This post is about our little hike up Wasserfallen last Saturday. Wasserfallen means Waterfalls/falling in German and it's a little hill/mountain/rock thingy with waterfalls → that's where it got it's name from. Wasserfallen is about 30min away from Magden so we drove there. At the bottom you can choose between little gondolas or walking, and we decided to walk up. It takes about 60-70 minutes, sometimes even less. There are different routes, some are on a gravely road, others go through the forest. We took the one through the forest since we'd be taking the other one to come down. The walk/hike is pretty nice and the view is great at the parts where you can see through the trees. After you walked all the way to the top there's different things to do. They have a "climbing park", a park where they built different adventure trails into the trees and you have to complete different tasks to get from tree to tree. (I don't really know how to explain this but I think you know what I mean 😅). Anyway, there's this park, a restaurant, and a scooter rental! The scooters are quite big and the fun part is that you can go down Wasserfallen on them! We rented 3 scooters and then made our way down, back to the car. Going down is a lot of fun, especially after walking up 70 minutes...
I hope you enjoyed this post even if it was written very badly, I'm sorry.
Laugh lots and enjoy life,

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This is just a random update on my life and more of a journal entry instead of telling you about specific experiences I made. Enjoy!

So, being an exchange student is great, it's awesome, it's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me, but of course there are also a few bad parts. Everyone now thinks of being homesick, missing your family, missing your favorite food or activity, all these things you miss during summe break or while traveling. I don't really agree with that. I was only homesick-ish two times, the first one was rather at the beginning where I was a little sick and a lot of things just went wrong and I felt lost and just wanted to know the place better and how everything worked so I wouldn't have to be so dependent on everybody else. I don't know if this counts as the typical homesick though. The other time was on christmas where I missed my sister, but after skyping and seeing my natural family that bit of homesickness was gone too.

So, if it's not being homesick, what is it then? Well, let me explain. After your exchange year is over you go back to your Native country and of course are all excited to see your family and friends there again. But, did anything really happen there? No. Well, this train station got a new store, the store in that corner is closed, and you missed a few parties and stories. But did they change? No, not really, not compared to how you've changed. Which is totally reasonable! Anyway, you come back with all these new memories and experiences in your backpack and they are kind of stuck at the same place. Maybe their backpack got a little heavier too, but not like the one of an exchange student. The first two weeks are wonderful, you get to see all your friends and talk to them, and you realize you basically are where you left off. Which is awesome! But no one really cares about your year, your experiences. While you're trying to catch up with everything that happened, they just want to know how it was. Well, how can I describe 10 months in a few sentences? I can't. So I just say it was great, awesome or ask me a little more about what you want to know so I can tell yo, 10 months are a lot but then nothing really happens. Maybe one question from your closest friends but besides that...nothing.

And then the other part that really isn't too great is that now your friends are all over the world. Hmm, isn't that awesome, knowing people all over the globe? You have soo many friends now! Yes and yes, knowing the people is awesome, but they are just so far away. I can't just walk to Spain to hang out on a Tuesday afternoon. I can't just bike to Finland to have some FroYo. That just doesn't work. But, you have friends here too? Yeah, I do, but it's different. Not that I don't appreciate them as much, but it is just different. All these people you know around the globe have a lot in common with me. They have all been exchange students and are going through the same things as I am going through them. We can talk and the other one just understands, no explaining needed. They know how you feel, how you think, what probably bothers you, what excites you. "Normal" people need explanations, and after giving these explanations a few times you realize, they still won't really understand. They can try, but they will never fully understand and they can't say same or I agree! or That's how I felt yesterday. The people that understand you the best are far far away and seeing them is difficult, and expensive.

So, conclusion; the parts that suck about being an exchange student is change and having friends all over the world. Hmm, isn't that how programs advertise exchange years? Yes, exactly, and these two things have so much more meaning in them than just the obvious one.

