This is something a little bit more serious. It's about my struggles with my appearance in school.

Since my first year of high school I had this "alternative" style. I wore band shirts, knee high converse, had a lip ring that i had to wear tape over, wore leather jackets, studs etc... Because of this I got bullied a lot. I felt terrible about it, but didn't change. In my second year, I finally met my best friend (that lasted a year, because of reasons :p) and it became a very good school year. I had a best friend outside school, but only saw her once a week for a couple of hours.

I was basically an emo kid :p

In my third year I had to move to the "college" school of the school community (the first two years are in a separate school). And my best friend at school went to an art school in Brugge. So I didn't see her that much anymore. Didn't got bullied as much, but I still felt like I didn't "belong" there. Even tho my style wasn't that extreme anymore. I got some friends and overall that year went good. My grades on the other hand weren't that good. I had to go to another school and had to take an "easier" course. One of my friends had to do the same.

So we went to another school together and quickly became best friends, so to say. I am in my last year on that school now. I experienced a lot of different emotions/opinions/views... towards my outfits and hair styles. There is a group of girls in my class that i really like and my best friend is also "part of it". But i always get the feeling of being not welcome. Recently this hasn't been an issue anymore, but before that I thought it was a big deal.

They never invited me to parties or going to get lunch or anything, even tho I was always there and they always talked openly about it. Even my best friend did.. And it drove me crazy and I was sad about it. So I tried to look more like them. I bought some blue jeans and some more "colorful" tops, but this was not me. So I changed back.But as I said,this has changed recently. They try to include me more often.

I just wear whatever I want, but I kind of feel it's not yet what I want to wear. For example, I have this long velvet dress with a tiny cape and bad sleeves. I realllllyyyyyy love it. I thought about wearing it to school, but then looked in the mirror and thought: nope, this is going to be too much. And I think that sucks.

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I am someone with an alternative style and i love tattoos. It would be weird not getting one. At this moment I do not have any but i have two designs in mind. I both drew them myself.

The first one is a moth. I want it on my sternum. At first I wanted this as my first tattoo. My aunt said I could get it for free because she has a friend that has a shop. So i was like hell yeah! I waited half a year and still didn't get it done... I'm still waiting and I'm not sure if I want it anymore. So I have a bit of a "bad experience" with this design, so i drew a second one. Also a sternum tattoo hurts like a b*tch.

The second one is going to be a bat and will be placed on my upper leg. It's not finished yet. I found an artist I really liked and wanted to get tattooed by him, no matter what. It doesn't even matter what design because I think he is a very talented artist. So I talked a bit about what i wanted and he said it should be doable. For style, I want to mix black work with neo traditional. Details will be discussed once i go down to the shop. (Artist page: )

So these are my tattoo ideas for now and i hope you have a wonderful day!



Helluuww, my name is Chelsea Husson and I am totally new to blogging. I live in a small town called Beverlo in Belgium. I share a house with of course my parents, my brother and sister, my boyfriend, 2 doggies, 2 cats and a turtle. My family is quite young. My mom is 39, my (step)dad is 36. My grand-parents are in their late fifties and my great-grand parents are around their eighties.

My boyfriend and I are together for almost 3 years now, so we celebrate our anniversary on the 8th of March.

My interest varies a lot. I love reading, drawing, watching series etc. Not only that, but also tattoos, spirituality, crystals, yoga and meditation have their place in my interests. I try to learn as much of it as I can.

One of my stress points is school. I am in my last year of high school and I just CAN'T! But that's gonna be another post.

My writings will be about the things listed above. I hope this is going to be a fun experience! Tips are always welcome!