Well today I was at Överby and ate thaifood with my sister and her boyfriend. It was really nice lunch, just a normal family eating lunch together.. Normal?! hahahah well when it comes to eat njaaaah I'm eating  with my whole face hahaha... So if boys want to take me to a fancy dinner, pls no because I rather eat at
​Mc Donalds. hahaha just so you know boys ;). 

Weeell me and my friend Jenny started a youtube channel so we can have fun. Our channel is going to be more fun channel, I mean doing some pranks on random people who we do not know hahah. Our first video comes tomorrow or next week and we're even going to show how we actually are in person ;).
​Hope u like us. Please subscribe us JordgobbarEGott​. 

Now: I have football practice soon.. I am not so tagged because I am tired af.. But lets do this:)

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Paris, France

Los Angeles, USA

Rio De Janiero, Brasil

Sydney, Australia

Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have chosen a city in each continent where I really want to travel with family or friends :). 



Finally summer break!! First day at summer break.
Yesteday: I was last day in school and had ending-time with whole school. Third year in school ended High school!! My beautiful friends have graduated, I can't believe it.. Time flies and I'm stuck in high school for 2 years. I finally ended first year.. And hell is waiting after summer break.. But I'm going enjoy this summer with family, friends and football/gym. 

​​​Today: I woke up around 10:30am and started with a breakfast alone because my family already ate breakfast without me :(. After that I was outside whole day, played basketball with dad, sister and her boyfriend. (Mom was at work). Around 3pm VFK A-team (boys) played against Karlstad BK. It was really good game!! First half-time Karlstad had more ball and even scored goal (1-0), but at the second half-time VFK had more ball and scored to 1-1. The game was really fifty-fifty. When the game finished me and my sister went to my moms job (supermarket) and bought food for grill and we even fetched mom. Dad grilled chicken, hamburger and beef while mom cooked potato & made salad. We ate outside and had a good supper. Now I am going to watch EM (England-Russia) and after that taking shower and sleep. Tomorrow I am going to the gym and do some work-oooout. YAS!! Maybe I'll put some exercises here so YOU can do/try. Have a nice evening and seeya!  



Well late update.. 
Today in school we danced and listened to a woman talking about sex. Hahah she was really fun and she did it more interesting with humor. When I came home around 3:30pm, I watched tv-show friends and modern family. Comedians tv-shows and very entering!! If you guys have not seen friends or modern family  GO WATCH IT NOW!! You will love it if you really like comedians shows. 

Now: Well I am going to sleep now cause' it's late now hahah

Tomorrow: School + football practicing (maybe). 

Goodnight x 



Hello! I am so so so sorry for bad update.. It 's been a month and I had so much in school, but now am I finally freeeee (from homework). Well I had a good and bad days those weeks i did not write. But lets forget about the bad things!! Yesterday me and my friends was at Liseberg. We were there whole day!! IT WAS SO AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! We need to go back there again. I have not been at Liseberg since I was 11/12...

Today we were outside with the class and played games. It was really fun and the sun shined. I came home around 13:50 and the first thing I did when I came home was to watch series. Well Yesterday started Ramadan. I will start on Monday and see how it goes. I could do it today but I had an appointment with the doctor. and tomorrow I have soccer practice.

Omg guys!! just 3 days until I have summerbreak, EM football starts and my friends are graduating!!!. I CAN'T WAAAAIT!!!! I hope that France or Germany wins EM because they are really good. Better than Spain now actually. But we will see how it goes ;). 

​I promise I am going to post tomorrow. I did not take many pictures yesterday because I literally forgot that I had a phone. So much fun did we have yesterday!! Enjoy these three pictures and Seeya! 



One week ago since I updated this blog.. Sorry I was busy whole week.. 2 much in school now -.- But it is nearly summer break. Last week (saturday) I was with my friends and celebrated Valborg. It was soooo fun!! We went to the park, we watched the fire ''Majbrasa'' and so on. When I came home I was really tired so I fell asleep instantly... On sunday I did not do anything special, I just chilled at home and dying..

This week I was in school three days!! Thursday and Friday it is Kristi himmelsfärdsdag. Yesterday I was with my friends at strandgatan and ate cakes. It was so beautiful weather outside so we even took some pictures. We need to do that again!

Well today is friyay but it feels like sunday to me hahah. Today i am going to Överby (shoppingcenter). I really need to buy some new clothes and even sunglasses...

Here some pictures from last week and yesterday!! seeya soon



Before I went to the school in the morning, I went to the doctor to check something. It was fine and I'm going to the doctor again but we don't know when. This day went really fast and we ended the last class (Math) earlier ;) But I was waiting on my friend Lejla. We took the bus to Sylte and just hanging at the park and later we went to Kronogården and bought some candies. It was a really a good day and we're going to do that again!

​​I just came home after hanging out with Lejla so I'm gonna watch a movie now, probably a disney movie <3. I hope me and my family are going to Burger King or to pizzeria ;) I really want hamburger now omg BURGER KING <33 hahah but yeah seeya!!

Here you can listen to some songs! Hope u enjoy it!



​Yesterday I forgot to answer these 10 ''Would you rather'' questions. My friend picked up 10 questions I am going to answer. 
​1. Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper​ I Would rather use toilet paper made from sandpaper.

2. Would you rather be without elbows or be without knees? ​Without elbows. 

3. Would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye for an entire year?​ Something stuck in your eye for an entire year. 

4. Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?​ Be best in the world at something of my choosing 

5. Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica? ​Wear a snow suit in the desert

6. Would you rather have hair nowhere on your body or be very hairy all over and not be able to shave? ​Rather have hair nowhere on my body 

7. Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon? ​Rather have a dragon 

8. Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind? ​Always have to say everything that is on my mind

9. Would you rather change the past or be able to see into the future?​ Rather change the past

10. Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each? ​Live 10 lives  that last 100 years each. 

Short post now but I am going to write more later after school! seeya!