So, why is this blogpost called life is awesome? BECAUSE IT STILL IS! Having changed and grown so much and having friends all over the world, I can now do so many more amazing things! Example; I just booked flights to Finland a week ago and I will be there in August! I'm making plans for next summer to go to Croatia just with friends! I just bought concert tickets a few hours ago and I won't go only with Swiss friends. Life can be awesome, if you want it to be. You just have to work for it and not only see the bad sides I just totally wrote two big paragraphs about. But, whatever, these things also need to get said once or twice. Since I have been "home" I have already made amazing plans and you just have to look for these opportunities and take them. Say yes more than you would want to, say yes even if it scares you to jump into freezing cold water, say yes, to do something you have never done before in life, say yes to opportunities, say yes to living an awesome life!

I feel like this blogpost is veeery confusing and I don't really know where I am going with it and who even will read it. I hope you aren't as confused as I am and you don't think I am a total weirdo (which I think I am but I don't mind...). I just felt like writing this morning and calming my huge excitedness (not a word but who cares) down a little bit. I'm goingn to end this here and I hope you my dear reader will still read more of my blogposts.

Enjoy life and laugh lots,

your way too excited Chantal :)))))



Coming home is...

...realizing how humid Switzerland (or everywhere compared to Bend) is

...realizing how small our fridge is

...using the bathroom without closing the door

...not having to look up on the map where to go when biking around town

...eating food and drinking drinks I haven't in a long time

...using A4 sized paper with 4 holes again instead of the American sized, 3-holed paper

...probably making many mistakes in German and English

...enjoying the first (and second and third) time it actually rains

...smelling the smell of rain and wet grass again

...recognizing people driving by on their bikes

...anticipating a sister 10cm shorter than she actually is

...missing sweet potatoes, broccoli, and soysauges

...realizing that my eating habits changed in a way no one but me notices

...deep cleaning my room an throwing away half of the things I kept "just in case"

...thinking I see a friend, but then realizing that they live on the other side of the planet

...making sure to close my mouth or else I'll get a free bug snack

...enjoying wooden floors


Coming home is a lot more than just coming home. It's all the little things, the way the toaster is in a different place, the way I still know where everything is, the way everything changed but nothing changed.




This blogpost is about my journey from Bend, Oregon to Magden, Switzerland.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday morning I said goodbye to my best friend, Olivia, and packed up the rest of all my belongings I wanted to take home. My suitcase was at 50 lbs, the maximum weight we are allowed to take on the airplane. Packed with a big suitcase, my carry on, and school backpack we left Bend around 12:30 and stopped 30 minutes later in Sisters so Ani and I could finally take a picture (or more like 20 pictures on 5 phones) in front of the Sisters sign, since we look sooooo much alike... :D After that we continued driving to Suttle Lake where we ate a late lunch. After spending about an hour there we drove to Eugene where all the AFS exchange students from the Pacific Cascades Area met up and said goodbye to their families :((. It was sad and after that we had to go through an orientation which no one really wanted to do. but that's AFS, always trying to prepare us in the best way possible for our future adventure, whether it is going to a new home or going back to your old home. After this orientation and dinner we waited some more hours in Eugene and finally left at 10:30 in a charter bus.

Monday June 26, 2017

The bus took us to Seattle where we got to at about 3:30am and then had to wait until we could check in. We waited in a big conference room where some of us slept, played games, talked, cried, ate, or just waited. At 7:00 I think the first group of students left the room and first goodbyes had to be said. I knew some people in the first few groups, but I'd say I was the first one of my group to leave at 9:30am. Saying goodbye was somehow weird, because it just didn't feel real and we were all very very tired. I left my friends and sis but then also knew people in the group I was traveling with, we were mostly the same kids that flew to the US together last August. After the check in (where they at first couldn't find my and 2 other kids' boarding passes because of some data overload when booking the tickets) we waited for about 90 minutes in the airport where we just kinda talked about our experiences which where totally different but then somehow also the same. Around 12.30 the boarding began and sometime later we were finally in the airplane, ready to leave. It was a weird feeling to know that this is the end of this adventure, it's like the very last chapter in an amazing book that you just don't want to end, but then you're also very excited for the end to see what else is going to happen now or maybe in a future book. Makes sense? I think you can only truly understand this feeling if you have ever left home to go to another home. Anyway, I spent the flight watching movies and sleeping and suddenly we landed in Paris.

