Cheating has been around forever. Some people just can’t respect their partner or are far too selfish to be faithful. It’s no secret that cheating is horrible and people shouldn’t do it, but they do. And the newest way people are going about their unfaithful behavior is by snapchat cheating.

With technology advancing, Cheating on snapchat it’s opening doors we wouldn’t have imagined years ago. More people are connected with each other and while that may sound like a good thing, it’s also allowing people to cheat much easier.

Emotional cheating vs. physical cheating

I know you’re probably thinking, “but they can’t cheat over an app.” The truth is, they can. There isn’t just one single form of cheating. There are several. The main ones you should concern yourself with are emotional cheating and physical cheating.

We all know when someone physically cheats on you, they’re hooking up with someone else. But they can also cheat on you in other ways. When they’re emotionally involved with someone else and engaging in intimacy with them emotionally, it’s still cheating.

How to tell if your partner is snapchat cheating

This trend is one that definitely needs to die. But will it ever? When people can so easily get away with cheating in the form of disappearing images, why would they stop? The truth is, they might not.

And that means you have to be aware of what this form of cheating is and how you can stop it. We have all the information you’ll need to know. Find out if your partner is snapchat cheating and how you can put an end to their unfaithful ways.

#1 They shield their phone from you. There are a number of reasons someone might hide their phone from your view. Some of them can be completely innocent. However, if it’s a regular occurrence and you feel like they’re hiding something, it could be a sign they’re snapchat cheating.

#2 You see they’re on snapchat frequently. If you have the snapchat app, then you know what it looks like. It’s pretty easy to tell if your significant other is on this app. Therefore, if you see they’re on it frequently, it could be a sign they’re snapchat cheating.

A lot of people use snapchat as a means to communicate, but not extensively. That’s why extended use of the app could indicate cheating.

#3 You’re not their number one snapchat best friend. We used to be able to tell who someone’s snapchat best friend was really easily. But as the app has progressed, it’s changed and now it’s not that easy.

However, you can still tell when someone’s your best friend by the little heart emoji. If you snapchat them a lot and still aren’t their number one, they’re definitely sending pictures to someone else way more often.

#4 They’ve been distancing themselves from you. This is true no matter what form of cheating it is. When your partner becomes distant, there’s a reason for it. That reason could be because they’re snapchat cheating.

Although they may not be getting physical with someone else, their mind and emotions are. This will distance them from you and they’ll avoid you more and more.

#5 You hear them snapping pictures behind closed doors. Unless they’re smart enough to turn off the sound, you can hear when they’re taking pictures. Do you ever hear the snapping sound while your significant other is in the bathroom?

This is a big sign they’re removing themselves from your presence just to take pictures. They wouldn’t need to do this if they were innocent. Pay close attention to this sign.

#6 They don’t snapchat you back. This is a huge sign that someone is snapchat cheating. Now, if they don’t use this app very often anyways, this doesn’t really apply to them. However, if they use it all the time and just don’t answer your snaps, it could be for a big reason. They might not want to accidentally send you a snap meant for someone else. So they just don’t snap you at all.

#7 They’re smiling at their phones a lot. It kind of takes a lot for people to smile at their phones. Think about the times you do. Usually, it’s when something is funny or you’re flirting with someone. If your partner is on snapchat a lot and is smiley and hiding their phone from you, it’s a huge sign they’re cheating. stop snapchat cheating

#1 Confront them about the issue. If you’re having concerns about their behavior when it comes to snapchat, address the issue. Don’t just ignore it or sweep it under the rug.

Having an open discussion about their behavior and how it’s affecting you can change things for the better. Be open and honest, but don’t start yelling. Keep things calm and level-headed.

#2 Catch them in the act. If you really want to stop what they’re doing but you feel as though they’ll lie if you confront them, then you need to catch them doing it. This is extremely hard to do when snapchat pictures disappear after 10 seconds. However, you may be able to catch them if you’re paying enough attention.

