Hi! I'm still at my grand parents' house in Dalarna. I mostly spend my days studying Korean, exercising and stuffing my face with too many cinnamon buns!!

Above is a picture of my "study spot". I'm really trying to structure my studies now. I have about four weeks before I go back to Los Angeles, so I'm gonna focus and study every day until then. I'm listening to at least two audio files at talktomeinkorean.com every day, plus some other grammar and vocabulary stuff I've found online. And of course I watch my beloved Korean dramas every day! (In the past few days I finished three different ones, try to stop me from crying when they end!! )

Mini me above and my grand father below.

The massive horse in the picture below was always so much fun to see when I was a kid. But what surprised me the most this time was that they now have both Burger King and 7 Eleven located right by the horse. Way to go! Back in the days this little small town had absolutely nothing but that horse basically.

I already knew this about myself, but going to Sweden always reminds me - this country is not for me and small towns are so not my thing. I need big cities or I'll go nuts! I'm grateful for this time, but I genuinely can't wait to leave again! x

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