Tuesday June 27, 2017

Because of the 10 hour flight and 9 hour time difference it was already Tuesday when we got to Paris. In Paris we had a 4 hour layover and thought we might be able to leave the airport for an hour or two, just to get some fresh air. The 3 of us had PreCheck so we would've been back in the airport pretty quickly, that was the only reason we even considered doing it. BUT then there was a huuuuuug line to exit the airport so it probably would have taken us more than an hour to get out of the airport so we didn't leave and just waited 3 hours at our gate. The waiting actually wasn't too bad and at 12:30 we started boarding our airplane to Zürich. The guy I sat next to on the previous flight and also on the flights last August was still next to me on this flight but on the other side of me was a Rumanian (?) guy who basically was traveling the world at the moment, but now getting ready for a job interview in Switzerland! We had a really nice chat and it was fun getting to know him. After about 50 minutes in this airplane we already touched Swiss ground and we felt even more weird and somehow nervous and excited at the same time to see our Swiss families. We were lucky and our bags were one of the first ones to come out so we could go to the exit area where we saw our families! Finally! I don't really know how to describe the feeling, but it felt pretty awesome to see my Swiss Mama again. <3 After saying hello to my family we drove home and I fell asleep in the car for about an hour. I also realized how small Switzerland really is!!!!! I always knew it was small but now I really realize it, but I love the way it is. Dinner was Chicken Curry and Rice and Samosas, food I haven't had in a year. Not the typical Swiss food I'd say, but it's the typical Mama food for me. After dinner we watched a movie and then I went straight to bed without even thinking of unpacking my suitcase.

Wednesday June 28, 2017

Wednesday wasn't really part of my journey coming home, but my sister was in her 9th grade camp and returned so we went to pick her up at the train station and gosh she grew like a meter when I was gone!!! Okay not that much, but she's definitely way taller than she was before. I was expecting my little sister but now she's not that little anymore, still shorter than me though...

That was it for the first post entirely in English and I hope whoever is reading this enjoyed it. I don't really know how interesting it is to read about travels, but it's just a big part of my exchange year. This travel back home was somehow the last page of my exchange year book, but there will be many sequels I hope!

Enjoy life and laugh lots,

Chantal :)

↓ goodbye to my family ↓ Nour und Philipp, the same people I flew with last August ↓ hello sister after 321 days ↓ 




Dä Post isch eifach für die generelli Info, dass ich ab jetzt uf Änglisch schrib, wills meh Sinn macht. De Blog isch ursprünglich defür do gsi, d Schwiizer ufem Laufende z halte, aber jetzt bini jo wieder zrugg und denn macht das nümm so viel Sinn und die meiste vo euch chönne jo au English läse. Jetzt isch de Blog für alli mini Fründe und Familie in Bend, Oregon und uf de ganze Wält und drum machts meh Sinn jetzt uf Änglisch z schribe, damit sie läse chönne was so in mim Schwiizer Läbe ablauft.

Anyway, danke fürs Läse vo mim Blog während däm Johr und ich hoff, ihr händs interessant gfunde und wärdet au wiiterhiin läse.

Gniessed s läbe und lached viel,

Chantal :)


Same message in English, so if you read the text above there's no reason for you to read this. Anyway, I'm switching this Blog to English so my international Family and Friends can read it. It was intended for my Swiss family and friends to keep up with my life, but now I'm back in Switzerland so there's no need for that anymore. Now I want you to be able to follow my life in Switzerland and get to know my other home, family, and friends. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will enjoy my further posts,

enjoy life and laugh lots,

Chantal <3




In däm Blogpost gohts um die letzte 2 Wuche und wie ich sie verbrocht han.