#3 Have a discussion about the state of your relationship. If you feel like bringing up their snapchat cheating is a bad idea, then just have a talk about your relationship. Tell them you’re unhappy with how it’s been. Open up about your struggles with insecurity and how you feel they’re not giving you enough attention. This may be a great way to help bring them back to reality.

#4 Tell them you’re unhappy with their behavior. The best thing you can do if you think your partner is snapchat cheating is to just tell them you’re not happy. Explain what you feel is going on and that you’re extremely upset about it.

If your partner cares for you, they’re going to listen to what you have to say. If they disregard whatever it is you’re saying, then you know they don’t care. If the behavior stops, then this method was successful.

#5 Accept that they might not change – then leave. Even if this form of cheating isn’t “traditional,” it’s still cheating. If they’re emotionally involved with someone else, they’re not being faithful. And that means there’s only so much you can do about that.

If you’ve discussed it with them and maybe even caught them in the act of snapchatting risqué things to someone else and they still don’t change, then leave. You don’t deserve someone who disrespects you in such a manner. Accept what you can’t change and move on.

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​Social media cheating is a thing because it’s accessible and easy to engage with attractive members of the opposite sex. Facebook in particular is a top relationship killer and a main source of jealousy and insecurity. It can destroy trust as there are so many ways you can veer offside if you don’t Facebook-with-care.

Some couples even exchange account passwords (or delete their accounts altogether) to avoid the stress that Facebook can bring to their union. That’s because when you are in a relationship you’re no longer just Facebooking for yourself, you’re Facebooking for two people. Everything you do online affects your partner and serves as an extension of him or her — and your relationship. Bottom line: social media doesn’t make monogamy any easier.


So what type of behavior is inappropriate for your boyfriend to engage in online? Here is relationship advice on the signs he may be cheating via social media:

He is direct messaging a girl(s) on Facebook.

There’s a big difference between the occasional message to check-in or catch up with a strictly-platonic female friend — someone whom you know and trust is nothing more – versus an ongoing message thread with someone you’ve never met or seen with your boyfriend. But what’s more important than the messaging itself is whether he’s open or secretive about it. If his phone behavior suddenly changes — he used to be open and transparent with his messages but is now taking his phone whenever he leaves the room, or keeps his phone close by at all times — you should be worried. It’s also not a good sign if he is extra cautious online, rarely goes online when you’re around, or quickly deletes his browser whenever you enter the room.

He befriends attractive girls on Facebook.

So you’re scrolling the Facebook newsfeed and see that your boyfriend and so-and-so just became friends. You click her picture and it’s a very attractive girl you’ve never met. Should you be worried? Well, I can definitely assure you that he’s not friending her on Facebook so he can see her amazing travel albums. But what if she added him? Nah. You should still be skeptical because of what he didn’t tell her or what message he relayed when they met in real life that would make her think it was appropriate for her to friend him on Facebook.

Obviously there are exceptions: they’re coworkers or you know they’re just friends. Also, remember that it’s outside his control who send him a friend request on Facebook, but if he’s taking the initiative to build an online relationship he may not be satisfied with your relationship.

He likes/comments on other girls’ pictures/statuses.

Cause for concern depends on what he says, if he comments, and what the picture that he “likes” consists of. Say he “likes” some girl’s selfie cleavage shot — yeah, that’s not cool. Say it’s a girl posting a cute family photo with her 95-year-old grandparents — of course that’s cool. Or say it’s some girl who’s a mutual friend and posts a photo with her squad heading to the club in short mini skirts, and he comments, “Looking hot ladies!” Ummm…yeah, his comment is probably unnecessary, particularly considering it’s a mutual friend. And nobody wants to be with the overly-flirty boyfriend that needs to be kept in a cage with a cock clamp on in order to stay faithful.

But what if he just “likes” the photo? A photo “like” can be mindless, we “like” things all the time without thinking. So it’s up to you if you are comfortable with it, as some people are more jealous than others and have different boundaries and expectations.

He follows hot girls on Instagram .

