After a long day of studying and travelling I decided to do some online shopping. So I ordered a bunch of Korean beauty products because I realised that I'm about to run out of the ones I have. But since I'm clearly a bit lacking in the brain department I ended up ordering some of the products twice. Note to self; don't go online shopping at 5 in the morning.

I really hope I managed to pick some good stuff (I mean it's gonna last for a while, hehe), I'm always a bit scared when I buy new skin care products because I don't want to mess up my skin. Buuuut, I'm gonna have to leave my fate in the hands of k-beauty this time, it's not like I've been disappointed before!

My plan was to go on a mini tour to Gothenburg this week. But it's gonna rain a bit and be really windy?! And I'm really annoying as a person so I'm not about that life. Weather Gods, can you sort this out pretty please? Until then I'm gonna stay inside with my miso soup and green tea. :)) x

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