And so the adventure begins

Hey there, and welcome to my fist blog post!

This idea came to mind the other day while I was watching a vlog by Monica Church. She and her friends basically took turns and shared their bucket list for the summer. And so, I thought that I would start this blog with my summer bucket list. I will also bring you along with me for the rest of the summer. Share some outfit posts, maybe show you my favorite destinations. And whatever else that pops into my mind over this summer. For now I will be keeping my destination private, untill the day I actually leave. Stay tuned!!!

So here you go, my summer bucket list for 2017;

  • Make a travel journal
  • Go geocachinig
  • See a turtle
  • Make a photo wall in my bedroom
  • Have a bonfire with my girls
  • Do a 30 day photography challenge (this I will be starting in july)
  • TIE DYE something (it will probably be a blanket or something like that)