Viel Spass bim Läse!


In de letzte 2 Wuche han ich öbbe jede 2. Tag mit de Lotta (Finnland) verbrocht, will sie au kei Schuel me gha het und au nid umefahre chan, sprich mir sind uf unsere Velos in Bend umegfahre. Unseri Abentür sind meistens ziemlich eifach gsi wie Velo fahre und Ässe aber mir sind au zude Humane Society (Tierheim in Bend) gange und händ Katze gstriichlet oder sind ufem Fluss paddleboarded und händ ufem Paddleboard g'ässe. :) Öbbis wo nie het dörfe fähle ich FroYo, mir sind gfühlti 10x zu Cuppa Yo gange in de letzte 2 Wuche...uuuups

Going Away Party 17. Juni 2017

Am Samstig, 17. Juni, han ich mini Going Away Party gha was bedüted, dass ich öbbe 10 Kollegine ihglade han und mir de Obig zäme verbrocht händ. S sind au no d Eltere vode Anna und ihri besti Fründin Allison + Kids cho und anderi Erwachseni wo ich durchs Johr dure immer wieder gseh han.

Am 16. Juni het d Ani ihri Pary gha und am Sunntig 18. Juni d Lotta. Das Wucheendi isch für uns alli s letzte volle Wucheendi in Bend gsi und drum hämmer denne unseri Parties gha.

River Rafting 18. Juni 2017

Am Sunntig isch au Father's Day gsi und drum simmer imene Raft 'Big Eddy' abegange. Big Eddy isch e Stell im Fluss wos Rapids (Schnälle? Die Dinger wos Felse im Wasser het und s Wasser so schümt und so...) het und me nass wird wenn me durab goht. Mir (Steve, Anna, Evan, Katherine (Evan's besti Fründin), und Mike (Katherine's dad)) sind also imene Raft durab und s isch mega cool gsi. River Rafting isch es typisches Bend thing und das hani jetzt ändlich au uf minere Liste abhake chönne.

Jo, ich glaub das wärs gsi mir de grössere Moment vode letzte 2 Wuche... Ich bin au no 2x go paddleboarde ufem Elk und Sparks Lake und bin in e Lava Tube/Cave gange. Ich han probiert jede Tag z nutze und s isch mer glaub ziemlich guet glunge.

Ich hoff, das isch einigermasse interessant gsi zum läse (ich glaubs zwar nid) und jetzt schrib ich no en Blogpost über d Reis und das wärs denne glaub für hüt.

Gniesseds Läbe und lached vill,





In däm Blogpost gohts um Graduation, jap die typischi Graduation wo me amigs in de Film gseht... Viel Spass bim Läse!

Vor de richtige Graduation hämmer 3 Üebigs-graduations gha, also sozusage Probe wo mer güebt händ, wo mir stoh müend, wo ahnelaufe, wenn umdreie, ahnesitze, wie als Reihe gliichziitig ufzstoh, etc. Mir händ das alles also 3x in de Schuel gmacht und denne am Fritig s Graduation Assembly gha. Dört simmer in unsere Cap & Gown ind Aula gloffe und alli wo e Stipendium oder Teilstipendium becho händ sind ufd Bühni gruefe worde. S Assembly isch ziemlich lang und au leider langwiilig gsi, wenn me nid sälber e Stipendium becho het.

