Today I want to share with you a very special video where I talk about my best vintage shopping. I made this video to support LUXURY PURCHASE TAG interactive campaign created by Eva in the City, where she inspired everybody (and also me) to make videos of their best preowned purchases to share with another youtubers. The thing is not everyone can buy new designer items, and that´s why I feel it is imprortant to share the message - It´s nothing wrong to buy used, and it´s nothing wrong to give a designer item new loving home.

In this video I chosed to show you 3 Best Purchases from my wardrobe: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Mirage; Sequine Luxury Top & Gucci Pumps.

If you are also preowned itimes lover, feel free to share with me your best purchases in the comments bellow. I will be more when happy to revise your experience with preowned luxury. Or maybe you even can make a video of your purchases and post it on YouTube with LUXURY PREOWNED PURCHASE TAG?! This will be a best present you can do for me and for another preowned & vintage loves. What are you waiting for? Just grab a camera and start right now. Looking forward for more videos and pictures with that important TAG.

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This is my experience of first 2 weeks without any coffee! After I decide to quite coffee on morning for some days ago my life changed completely. First days it was very hard to stay away from coffee. But after I saw positive changes to my skin and body, and this motivated me to stay strong. I hope that you also will try with positive change in your everyday life. Stay strong, drink WATER!



I've put together some of my favourtie movie scenes and some best motivational speeches that helped me keep positive in any moments of my life.

I hope this can also help you to change a way you feel yourself. Never Give Up even it can be difficult! If you think this video can help someone, please share it. Thank you!

List of appearing actors/actresses:

Denzel Washington - Flight
Kirsten Dunst & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Melancholia
AL Pacino - Any Given Sunday
Mel Gibson - Braveheart
Russell Crowe/Joaquin Phoenix/Connie Nielsen - Gladiator (2000)

- Elliott Hulse - Self Discipline
- Les Brown – Why People Fail

Music used in the video:
- Barbarian Horde - Yvonne S. Moriarty
- Interlude - Paulie P



Hi Guys and Welcome to my new channel! I want to introduce myself to you guys and I want to give some more information for you who didn´t meet me in sosial media before. I hope you enjoy this channel , don't forget to subscribe to see updates to come. #smalyoutuber #helloworld #introduction

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People have a lot of bad habits when it comes to morning routines. Some small changes to your morning routine can improve quolity of your entire day! In thin video I speak about my water challenge, there I explain all benefits of water consuming in the morning. Instead of coffee I am going to drink water every morning for next 3 week. Why to drink water in the morning?

SEE 10 BENEFITS of drinking WATER WITH LEMON every morning:

1. Weight loss

Vitamins and enzymes present in the lemon helps to regulate blood sugar, which keeps the normal weight. The pectin fiber helps fight hunger attacks. Lemon stimulates the production of bile, which is the decomposing food during digestion.

2. Acne reducing

Water with lemon/lime helps the body metabolize acid, preventing the appearance of acne.

3. Releases kidney stones

This helps in lemons potassium citrate levels to increase the level of urine, which prevents the formation of oxalate.

4. Stimulates the immune system

The lemon water is a great support to the lymphatic system, which works in conjunction with your immune system to intercept and eliminate toxins.

5. Relieves gall bladder pain

Drinking lemon water while eating helps with gall stones.

6. Assists in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

By consuming warm water with lemon fasting on waking, your gastric reflux can improve.

7. Stronger nails

Several people mentioned that they feel that the lemon water increases the firmness of the nails and enhances the white spots on them.

8. Reduces inflammation

Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties. They also help to neutralize the acidity, which is the main cause of tissue inflammation.

9. Relieves muscle pain after exercise

We had a hard workout? Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water, drink and feel the pain relief.

10. Reduces the pain and swelling of joints

The lime water can help lower uric acid in the joints, which is one of the leading causes of inflammation, particularly in relation to arthritis.

Drink water with lemon to wake up and feel all these benefits in their day!
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In this video I share with you a little sundays talk with my boyfriend. Please, don´t forget to subscrube if you want to see all next chalenges on my way to a big change.

For your convenience here is a description for this very video:

My boyfriend speakes about his dreams.

What does my boyfriend think about changes.

An unexpected solution for a problem have been suggested.

How changes can influence our life.

How to be happy by things you do.

How to change your standards.

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Video from today is out. Please, don´t forget to comment, I need your tips because I would like to improve my content and quolity of videos. This time I tried to do video with some extra funny pictures here and there, but I feel I stil have a lot of things to improve.



Today I´ve made made my first vlog about change. I am so exciting about my new project, I almost couldn´t sleep tonight after YouTube canal transformation idea came to my mind. Yes, I did it before. I made vlogs on YouTube, some of them in russian, and anothe ones in norwegian. It was actually fun to update YouTube cannel every week. After I had som holidays form vloging: BI exams and term papers delivering. But now I am back and I am stronger when ever before.

Wish me luck!

Yours, Lana



"Anyone who has a new idea and wants to change the world will do better telling stories than by offering any number of reasons" Denning Stephen

The idea of this blog came to me one sunny day and sinse then I couldn´t stop thinking how to put this all to reality. Let´s talk about change in general. Its not a secret that everything constantly changes around us and nothing stands still. We all are thinking about different kinds of changes very often. Who from us din´t want to change something in a life?! Somebody is ready for big changes like habbits, way of thinking, place to live, surroudings, job, lifestyle or even dreams, then others are happy by some very small changes: inspiration for a day, new haircut for the spring, or new mood just for a very special moment. We all have experiences about changes, and this very experinece is even more actual today, whats why such subject like for example Change Managemnt became an academic discipline. Enviroment is changing, job marked is changing, way we communicate cnaging and even how we communicate our change changing.

Yes, I want to share my own & other people stories about different kinds of changes in life. And yes, I aware what it is thousands of motivational blogs about different type of changes who already exist on Internet. And still humans are not good at change. We still don´t know how to deal with a new situation, how to adjust to a new change, what difficulties to expect and how to overcome them. Whats why my blog will be more like a practical advices in connection with different changes, in other world - how to overcome difficulties connected with a change. You will still meet som inspirational and motivational quotes, but mostly like a by-product. I hope you will enjoy my blog, stay turned and please, comment! Nothing can be to more inspiration than a good feedback.

Yours, Lana