Following attractive people on Instagram is like taking a smoke break from your relationship. It helps men in long-term relationships keep their sanity. Of course, if his Instagram feed seems like it’s for him to jerk off to and fulfill fantasies he’s keeping from you, that’s deceitful. Or if he emphatically expresses his lack of interest in girls with fake boobs, but you notice he’s following several Instagram accounts solely dedicated to posting pictures of girls with fake boobs, then you’re free to question his integrity. But following the occasional model or attractive female celebrity does not mean he doesn’t love you or isn’t attracted to you. No matter how great your relationship is he is not going to stop being attracted to other women. And if the worst thing he does to act on that is follow the occasional hottie on Instagram, that works out in your favor.



​One of the worst things in life is discovering that the person you love and the person you share a bed with is leading a double life. Cheaters typically give off some common signs that we just don't notice, including spending more time on the phone or spending time “alone.” If you think that your significant other is cheating on you with on a dating site or social networking site, you can catch that cheater with a fake profile.

Signs of Online Cheating

Before you assume that your Boyfriend cheating on instagram or girlfriend is cheating on you, you should look for some signs of the cheating. Someone who cheats online will likely have multiple accounts and usually at least one account that you never saw. You can search for his email address, phone number or usernames that he used in the past.

Cheaters who use their normal social networking profile will exhibit some signs. You might notice that he keeps his friends hidden or suddenly begins adding new friends that you do not know. You might also notice that comments disappear from his page, as if he deleted them before you could see.

Creating a Fake Profile to CATCH A CHEATER

If you want to catch your cheater in the act, you need to create a profile that appeals to him. You want to make a profile that has something to catch his interest, such as an obscure band that he likes, quotes from his favorite movie or pictures of his favorite sports team. Make sure that you do not make your profile exactly like him, as this might seem suspicious.

Also, do not use any email address that he knows about. If you create a profile using your personal email account or work account, he will quickly learn the truth. The same thing applies to your username. Choosing a username that you use on your email or another social networking site is a surefire clue that you aren't someone new.

Finding Photos

With people uploading new photos on a daily basis, you cannot get by with animated images or images generic images. You need to find pictures of someone who you think your boyfriend or girlfriend would like. You can find these photos from almost anywhere, including social networking sites and online photo hosting sites.

One of the best things to do is to use photos from a close friend who he never met. If you live in Florida and a friend from college lives in Oregon, ask her if you can borrow some photos for a few weeks.

Take Your Time

Catching a cheater with a fake profile is not a fast process. You need to take your time so that it doesn't look like you suddenly created a profile. Add a few new friends, comment on other pages and let others comment on your page. After you have what looks like an established profile, you can make first contact.


Catch that cheater by sending him a short message that makes a funny or cute comment on something found on his page, including his photos. Once he responds, send a friend request. He most likely will not do anything appropriate in the first few days or even weeks. Slowly increase the flirty tone in your messages, chat with him online or even ask him about his girlfriend. Before long, you will give him enough rope to hang himself. After he suggests a meeting or does anything inappropriate, reveal who you are or confront him in person. Though it might sound painful, catching a cheater now will save you heartache in the future.



Boyfriend continues using online sites

I’ve been with my fiancé for a little over 2.5 years now. We met on an online dating service and


. We’ve lived an hour apart for our entire relationship except for the past month or so, I’m in the middle of moving in.

We’d still see each other every weekend, sometimes more. Initially we had web cams, I got rid of mine, he still had his and just put it away a couple months ago (5). I had always wondered why he kept it set up right next to his computer when we didn’t use it anymore with each other. He had a roommate and I just figured he used it to take pics of himself for the computer.

It bothered me because I didn’t really know, but I got over it and let it go. I’ve spent more and more time here for the past 6 months, since we’ve got engaged, so I’ve used his computer a lot more as well. I was messing around one day and found a ton of pornography on it. I told him I felt bad that he was looking at these women-but I felt even worse because I was the one who looked it up in his documents on his computer-I felt I invaded his privacy-I didn’t want to be one of those crazy girlfriends/fiancés. He felt bad and said he’d delete everything, I told him no, I know guys do that kind of stuff, and I didn’t want him to because I invaded his privacy.

