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Sexual issues with Dr. Ruth

London: 12:00, 29 September 2017 – Women can learn about current sexual issues and how to obtain gratifying sexual relationships through respect for self and others together with DR. Ruth Westheimer at the Woman to Woman Conference “Harmony in Your Life”. The event takes place this coming Saturday at The Peabody Hotel, London.

Psychosexual therapist DR. Ruth Westheimer, nationally known from television and radio will be presenting the luncheon keynote address. The conference will also include ten exiting workshops presented by area professionals, such as “Why does he do that”, “Our sexual selves” and “Boredom in the Bedroom”. From the various of options, each conference participant can choose to participate in three workshops.

Participate in the Woman to Woman Conference sponsored by Doctors Health Care Group and grasp the opportunity for growth, networking and having fun while supporting children & women – participating in the conference costs $35 per person and the profit will benefit the Palmer Hospital for Children & Women

The Conference will be held at The Peabody Hotel this Satur­day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. For tickets contact Rosalie Bledsoe 875-6682. ­

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English for Journalists

The abandoned siblings, Hansel and Grethel, returned home safe and sound after having been left behind in the Schwarzwalder woods four weeks ago by their parents.

By Christina Hanson

Found alive: Hansel and Grethel. Photo: Pixabay.com/creativecommons

After four weeks in the woods, an old woman living in a candy house in the middle of the forest found them.

The parents had no other choice
The abandonment of Hansel and Grethel supposedly happened because of financial problems in the family: “We have had financially problems for years”, the father explained. “We couldn’t even feed our own children”.

As a solution, the parents chose to take their children to the forest and leave them there. Apparently, they couldn’t see any other solutions: “Otherwise we would all have starved”, Hansel and Grethel’s mother said crying.

They tried to find their way home
Hansel and Grethel tried to find their way home by making a path of bread for them to follow. The night before the children were abandoned in the forest, Hansel overheard a conversation between his parents: “I heard my parents talking about leaving us there".

Accordingly, Hansel was well prepared the next morning. He filled his pockets with bread and as they walked in to the forest he dropped little pieces of bread every now and then – creating a path for them to follow back home.

But it didn’t work out the way Hansel planned: “Birds must have eaten the bread”, he said. “The path was not there so we couldn’t find our way home”.

A new home
The children are taken into custody by child protection services. “We will try to find a new home for Hansel and Grethel as soon as possible”, says Wilhelm Grimm, one of the spokespersons from the child protection services in Germany.