Am Samstig, 10. Juni, isch denne die richtigi Graduation gsi, in Redmond. Mir händ am Viertel ab 12i bide Schuel sii müesse und sind denne es letzts Mol in de Schuelbüs nach Redmond gfahre. Mir sind e Karavane vo 8 Schuelbüs gsi mit je 2 Polizeiauto vorne und hindedra und 2 Polizeimotorräder. S isch ziemlich cool gsi usem Fänster z luege wie alli normale Autofahrer uns entweder komisch agluegt oder zuegwunke händ. Nach öbbe 30 Minute simmer in Redmond acho und händ denne dört parkiert und sind ind "Arena" gange. Dört hämmer so obe bide Sitzplätz gwartet und d Eltere und wär auch immer sust no dört gsi isch sind sozusage uf de andere Siite gsi und vor uns isch e Bildschirm gsi, sodass sie uns nid so ganz gseh händ. Nacheme Ziitli warte het d Band und s Orchester au scho die typischi Graduation Musik gspilt und mir sind d Stäge abe zu unsere Sitz gloffe und nach de Nationalhymne abgsässe. Blablabla vom Direktor, Student Speaker, und andere Lüt und denne het au ändlich die richtigi Zeremonie agfange. S isch alphabetisch gsi und ich bin chli vor de Hälfti dra gsi. Wie das genau usgseh het gsehnder im Video woni aghänkt han. Nachdem alli gloffe sind und s Diploma becho händ hets no paar Abschlusswort gäh und mir händ natürlich au d Cap ind Luft gworfe wie mes in de Film gseht. Nach däm isches au scho fertig gsi und mir händ chönne Föteli mache, Lüt tschüss sage, d Familie finde und denne de Wäg usem Parkplatz wo ziemlich voll gsi isch finde.

Mir sind denne mit de Olivia go z'Nacht ässe und denne isch de Tag au scho verbi gsi. Graduation isch mega cool gsi und ich bin froh, dass ich das han chönne erläbe. :)

Ich hoff, de Post isch interessant gsi zum läse, au wenn er öbbe 3 1/2 Wuche z spot isch und ich jetzt scho wieder zrugg in de Schwiiz bin. Anyway, ich probier jetzt au no über die letzte paar Wuche z schriebe und das ufzhole damit ihr ufem aktuellste Stand sind.

Gniesseds Läbe und lached vill,

Chantal :)




Am 3. Juni sind d Anna und ich mitem Boudreaux zäme d Black Butte ufegwanderet/gloffe und ich han eifach do welle paar Föteli zeige.

Chantal 👣




In däm Blogpost gohts um Memorial Weekend!

Viel Spass bim Läse! 🐟

Fritig, 26. Mai 2017

Dä Fritig isch offiziell "Senior Skip Day" gsi, was bedüted, dass alli Seniors nid ind Schuel gönd und s de meiste Lehrer egal isch, bzw sie wüsse, dass Senior Skip Day isch und kei Senior ind Schuel cho wird. Ich han drum de Tag mit de Lotta (Finnland) verbrocht, und bin denne am 3 zu de Anna ihre Schuel gange und vo dört us heime wo mir no die letzte paar Sache ins Auto gstopft händ und denne au scho losgfahre sind richtig Waldport. D Eltere vode Anna händ es Beach House in Waldport, das Huus wo mer in de erste Wuche wo ich do gsi bin ahne gange sind. Dies Mol isches d Parkfamilie, d Steinbaughs (Allison, Hayden, Harrison, Harper) und d Olivia gsi. D Olivia isch praktisch mini besti Fründin do in Bend und drum mit uns mitcho. D Fahrt vo Bend nach Waldport duurt öbe 5h, und mir sind denne ziemlich müed in Waldport acho und go schlofe.

Samstig, 27. Mai 2017

Am Samstig hets am 6i Abmarsch gheisse und mir sind nach Newport gfahre. In Newport simmer am 7i denne miteme Boot uf de Pazifik use gfahre um go Deep Sea Fishing fische (Dütsch?). Deep Sea Fishing isch Fische aber im Meer usse wos tief (deep) isch, drum de Name Deep Sea Fishing. Wie de einti oder anderi vo euch wahrschinlich weiss, han ich Fisch und Seafood generell waaaaaaahnsinnig gärn! NIIIIIICHT! S Fische het also Spass gmacht, bis die im Eimer umegumpende Fisch mich nur no ahgeklet händ uund ich "fish-sick" worde bin. Ich würd nid sage, dass ich Seekrank worde bin aber de Fisch isch mer eifach zu fischig gsi und ich han nach öbbe einere Stund gnueg gha und ufghört z fische. De Räst vom Morge bini denne in de Mitti vom Boot gsässe und han de andere Lüt zuegluegt oder chli döst. D Olivia isch Seekrank worde wo sie in d Mitti vom Schiff cho isch um nach mir z luege und drum händ mir beidi de letzti Teil vode Schifffahrt sitzend und halb schlofend verbrocht (was nid schlimm gsi isch....). Insgesamt hämmer (Steve, Carmen, Evan, Hayden, Olivia und ich) um die 45 Fisch gfange, unter anderem au 4 Ling Cods (keeeei Ahnig wie dä Fisch uf Dütsch heisst).