Well, a couple months later, again I was on his computer, found reoccurring pictures of the same girl. I can never lie to him or hide anything, he always knows when something is up, he wouldn’t leave me alone so I told him I found these pictures of this girl that he must really like, and I saw multiple ones of her-again. I told him I felt bad that he was looking at the pictures; obviously I’m not what he was looking at. I told him I wasn’t like those girls, he told me he didn’t want me to be like those girls... I told him that I didn’t doubt his love for me, but was this someone he was talking to? He said that I doubted his love for me and that it was just some girl online. Eventually, he went and deleted all the pornography and included the pictures of that girl. He said it was to put an end to everything and I should never doubt his love for me.

That all happened in one day.

Well, I continued to use his computer and I would check every once in awhile just to see if I’d find any new pics of any girls. I hadn’t. I was searching for a site I had gone to before so I pulled down the bar where you can see past sites visited and, adultfriendfinder and others were listed. Since then I’ve seen them reoccur quite often. I understand what these sites are and at first I just thought he was going to them just to look at the women. Then I continued to think about it... and it just was eating at me. I finally broke down, I knew his email password, and I know it’s wrong, but it didn’t stop me, I just needed to know if he was talking to anyone-more than just friends.

So I found emails from adultfriendfinder telling him he’s got new matches or so and so was contacting him. I then went to his sent messages and found he was contacting these girls. He’d sent things talking about how he was horny and was looking for phone (sex- I assumed),-he’d given his number out on a separate email, he’d tell them he had pictures of him he could send, he’d ask them if they had messengers and webcams, he’d let them know he did, he reminded girls of pictures they were suppose to take... so on and so on. This is over the period of our entire relationship (I could tell by the dates these emails were sent). The beginning emails- I felt we were just starting to date, so it wasn’t as big of a deal, then I saw emails in the middle of our relationship and some current ones. About a month ago a girl sent him something entitled from your Canadian girls, saying how they hadn’t talked for awhile, he told her he’d been really busy with stuff, said he’d explain later and hoped to see her soon... 4 months ago he received an email from another girl, not sure what she said, but he replied with I’m happily engaged but thank you:),-needless to say that one gave me SOME relief (I saw others where he told them he had a g/f and was just looking for fun, others said "nothing dirty just wanted to chat"..), and the one before that was one month before he asked me to marry him-he told her that he was busy with work and stuff and that he missed her and wanted to say hi you... 4 months before he asked me to marry him he wrote and I quote "awe you left i was gonna say hit me up on yahoo sometime and i’ll show you whatever you like same sn as aff *** take care....

I don’t know what to do. I’ve seen his profile on the adultfriendfinder... he describes himself as shy in the beginning but get past that and he’s got a very dirty mind... and his ideal match is a woman that’s not afraid to say exactly what she wants. He still visits this site. I don’t how often he’s does things-chats, gets on the phone, I don’t even know if he does it anymore... I don’t have proof. I’m not about to purchase something to hook up to the computer to follow what he does...

I just don’t know how to handle this whole thing, I love him dearly and it hurts very badly... He’s got so many good qualities and in my heart I feel as though he truly loves me, would never hurt me, but-I know I’ve babbled, I just wanted to make sure everything was clear. What do you think and can you help as to what I should do.


This is a very common problem. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution.

On one hand, your boyfriend has been turning to other women for sexual gratification—leaving you feeling hurt, betrayed and rejected. The feelings that you are experiencing now are very similar to what people experience when they discover infidelity. At an emotional level there is very little difference between discovering different types of cheating—it all hurts just the same (see what counts as cheating).

And from your boyfriend’s perspective, on-line porn/chatting/sex can be very difficult to stop. The experience can be extremely rewarding—exciting, stimulating and fun. And the interactive nature of online chatting/sex adds a level of uncertainty and unpredictability that can be exhilarating for people who crave such stimulation (see why people cheat).

