so took a few with Tequila. Also I downloaded Gimp (Edit program) So I played around a little bit on these photos.

Today I'm going to meet up Lilly to just talk and walk around looking at things. I'm glad I actually wake up at better times now, before I always woke up around 3-7pm.

These 2 couple of days I've been waking up 7-9 Am..

And I actually realize that I get more time to do stuff, Time dosn't fly away.

So I'll post more later, cause now I'm gonna walk the dog.

C'ya later!



Hey So today it's Tuesday, I just got home from a fun day out with my cousin, playing minigolf and eating Sushi. Talked about old times and our crazy secrets.

It really felt like being 10 years old over again exept being able to be able to do things without the parents.

I lost on golf, but to be honest she was cheating in the end, I dont Think that golf is something for our family. We dont got the energy for it.

So tomorrow I will be busy all day, cleaning apartment and pack for the move.

I have to call the vetrinary to get a time for my Little angel.

And then go out for a drink with the Amazing people that will help.