Nachem fishing trip simmer zrug zum Huus gange und händ meh oder weniger chillt, Spieli gspilt und Film gluegt.

↓ Carmen, Hayden (zwüsche Carmen und Evan), Evan und ich ufem Schiff am Afang ↓ Olivia und ich am Ändi ↓ Carmen ihre Fang ↓ d Ling Cods ↓ Rockfisch imene Ling Cod ↓ Hayden miteme Ling Cod ↓

Sunntig, 28. Mai 2017

Am Morge simmer an "Strand" gange, "Strand" wills nid en typische Strand isch, s Wasser isch ziiiiiemlich kalt, Füessli bade isch s meiste wasi do mach. Mir sind für gueti 2 Stunde am Ozean gsi und händ Meertierli agluegt, Frisbee gspilt oder eifach em Ozean entlang gloffe.

Am Nomitag simmer nach Newport gfahre, diesmol aber zu Nye Beach und händ "Linner" g'ässe, Lunch und Dinner in eim, also eifach e sport z'Mittag und e früehs z'Nacht. Nacheme bizzeli umelaufe vor und nachem Ässe simmer denne wieder zrugg nach Waldport gfahre wo mer denne um die 8i zude Stranddüne gange sind und es Lagerfüür (?) gmacht händ, und natürlich S'Mores g'ässe han (usser ich, ich han nur d Crackers und Schoggi g'ässe...uuups). Nacheme bizzeli am Füür simmer zrugg ins Huus und händ meh Spiel gspilt und Film gluegt.

Mäntig, 29. Mai 2017

Am Mäntig simmer um die 11i vo Waldport losgfahre, zrugg nach Bend. Viel meh hani am Mäntig nid gmacht, usser Husis, d Fahrt het s meiste vom Tag in Aspruch gnoh.

Sodeli, das wärs gsi mit däm kurze und in minere Meinig ziemlich schlächte Blogpost. (und au viel zu spot...). Anyway, ich hoff, er isch trotzdem einigermasse interessant zum läse gsi und ich beeil mich, über die andere Sache wo passiert sind/passiere wärde so schnäll wie möglich z schriibe...!

Gniessed s Läbe und lached vill,

Chantal 🐘




In däm Blogpost gohts um Pole Pedal Paddle! Was das isch? Es isch e Relay Race (Staffetterenne?) mit 6 legs (Teil? Abschnitt?). PPP startet ufem Mt Bachelor und endet im Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend sälber. Wie das funktioniert? D 6 Teil vom Renne sind: Alpin Ski - Nordic Ski (8k) - Bike (23 miles = 37 km) - Run (8k) - Paddle (1.2 mi = 2k) - 800 m Sprint.

