Singapore is a modern city that enjoys a warm climate. As well as a cultural-diverse country, Singapore is known for its creative home designs . For whom who are thinking of new design’ ideas or building a modern new house, this article will come in handy. All located in Singapore, here are 5 of the most beautiful and breathtaking home designs, full of creative ideas to build your future house.

Chang Architects: Cornwall Gardens

Delve into this natural-style and unique house; Cornwall Gardens is a huge house that includes 6 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a library and a gardened roof. All rooms have a view of an internal courtyard. The house also features a beautifully stepped garden, in addition to a waterfall that matches the natural’s ambiance. It is an amazing house for families with kids and it’s an eco-friendly house as well, full of different plants’ species and trees.

Moshe Safdie: Singapore Sky Habitat

Moshe Safdie is an architect and a designer, famous with home designs. Singapore Sky Habitat is a one of a kind and a huge complex. Located at Bishan, a town in Singapore, the outer of the building is creative as it takes the shape of a 3 dimensional building, linked with walkways. It is composed of 38 floors. You will find that the pools look at the sky along with a magical panoramic view. Also, the house has balconies and terraces for every home, with shared gardens.

Ipli Architects: Leedon Park

Designed by Ipli Architects, Leedon Park includes a terrace with a pool view, a garden and tennis courts. The bungalow house is all built with concrete but with different compositions, in order to give a unique look. The house is also bush-hammered and all board-marked. It is constructed on a large garden space and its roof has mini rectangular-shaped openings. The interior of the house is large and simple.

WOW Architects: Chiltern House

The Chiltern House is built based on the owners’ desires and needs. Constructed with concrete, the architect mixed the concrete with a waterproof material, to avoid the ageing of the walls from the weather in Singapore. Environmentally friendly, this house grabs the attention of birds by a lily pond on its rooftop. Both plants and ponds are present in the roof, and within the walls and in the terrace as well. It makes you feel like you are sitting amidst the garden.

Lekker Design: Gallery House

Located in the Red Light District in Singapore , this is not only a house but an art gallery as well. All white, the Gallery House is built by Lekker Design, an architecture studio. The house is built in a way to let the natural light to enter the interior of the house. The small house has the shape of a single rectilinear and its interior is twisted, as to allow a private access to the art gallery.