Finland’s Independence Day was pretty if I can say so. The weather was sunny and a bit cold.

In the evening a couple of our friends came over for snacks and drinks. We followed the Presidential Independence Day Reception on TV. Later, that evening we went to see some fireworks. Here are a few pictures for that day.

During the day time we walked around the city area. Watch those 100 of Finnish flags. We went to the market area where the Tuomas market is take a place during this month. We also were so glad to see so many people around the streets and they all looked so happy.

We had champagne, some mulled wine and last but not least port wine. Our snacks included for example macarons, which I bought from Stockmann.

I also got a nice bouquet. Of course, colors did matched for the theme of the day.

Fireworks didn't last that long, but it was a perfect show for Finland. And was so nice that the sky was clear. There were also a few more other people to watch the show besides us. Atmosphere at the city was so happy all day long.

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Happy centennial Independence Finland!



In the spring of 2016 I spent six weeks in Hong Kong with my boyfriend who was there as an exchange student. Hong Kong treated us so well and we enjoyed our time at the atmosphere of the hectic city.

Our Hong Kong home was a lovely apartment. It was located in Hung Hom area. The building where we stayed is called Harborview Horizon Suites, a hotel-like place suitable for longer stays and especially expats and located with great connections and astonishing view over the Victoria Harbor.

Picture above shows you the view from our livingroom, it was truly unbelievable.

The facility room downstairs has everything you could wish for. There is sauna which was quite brilliant and a real Finnish one, not the one Swedes call bastu. And if I remember correct, even the sauna stoves were from Finland, Harvia quality. But I am not anymore 100% sure about it. Outdoor swimming pool was unfortunately closed during our stay there and due to be opened the following week when we had already headed to the next Asian metropol. It is only open for several months per year. At the lower level there is also relaxing area, you could enjoy massage chair or then just relax at the lounge reading newspapers or watching financial TV channels. You can also find a gym in the building. One more thing that I must mention is that the front of that building (almost right ahead where you come out) is a complimentary shuttle bus service between the Horizon and MTR stations and as well to the city. Overall, if you are staying at the Hong Kong a little bit longer period I can recommend you to stay at the Harborview Horizon. Staff is also very friendly.

Victoria Peak or just the Peak, we did a few times powerwalk up on the hill. It was a bit hard exercise, but in the end it was worth it considering the magnificent views, just as you can see it from pictures above.

IFC mall/ International Finance Center, at the feet of two scyscrapers IFC one and two respectively, was also quite impressive. My brother visited Hong Kong last summer and even he reckoned that IFC mall is his type of a shopping mall (whatever that means). There are some nice stores and restaurant. There is also a Four Seasons hotel. We had a nice Easter lunch at Isola restaurant that is also locates at the IFC mall and the food was just so delicious. I can highly recommend it. One of my other favorites at the mall is a place called Panino Giusto. As you already might have guessed, they serve paninis, and, in my mind, their paninis are by far the best ones in the best. I can highly recommend that place for a quick lunch. There could be a queue especially during lunch hour, but if you are not in a rush I recommend you to wait a bit, it will definitely be worth your time (and money).

Central Hong Kong on a cloudy day,

We also made a one-day trip to Shenzhen. I did not like at all the city as, at least in the eyes of a first time visiter, it was chaotic and there was a hint of pollution in the air. I got a bit scary all the time during our stay there. When we arrived at the city some men shouted something to me.

We also made another one-day trip, this time to Macao. You can easily observe many similarities with Portugal in the architecture. Macao was administrated by Portugal as a cololy until 1999. It is also known as the world's largest Casino city, Vegas is just a tiny village compared to it. Especially people from China come there to play and some even to launder their money received in red envelopes. If you wish to try you luck this is the place to go for you.

Our journey at the Pacific narrowed to Tokyo. That was the best part of the trip. We enjoyed our time there. We ate some traditional Japanese food, it was just perfect. We paid a visit to the sushi market place called The Tsukiji Market about mid-day but there was almost nothing left. So, if you want to be on time it is not a joke that you should be there early in the morning right after fishermen come to the harbor. Middle picture below is a Tokyo Tower, we did not go up. We were at the Tokyo during cherry tree bloom. It was so pretty everywhere, but unfortunately my boyfriend was apparently allergic to the pollen of cherry trees so he had a flue during our stay there. We walked thousand

Here are a few more pictures from Hong Kong

All in all our trip was simple the best!



Dear you,

I sincerely welcome you to my blog. My first blog post, the one that you are currently reading, is about Christmas decoration and the beautiful season lights that bring light to the ever darkening afternoons, evenings and nights.

It is only a few weeks to go before Christmas Eve.

My plan for this Christmas involve me and my boyfriend flying to my parents' vacation home in Vilamoura on the 25th of December. My family has had the place there for many years, actually all of my life and even longer. We love to spend time there and explore the pleasant climate of the Mediterranean and the bright days of the southern edge of Portugal. I will definitely update also my blog while in there and take for example some pictures from our home. But now let’s go into Christmas decoration:


My mom bought me that a few years ago from the Stockmann department store. I am not a huge fan of it (my mom is aware) but it still reminds me of my childhood so I have decided to keep it. In the center of the picture is an elf couple which is too a gift from my mom. I think that they are quite cute. I think that Balmuir room diffuser is always a nice present. When it comes to choice, I usually pick African Dawn from Balmuir diffusers.


I found all my Christmas lights from Clas Ohlson last year. The one I am most fond of is the heart in the middle picture.


The advent candle (you might already guess) is a gift from my mom. The Iittala kaasa fireplace next to it is a Christmas gift from someone special a few years ago.

Maybe suprisingly the tall red candle is from Ikea. The beautifully blossoming Hyacinth on the left is a gift from a good friend.

In this picture I have my small collection of Iittala Alvar Aalto collection candleholders. I usually keep them visible only once in a while during winter or fall but definitely part of December. The round Marble tray under the candleholders is a gift from my friend.


There could never be a Christmas without the lovely scent of freshly baked gingerbread, which I keep on the red box which is from Tiger (I did't decorate the first baking trey but just wait and see for the next ones). Christmas Star Pastery on the middle is also an important part of my December, which reminds me from my grandfather. Fazer simply makes the best sweets for my (very Finnish) taste and they are not only for Christmas time.

Last but not least our Christmas tree:

The pieces of Christmas tree decoration hung on this cute minispruce are from Aarikka. Given (as a gift from my mom) to me and my brother every Christmas since we were born. I think that is nice tradition, a small remembering and something in common with him. I have now a total of 24 pieces and my brother has few less, hihi. The Christmas tree is unfortunately not from a forest but from Plantagen.


Would you like to share something about your Christmas decoration or traditions with me and other readers?