Moreover, most people dismiss their online activities as NOT being real—it is like a sexual fantasy, it doesn’t have much consequence—because one can walk away from it or turn it off—unlike a traditional affair where there has been physical contact and a person who actually exists in one’s social network. Simply put, many people don’t consider online chatting/sex to be cheating.

But, the problem with this is twofold: Because online chatting/sex is rewarding but not very costly (one can easily control how, when, and where it happens), people are easily drawn to it. The high reward and low cost nature of online cheating makes it difficult to stop. But from your perspective, it is REAL; it feels like cheating and it hurts just the same (see online cheating).

So, how to solve this problem?

First, attempts to control a partner’s behavior, often fail. Typically, what happens when you try to control a partner’s behavior, especially a behavior that is very rewarding to him, a partner will learn to better hide or conceal his activities (see when people lie).

And it may help to be realistic about how much both you and your boyfriend can change with respect to this issue. In these types of situations, it is common for people to offer quick solutions, but easy solutions typically don’t work long term (see once a cheater).

So, our best advice is probably the most difficult. Set a smaller, but more manageable goal for right now. Try talking to your boyfriend about the situation honestly without trying to influence his behavior. Attempt to understand his side of things and see his point of view—and attempt to have him see your side of things and see your point of view (see talk about problems).

What are the benefits of doing this?

If you can pull it off, it creates a sense of intimacy, closeness, and it allows for a genuine solution to emerge from a true understanding of the problem. While this method won’t solve every problem—at the very least, it helps identify the problems that can and cannot be solved. And trying to understand each other typically works better than other methods of solving conflict.



​Unfortunately, the internet has created a whole new way for people to Girlfriend cheating online . Instant messaging, chat rooms, and websites devoted to making connections, have made it easy for people to get romantically involved with someone else without a spouse knowing.

man chatting online

In fact, there are many websites specifically dedicated to helping husbands and wives cheat on each other. Not only is it easy to find romantic interests online, but a lot of people do not consider online affairs to be cheating (see what counts as cheating).

woman chatting onlineAfter all, how can it really be cheating if two people never meet face-to-face?

But, thinking that way actually makes the problem worse because it lowers the threshold – there is less guilt involved. And with a lower threshold of guilt, people feel more comfortable doing it.

Not only is there less guilt involved, but online affairs are also easier to hide – people don’t have to worry about a lot of issues that come along with having a more traditional affair, as such:

  • being seen in together in public
  • contracting sexually transmitted diseases
  • finding a time and place to cheat
  • hiding phone calls and so on.

Unfortunately, while it is easier to start an online affair, they can be just as problematic as a traditional affair (see wife’s emotional affair).

Online affairs always involve some form of emotional attachment. And being emotionally attached to someone online causes individuals to devalue their current romantic partners. People are more likely to notice their partner’s flaws and shortcomings when they have an online romance.

And as people become more emotionally involved online, they have less give to a romantic partner. So, online affairs, own their own, can create a lot of turmoil and distance within a romantic relationship.

Not to mention the fact that online affairs are often the first stepping stone to having a more traditional affair.

So, contrary to what some people think, online affairs are not harmless at all. They can cause a lot of heartache and pain (see examples of online affairs).

Online affairs can also be dangerous because leave people vulnerable to be taken advantage of (read about an Online Extortion Attempt – The Smoking Gun).

And while online affairs tend to be easier to start than a traditional affair, online affairs always leave an electronic trail making them easier to detect (see cheating revealed by a mouse and how to catch a cheater).

Net Addiction also provides useful advice for dealing with the problem of an online affair



Girl #1:My  Boyfriend cheating on me !!

Girl #2: Well, I can’t believe you just figured that out. He’s been cheatin’ on you for a long time.

Girl #3: You don’t need to put up with that. You need to find you guy who appreciates you. I think you and James would be good together. I can set you up.

Girl #2: Well, I think you need to make that no-good cheater pay and I have several ideas about how to do that

Girl #1: He is the third guy who has cheated on me. I guess all guys are cheaters.

