en känd tex som är bland mina favoriter :).. Motivation..hmm första gången ja läste dem så stannade ja till och sa - Damn sant ju ^^. Peace.....

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. 

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with your pretty eyes, You always drive me crazy.
I think I have met about millions diffirent types of girls before I saw your pretty face.
And now i know that i never ever be the same,
Must be your smile, Maybe eyes and lips, 
Or Maybe it's just all wrapped up into one piece.

Cause Girl you got me breathing fast and thinking slow, making plans that we will never let go,
And if we make a promise, Girl you know that i never lie, Be together till we be 95,

Maybe you never had a man that understands and make you feel alright, a man who cherish every moment and brings joy and happiness into your heart and soul,

But I can be the one to change it al,
Cause you see too me you are a princess, A baby girl so beautiful.

You drove me crazy from the first kiss to the first tocuh, to the first time that we made some love.
Now im giving you my heart and soul, My days and nights,
Like music and dance you change my hole life.

Whenever, Whatever you need you can count on me,
Just sprinkle me with al your ecstasy,
Eres mi princessa de los cielos y por eso yo te quiero <3

I know I'll never find another girl like you, cause I aint looking! Im tookin by only you my baby bo.
Read this once again, show it to al your friends, Tell them that you and me will be riding till the end.

Cause your my baby girl, Keeper of my world, 
And On topp of this you are the most beautiful in this hole twisted universe.

My heart and soul and all my kisses for only you,

                                                      Mi PRINCESSa





I know that you been hurt before but you don't need to worry anymore caus i wont.

Now it may seem impossible too find somebody who really cares and who will be there too hold you when you are in most need.

When you heart has been shattered you trust nobody too hold it again,
I know the feeling and I understand why you feel the pain of loving someone ever again.

You’re afraid and asking you’re self will my heart be broken?
But boo I could never do that too you.

Baby take your time and relax, clear out your mind.
What ever you want I will doo it, I'll give it to you.
You don't have to ask me for the truth because I will never lie.
Don't be afraid cause Baby I'll be faithful.
And I know that nice talk is making your heart bleed, but I’m sure you’ll see the truth in me.

I don't know where this path will lead, It's a big mystery for booth you and me,
but for right now I can promise with my heart that Im yours.
Kiss no one else Just only you,
I will not Touch, Baby just only you.

And if you need me now, I will always be here.
Believe me now, Please erase you fears.

Baby girl I love you until the end and that's for real.
I will never play you I promise you that.
Your ex man did you wrong but you know that i dont do tricks.
I can't think a life with no you and me,
So Baby you never need to worry I'll be faithful until the day that we die.
Whatever you want or need I'll give it to you, Day or night it doesn't matter, My heart belongs to you, My baby boo!!!

The only thing I ask from you in return is that you love me and keep it real no matter what.

Hoppas nån känner igen sig och tycker den eh bra :) So Peace! 
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me alejo del ruidoso mundo.
refugiandome en el bosque del silencio,
huyendole a melostos decibeles
que perturband mi agobiando pensamientos.

descansando en la quieta soledad,
en mis reflexiones inmerso,
nuevas ideas estimulan mi intelecto cual feliz renacimiento,

Me embarga una inmensa calma que invade mi interno fuero,
refresca su sed mi deshidratada mente bebiendo del manantial del sosiego

Embriagame el perfume de las flores que me llega cabalgando sobre el viento,
oigo el conversar de sus olores,

como dulce susurro de barlovento percibo los nostalgicos recuerdos,
que vienen de muy lejos,
lejania que refleja una distancia,
distancia que se alarga con el tiempo,

inapreciable compañia es el silencio con su mudo acento,
cuando se retiran nuestros tiempanos a un mereciendo asueto,

Silencio que permite disfrutar de un sordo momento en el que podemos soñar,
ya dormidos, Y despiertos.

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