Negotiating a deal can be as easy as purchasing a toothbrush or sometimes turn as complicated as purchasing a new plot. It is much simpler if you are dealing with a single owner who is quite flexible or some large sized corporation that has zero negotiation policy. So, you can always assume that you will be dealing with some leasing agent or some shopping center manager and there will be some space for negotiation which is normally the case. There are so many retail for lease available in Ottawa. Retail space leases normally have a duration of three years for both domestic as well as commercial real estate in Ottawa.

There are a number of points that are included in retail space leases and you must consider those in any possible combination:

1. A Basic Term: In this deal you are the lessee who is obligated to pay for retail space for a specific period irrespective of final state of business.

2. A Basic Rental Rate: This price is calculated for every square foot or a fixed percentage of total sales whichever yields higher returns. The usual rent goes from $.90 - $3 for every square feet a month or approx. 6 percent of total sales.

3. Responsible Maintenance Of Assignment: A lessee is usually the one responsible for maintaining all devices present in the space including the structural components, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical devices.

4. Sewer And Water: Mostly, these are included in lease rate, but you will have to pay extra amount for trash removal, electricity, and gas.

5. Triple Net: This one refers to monthly charge typically for trio of common area maintenance, insurance, and taxes, this brings on the term ‘ triple net’. This charge is designed for permitting the lessor to pass on their variable costs to the lessee. They can always add an extra 10-35 percent to the basic rent.

6. Finish-Out Allowance: Instead of the three year duration, the lessor would have to offer you an allowance to spark up the space according to your specifications. It usually varies from $10- $30 for every square foot. It needs to be sufficient enough for basic insulation, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, lighting, ceiling, and basic walls. Under normal conditions, it doesn’t covers the wall finishes, floor tiles, carpets, signs, as well as custom work that suits your specific requirements. If it is prepaid rent, it is paid for one to three months.

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