Friends listening to crying woman at home on the couch

It is always painful when marriages or dating relationships come apart and usually far more painful for one person than the other. Cheating makes a painful situation so much worse. It’s not just a matter of your boyfriend saying that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore; cheating is major disrespect. So, what do you if you’ve been cheated on? How do you get past the pain and get on to the next part of your life?

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Let’s start out with a few things you SHOULD NOT do:

1. Don’t waste time trying to get even. One of the ways girls get back at their cheating ex is to spread rumors that are not true. It might make you feel better for a little while, but in the end you just making yourself look even more devalued. It may not seem that way to you, but is sure looks that way to everyone else. Don’t lower yourself by retaliating, but say to yourself, ” I’m too good for that”.

Some people try to retaliate by doing something to hurt themselves. That doesn’t make much sense, but it still happens. Girls have been known to date guys they do not like at all in order to get back at the guy they love. Suicide is the ultimate example of people trying to strike back at others by hurting themselves. When they find me, she says to herself, then he’ll be sorry. Unfortunately, that also happens far too often.

Girls have been known to date guys they do not like at all in order to get back at the guy they love.

2. Don’t rebound in the same direction.

Cory wrote: Take your time moving on. Also, don’t just jump into a
relationship the minute you’re single. Moving on takes time and drowning your sadness out by forcing yourself into a relationship might not be the best idea… Stay positive. Even try staying single for a few months to figure out what you want, who you don’t want, and keep an open mind about relationships and people.

Take your time moving on. Also, don’t just jump into a relationship the minute you’re single.CLICK TO TWEET

No matter how you try to cover it up, people who are cheated on almost always feel they have been disrespected, devalued, or cheapened in other people’s eyes. It is lot like that sickening feeling you get when someone makes some terribly nasty comment about you. Feeling a big hole inside that is screaming to be filled, the temptation is to quickly fill that void with another boyfriend. However, finding another boyfriend ASAP (as soon as possible) may not be the best way to find a guy AGAP (as good as possible). You might wind up in another cheating relationship. Comp_84585114

Dawn wrote: If you want to move on to the next boyfriend and you don’t want the same type of guy…#1 don’t do or look in the same place u met the 1st BF. I believe deeply that before another relationship is established you must 1st be mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready because a new boyfriend no matter how great can’t make u achieve that level of completeness necessary to handle the challenges of a relationship!

3. Don’t bear other people’s guilt. When people cheat, it is their decision and their responsibility. However, the ones cheated upon are often left wondering what they did wrong. When parents separate, it is the children who often wind up feeling guilty. Certainly, one person can be responsible in part for someone leaving a relationship, but in cheating, the cheater are totally responsible for his or her actions. We really never get away with anything. Ultimately, we will all answer to God for everything we do, say, and think.

4. Don’t let a bad wound fester.

Kaitlyn wrote: Well, never rush into a relationship cus then so many thngs go bad and wrong and someone ends up hurt. and as for a healthy way to move on, just trying to forget the guy and either relax and enjoy being single or start lookin for a new guy.how_to_deal_with_a_cheating

Being cheated on cuts very deep. Though it may not seem so now, wounds do eventually heal. If, however, they are allowed to get infected, the infection can cause more long-term damage than then initial cut. Bitterness is the infection that causes a short-term wound to become a long-term affliction. By nursing and rehearsing the terrible actions of your ex-boyfriend and how terribly you were hurt, the wound festers. Eventually, that event becomes so rooted in your thinking that it shapes the way you view every other dating relationship. So in a way, you take the infection from that cheating ex with you into every future relationship until you forgive and let it go.

So in a way, you take the infection from that cheating ex with you into every future relationship until you forgive and let it go.

5. Don’t Engage in Missionary Dating. Why do some girls continue to attract and date known cheaters. You would think that they would learn from their previous mistakes. Many times that happens because these girls have the secret desire to tame the wild man. If you want danger and excitement, if you don’t care about long-term committed relationships, and being cheated on doesn’t bother you forge ahead. But if you are looking for love with known cheaters, then you’re looking in the wrong places.

