I honestly don't know how to describe how my week has been. It has been fun yet really boring. Here's why.

Last Tuesday I went home from school because I ''felt sick'', when in reality my mom didn't want to send me money for breakfast, and because I was in such a hurry that morning, I couldn't eat at home. And my mother knows that I get really grumpy when I haven't eaten so she let me go home, ONLY if I walked her friends dog. What a deal right!

And on Wednesday I was at home because I thought that I had a doctors appointment, and I went there at 8am, and was told that it was tomorrow (Thursday). So I went home, and I asked my mom if I could go out with a friend and she said yes, but only if I stayed home the following day to walk the dog again. So, me and my friend wanted to go to a concert to see a band called ''Sum 41''. I don't really know anything about them, it's my friend who's a fan! But they have great music! But sadly we didn't get it.

The following day I woke up early, AGAIN, and went to the doctors. This was the best day I've had in a while, because during lunch time I went out with the same friend and we had a great time and later that night we were going to yet another concert. And that was none other than LANY!! I can't describe my love for that band! The energy in the room was fantastic and EVERYONE danced, even though the majority of the crowd was middle aged people! Their songs are super great live, if you ever get the chance to see them, TAKE IT!! You won't ever regret it I promise!

And yesterday, (Satyrday), I was at the stable, and we were having a jumping training, and I had to ride a dressage horse! It was a little rocky in the beginning but towards the end it went better because after a while he actually finds it funny!