It is quite an undeniable trend in the present world that as denser we become attached to something, it is easier for us to get detached. In the large discovery, many queries arise in the people which stimulate many deeper problems and people try to anticipate a sense of satisfaction and while doing so, they get more discontent with their lives

We all know that in the book “Our Lives Are Connected, it has mentioned the way we view our relationship along with love and spirituality as an immaterial thing which is measured through the scales of the way one moves, the way one looks at someone in the eye while talking and the way one breathe and sigh. This measurement is considered to be a standard of faith which is being based on religion as lone is obligated to say yes without actually knowing the real score. Some people believe in soulmates, and they wish to want someone who is their soulmate but they don’t know what they are as a soul. These people believe in twin souls and soulmates but fail to find the one who is really meant for them.

Science says that light can become matter and matter can become light and it is quite evident through technology that light can show this dual characteristic. Light is being used both as a metaphor and reality which display its many characteristics and the nature of life has been probed in Science in the field of Quantum Mechanics. In Bible, the living soul is characterized by how it relates to a person as light. People are soul beings and their physical stimuli behave according to what they are as a soul. Since light is a natural resource, it is a challenge that how we related with its characteristics which is described in Quantum Mechanics. Light in context of Theology and Science. Using the allegory of twin soul relationship and a twin soul experience in the nature and characteristics of the positive and negative charge, particle and antiparticle pairing, these things are displayer as varying paradigms of complexity that constitute a union. For the first time, Law of Quantum Mechanics are employed in biblical contexts which is related with twin souls and afterlife.

Tragedy is one word which is not mentioned by most of the writers when it concerns to soul mates and twin souls. One can wonder that love hides in every pain and every relationship ends in breakup or death and happy ending is outside of this world. Many scientists postulated different theories which implicated how far life can go in this universe. Sometimes love isn’t enough and the Bible and Quantum Mechanics are now merged to uncover the mysteries associated with souls and how love can be soulful and how an end starts a spiritual journey.

Since most of us desire nothing else but to revel the beauty of love of live, then the only reward we wish to hold forever is the pride that we get once we had a kiss of its glory after that one blink of death.

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