6. Don’t Think You Are the Exception.

Dawn wrote: If you want to move on to the next boyfriend and you don’t want the same type of guy…#1 don’t do or look in the same place u met the 1st BF.

The most likely guy to cheat is the one who has done it before. So you would think girls would avoid previous cheaters like a plague. But that is far from what happens. There is always another girl willing to give them a chance. There are things that can happen which will change a guy at his very core, things so dramatic that his bent to cheating and the weakness for temptation are turned into rock solid faithfulness. But rarely will that kind of change come simply from a relationship with the next girl, not even you. Girls compete for guys, but who they are competing with are other girls. Taming that cheater makes a girl feel better than the girl or girls who couldn’t. The most common reason that girls get involved with known cheaters is that they think that they will be the exception. Don’t get too carried away with flattering words about how much better you are that his last girlfriend or all the terrible things she did that made him cheat.

The most common reason that girls get involved with known cheaters is that they think that they will be the exception.

THOSE ARE A FEW THINGS that you should not do. Have you been cheated on by someone? If so, how did you handle it and what are some ways you got through it?



You have a sneaking feeling that something about your relationship just isn’t right. He’s been acting distant, moody, or is he a cheater even too nice. You don’t want to go there but your mind just can’t help it—could he be cheating?

No one likes to think that they’re involved with a cheater, but it happens pretty frequently. According to a survey conducted by the University of , 22% of married men and 15% of married women admitted to having been unfaithful at least once.

Think he’s having an affair? These 6 clues may help you determine whether or not he’s being unfaithful.

1) He’s Convinced you’re a Cheater

Some people are more suspicious than others, but if your mate is suddenly accusing you of being unfaithful, it’s likely he’s cheating. Why? Because now that he’s cheating he knows it’s possible for you to do the same (and get away with it). So if your normally healthy and happy mate is suddenly overwrought with unjustified jealously, watch out. It could be that he’s really the one cheating on you.

2) He’s a Little too Mysterious

Mystery is a big draw in a new relationship. It’s exciting to be with someone new; someone you don’t know that well. Discovering who that person is and what they’re all about is part of what makes new love so thrilling.

But if you’re months or even years into the relationship and your mate is extremely vague about his past, work, friends, family—or just plain everything—beware. It could be that he’s distancing himself from you emotionally subconsciously, or he’s consciously withholding information to prevent getting caught in a lie. Either way, he’s covering something up.

3) He Knows a lot of Women…and Makes Friends with them Easily

Ever date a guy who talked to every woman he laid eyes on? You know the type: you’d leave him for five minutes a party and return to find him flirting with another woman. Or there’s the guy who knows a lot of women and happens to run into them all the time. Kind of makes you stop and think. Or at least it should.

A guy who has a lot of girl friends or seems to know every woman within a 50 mile radius should be handled with extreme caution. Now, a ladies man isn’t necessarily a cheater, but you should consider whether or not you can handle the constant competition.

4) He Seems to be Compensating

If a cheater has even half a heart, he feels guilty for cheating. To compensate for the guilt, he acts extra nice. Think lots of “I love yous,” flowers, and presents for no reason.
We’re not suggesting that every time a man does something nice it’s a sign he’s cheating on you, but if suspicious behavior is immediately followed by a syrupy sweet gesture, that’s a red flag. Not only is he trying to ease his conscience, he’s trying to distract you into thinking everything is okay.

5) He’s Always at Work

When people think of the typical cheater, they probably think of the guy who puts in long hours at the office but is really carrying on an affair. Well there’s a reason why that stereotype exists.

Cheaters use work to cover up their infidelity because people don’t usually question it. It’s the perfect excuse come home late, go away on business and put in extra hours on the weekend.

Just because your mate works non-stop definitely does not make him a cheater, but like we said, work can be used as an excuse. If he’s working all the time and doesn’t seem to have any energy left for your relationship, something needs to change.

6) Your Friends Drop Hints

There are few constants when it comes to love and relationships, but there is one thing you can count on: your friends. You may not want to hear what they’re saying about the person you love, but they are usually right.

