To get a lean body and loose body fat you have to do cardio. I usually have a whole cardio day two times a week, where I run, swim, do hit training, cross training... Your body gets used and adjust to the same kind of training so you have to change up your workout routine, pretty much all the time. That way you will loose more calories and burn more fat. 

Todays workout: 

A whole body warmup that I do before every training session. It is very important to warm up your body before training to prevent any injuries and get better results. When warming up don´t stretch instead do some dynamic warm up like walking lunges or squat jumps... 

5min powerwalking on the treadmill (7)

5 min jogging (9-10) 

10 min on the stair master (14) 

10 min cross training 

To burn more fat I like to do HIIT training where you do specific exercises 10 times for 25 seconds, in between them 10 seconds rest. Going to the next exercise you rest 1 min and then do the same thing over. 

10x25 with 10 sec rest = Burpees 

10x25 with 10 sec rest = Squats 

10x25 with 10 sec rest = Situps 

I am literally dead after the HIIT session and I have trained for a very long time. If you are a beginner then I would recommend to start with doing 3 sets of every exercise and build it up. 

When you are done then you have to do some stretching for your body improve flexibility and not be stiff. It also reduces sourness after training. 

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Being on Instagram I found people posting really good quotes from a certain book and thats how I found "Born to Love, Cursed to Feel" by Samantha King. This book is full of quotes about love, people that let you down, life lessons and that kind of stuff. I really found this book good and recommend for people to read it :) Even tho you might not like reading books, this one is very easy to read and is not long. But I promise you that when you start reading it you will read it a few times, it´s just that good.



I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend Christmas​ with! Thank you for being in my life and making me smile everyday! Merry Christmas! 

P.S. the cake bellow is called sakotis, a Lithuanian traditional cake :) 



Well, Hello!

A while ago I stopped blogging and now I think it´s time to come back! But now in English and not Swedish! You might wonder why, and thats because some of the followers might be from Lithuania, my home country. So yeah obviously, they cant speak Swedish. I am really looking forward to sharing my daily life here and I hope you like it!