think i'm falling, after all this time i'm still falling.
but truth be told, i'm growing stronger by the day.
not breaking, i'm just soaring through thin air.
not holding on anymore, not to anyone or anything.
not questioning any decisions to be fair.
don't need comforting, i've already had my fair share.
robbed of any remaining will to care, not even a word of consolation for spare.
don't get the impression that i'm scared, i might seem astray but i'm working on internal repairs.
damage done by numerous love affairs, but it's alright. really, it's okay!
i've learned that i was right, the strength i needed was always there...



dear friend, don't you know i miss you a ton?

don't you know that my friendship is never completly gone?

don't you know we've walked astray, this isn't the path we set off on?

don't you know that it wasn't your fault, everything that went wrong?

don't you know that i'll always worry for you even when the hurt comes along?

don't you know that i never left, still waiting for you to come home?

don't you know that all this time i've been without you, i've never felt more alone?

don't you know that the moment you call, i'll pick up the phone?

don't you know i loved you, long after our hearts turned to stone?

you don't know and time has forced me to move on.