So if your friends are dropping hints, “Don’t you think it’s weird he works all the time?” or “What’s up with him and his ex?” stop and listen. Dealing with a cheater for a mate is undeniably difficult, but if you have friends who care about you enough to point it out, you can overcome anything.



How can I find out if my husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on me?

It can be very difficult to catch a cheating spouse.

Understandably, most people do not know how to investigate a spouse. A link to tips, resources and advice that will help you discover the truth can be found at the end of this article (or take me there now).

However, if you want to catch a cheater, it often helps to understand the nature of the problem at hand.

Why is it so difficult to catch a cheating husband or wife?

Catching a cheating partner is difficult because cheaters have an unfair advantage when it comes to infidelity. In fact, most infidelity goes undetected, or unproven, because the rules of the game tend to favor those who cheat.

How does this work?

Exploiting Trust

Most people have a strong desire to believe what a partner has to say. Trusting a partner creates a sense of security and comfort. No one really wants to think that a spouse may be lying, especially when it comes to infidelity (see love is blind).

Rather than assume the worst, it’s often easier to believe a "pleasant lie" than to acknowledge a "devastating truth."

In fact, some people work very hard to overlook a spouse’s infidelity, because to acknowledge the alternative is much too painful. This helps explain why the spouse is typically the last to know.

Cheating spouses take advantage of this. Cheaters often exploit their partner’s desire to trust by telling their partners exactly what they want to hear ("I would never cheat on you.").

Signs of a Cheating Partner

Cheating spouses exploit their partner’s desire to trust. There are few hard and fast signs of infidelity.

Cues of infidelity vary widely from relationship to relationship, making it impossible to provide a useful list of behaviors that has a high degree of accuracy. In hindsight, however, the warnings signs always appear obvious.

In fact, there are so many telltale lists of infidelity cues that it is hard to know what to believe (see signs of cheating).

Given all the different lists that exist, it helps to keep the following in mind.

Providing a list of the signs of cheating is often counterproductive. First, any given behavior is open to multiple interpretations. Does a spouse’s sudden interest in losing weight signal infidelity? Could it be due to some other reason?

The explanation for any behavior is never as clear-cut as we would like to believe.

Furthermore, looking for signs of infidelity tends to fuels one’s suspicions. For instance, does your spouse clear his or her call log after each call? Dwelling on such matters tends to make people more suspicious. The way people generally handle their suspicion ends up helping a cheating spouse.

Suspicion Tends to Help Cheaters

woman cryingSuspicion is a very strong emotion and it’s difficult to hide. Suspicious individuals tend to signal their doubts by making accusations, acting anxiously, being overly inquisitive, and so on.

A cheating spouse’s worst fear is getting caught. So, cheating spouses constantly monitor their partners for signs of suspicion. If a cheating spouse detects suspicion, he/she will adjust his/her behavior to better hide and conceal the affair.

Simply speaking, suspicion tends to help cheaters cheat more effectively. If your spouse is cheating, and you signal your doubts and suspicions, it’s going to be much more difficult to discover the truth (see common mistakes).

When you put it all together, cheaters have the advantage: both trust and suspicion tend to work in their favor.

So, how can you catch a CHEATING SPOUSE ?

If you suspect infidelity, do not confront your spouse until you have proof.

While it is helpful to talk to partners about most relationship problems, this is NOT the case when it comes to infidelity. A cheating spouse will almost never admit to infidelity, unless presented with evidence to the contrary.

Even when presented with evidence, some spouses continue to lie (see husband won’t confess).

Along the same line, while there are many tactics that you can use to get a partner to be more truthful, these tactics fail to work when it comes to infidelity.

Despite these problems, there are several practical methods for catching a cheating spouse.

All of these methods rely on some form of surveillance and careful observation. While these methods can raise some ethical issues (see is it ethical to spy on a spouse), they also tend to be very effective.

These methods allow you to establish proof of an affair. No matter what your situation may be, there is most likely a way to discover the truth.