De Alpin Skier startet ufem Mt Bachelor unterhalb vo de Skis wo er denne zu de Skis uferenne mues, d Skis azieh und d Piste durab flitzt. Unde an de Piste hets 5 Iigäng (?) wo me sich je nach Startnummere ufreiht. Will unseri Nummere 787 gsi isch simmer im Slot D gsi 01=A, 23=B, 45=C, 67=D, 89=E. Ich bin de Nordic Skier gsi und han also im D uf d Katherine gwartet, und mir händ e Ziitmässends Band vo ihrem Fuessglänk zu miim gmacht und ich bin losgskit. 30 Minute vo unglaublich warmem und schlöchtem Schnee spöter bin ich bim Start vom Veloteil acho wo ich s Band de Anna geh han und sie isch losgflitzt, de Stross entlang vom Mt Bachelor nach Bend. In Bend het sie s Band em Steve übergäh wo denne 8 Kilometer em Fluss (Deschutes River) entlang grennt isch und denne s Band de Evan übergäh het wo mit mir bide Kanus gwartet het. D Evan und ich händ also unser Kanu gnoh und zum Wasser grennt und los kanut (??). Zerst isches de Fluss duruf gange, denne um e Boje und de Fluss durab. De letzti Teil isch nomol de Fluss duruf gange und mir sind usem Fluss wo mer ihne gange sind. Ich han s Kanu festghebt und d Evan isch losgrennt über d Ziellinie wo 800 Meter entfärnt uf sie gwartet het.

Das isch so ziemlich de Überblick vo unserem Renne gsi. Was nid included (?) isch, isch de Teil wo d Evan, Katherine und ich mit de Katherine ihrem Vater Mark und Brueder John vom Mt Bachelor zrugg nach Bend gfahre sind und mir fast dänkt händ mir wäred z spot für de Steve aber denne schlussendlich no öbbe 20 Minute gwartet händ. Au nid in dere Zämmerfassig isch de unglaublich glatti Übergang zwüsche de Katherine und mir *hust hust*, sie het en Vollstop gmacht und isch mit de Spitze vo ihre Skis im Netz glanded während mir probiert händ s Band vo ihrem Fuessglänk zu mim z becho. Au nid enthalte isch min wundervolle Halbsturz während em Langlaufteil, s isch me e "Ich sitz jetzt lieber ab als in dä Baum do ihne z fahre, die Kurve schaffi nid" Sturz gsi.

Anyway, mir sind es Family Team gsi, was bedütet alli Mitglieder sind vode gliiche Familie. Hmmmmm. Katherine? Jep genau, sie isch unsere Carmen-Ersatz gsi. D Katherine isch de Evan ihri besti Fründin sit forever und isch praktisch Familie vo däm här macht das nid sone grosse Unterschied. Family Team Kategorie bedüted au, dass unsere Rang mit allne Family Teams vergliche wird, mir sind 10.!! vo 50 Teams worde mitere Ziit vo 2:39:41.6 !! Die erste 3 Teams (oder Teilnehmer, wenns e Single Kategorie isch) bechöme e spezielli Tasse vom PPP für das Johr. D Anna het scho an öbbe 10 PPPs mitgmacht und mir händ glaub 3 Tasse deheime vo wenn sie ihri Alterskategorie entweder gwunne oder 2./3. Platz worde isch! Will mir aber nur 10. worde sind und d Family Teams nid in Alterskategorie ufteilt wärde, hämmer das Johr leider keini Tasse becho...

Team Name : Twister SWISSters !! Das hani voll vergässe z sage irgendwenn mol früeher im Blogpost, aber jap, mir sind d Twister SWISSters gsi :))

PPP het mega viel Spass gmacht, au wenn 8k langlaufe und 2k Kanu fahre in eim Tag echli viel isch. Falls ihr interessiert in meh Info über PPP sind, do isch en Link mit mehrere Artikel über de PPP:


Sodeli, das wärs gsi mit däm Blogpost, ich hoff er isch interessant zum läse gsi. :)

Gniessed s Läbe und lached vill,

- Chantal :D

PS: Nachem Renne händ de Steve und ich (mainly Steve) gfunde, mir chönnte s Kanu de Fluss durab fahre, au durch d Rapids (Schnelle?) dure, s het e Safe Passage. Okay guet, mir schaffes durch 4 dure, aber nei, natürlich schaffe mers nid ganz und kippe s Kanu bide 5.! Wuhuuuu! S isch aber wiiter nid schlimm gsi, wills öbbe um die 25° wenn nid meh gsi isch in Bend und das e willkommeni Abküehlig gsi isch. :)