Yesterday after school we got ready for our last game with Hastings Tigers where we were going to meet Kearney and play at the college. Just because it was senior night I started off playing because I'm a senior and we won the game by 2-0! It was an intense game but we are a great team and ended this seasons great. After our game the boys were gonna play but before we had our senior which means all senior walk out on the field with their parents and gets a rose. 🌹🌹

It was a great night but also cold! It been getting colder here in Hastings but hopefully it will get warm again. The weather here can change quickly! ☀️☁️🌧🌦

It's been a great time playing with Hastings and here is some photos of me playing in both varsity and JV #28 ⚽️⚽️
Also I bought a pair of new Nike shoes that are so comfortable!❤️👌🏼👟👟

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This week has been pretty busy and the next couple of weeks will even be more busy! First we have had a couple of games lately. We went to Grand Island to play and I played both Varsitys and JV's game! We won both of them and I scored once! ⚽️⚽️ after a lot of soccer we have had beautiful weather here in Hastings so we have just been hanging out and been eating ice cream! Also we were of Monday this week because of spring break and on Wednesday because of ACT. So me and Kathrine have had some days just to relax and to hang out instead of school.

Now this week that is coming up we have two games left and then it is senior night on Tuesday. Also this week we have spirit week for prom which is this weekend so that will be fun! 💕



This weekend has gone by fast even if we had a four day weekend because of spring break. But I've had a lot of time and done a lot of fun stuff. First we had a couple of games during the week and it's going very well for my team because we have won all of them! Also I made my first goal in my high school season and scored on both of our games!⚽️⚽️ As you can see on the first picture, something that is very different from playing in Sweden is that sometimes we pray together with the team we meet after the game to just wish for good health and thank for us being able to play. I think this is so inspiring and cool because I have never experienced that before❤️❤️

Also we celebrated Easter and we colored eggs during the morning and I also got some candy from Peg and Stu!🍭🍫 during Sunday we spent the day to fix up all the foods and desserts because we had guests coming over. Before 6 pm me and Kathrine also hung out and we played some golf. We went to one of the golf course here and just tried it. I was also able to drive one of the golf cars which was so much fun!😂

So I have had an amazing spring break and Easter celebration with amazing weather and fun activities!😄❤️💗



What is your name, age, nationality and company?

My name is Chanel, I'm soon 19 years old, I'm Swedish and I'm traveling with EF (education first)

Where are you living your exchange year?

I'm living in Nebraska, United States.

Why did you decide to be an exchange student?

I've always wanted to live in the U.S since I was a kid and after watching all of these movies with high school, school busses and much more you get so interested of going there. I also had a friend that was on an exchange year too and he just told me that ''You have to go, it will be the best time of your life!''

What did you think when you first stepped out of the plane?

I had a million thought in my mind about what my host family was gonna look like, are they having a sign? should I hug them? Will it be awkward? etc. I was very tired but also excited that I was finally there and was so thankful for what I had in front of me. It's going to feel super weird the first time you get there and you have no idea about how it will be but it's like a new world!

What is the weirdest thing you have tasted so far?

One thing that I ate the first time here and that is really typical american food is the corndog. I thought that the first bite I took was so chocking because the bread around it taste like donuts and then together with a hot dog which sounds really gross. But today I actually love the corndog and will probably miss it a lot 😂

Something else me and a friend tried was frozen coke! It's a drink that you can buy on like Mc Donalds but that drink is more like slush and ice. When I frist drank it it was a super weird taste and feeling, it was kind of bubbly but it was actually good!

Have you done anything so far that you never thought was possible?

I've been driving in American which I thought I would never be able to do. Because first of all I've just had my license for almost a year and then I was gonna go out in the big America to drive. It was first kind of nervous but after a while it was very easy and simple to drive here. Today i'm driving more than once a day and I'm almost ''too'' used to drive here that I probably forgot how it is to drive in Sweden 😂😱

Something else that I thought was gonna be hard for me was to actually talk to people I've never met and also in a different languages. It could be a little nervous the first time but I promise you that you will get used to it and soon start dreaming and thinking in English.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

To live kind of by myself and without everyone at home like my friends and family. It is a big challenge when you get here because you are so excited and are doing so many fun things but at the same time you of course miss family and friends sometimes.

How do you like the school in your host country?

I love my school and I'm happy that I had the opportunity to be a TIGER this year and to spend my days in my school. My school is about 1000 student and we have so much school sprit and both teachers and student are amazing people! ❤🐯

How do people dress in your host country (in your opinion)?

I think that people where I live dress very comfortable, people in my age is almost always wearing workout clothes like NIKE running shoes, short and just a t-shirt. Otherwise if we dress up people are wearing really cute dresses with boots etc and more like a ''country style'' which I think is so fun!

If your exchange year was a song, what would it be?

It would be Rather Be- Clean bandit 🎶

How do you imagine the day you are going home?

I imagine is going to be a lot of tears but also joy. I'm gonna be excited and nervous but also sad of course. ❤



This week have been pretty busy so far. We have had soccer games on Monday and Tuesday and there is three more to go this week! But it makes the day more fun and gives us an opportunity to get to know each other even more! Also the first two games this week we have won so there is a lot of team bonding. Otherwise I've had some stuff in school but not too much, this week we are off on Friday for spring break which is going to be so nice! Next week we also just have three days of school so it will give me some time to also rest a little bit just because soccer is almost everyday. It feels good that we have practice everyday so I also workout but your body gets tired after a while.

The time is still going fast and soon it's my 19th birthday! I'm kind of excited but at the same time not. It doesn't feel very much of a difference now and I feel like I rather spend my birthday with friends and family. But hopefully we will do something fun!😄🎉



This weekend has been pretty chill so far, this Saturday I didn't do very much except hanging out with Kathrine and her family. We spend the hot day with driving around in town. Then we were at her place and we played soccer etc. It was super hot that day, around 75-80 degrees so we made some good food for supper and we ate together with her hostfamily. After supper we hung out again outside because it was still so hot. Later her mom and her cousin were going home to their hotel so I went home too after a while.

Today is Sunday and I don't have very much planned yet. We are might gonna go and watch a movie but first I'm gonna call my mom. It's only about 4 weeks until my family gets her and I'm so excited! 💕❤️❤️💗💗



Yesterday some of us varsity players went with JV to play in Columbus! We left school at 2.15 with the school bus for a 2 hours long trip. We also traveled with the boys JV team in the bus so it was pretty loud😂 on our way we listened to music and we're just talking to get focused.

When we got to Columbus there was a big field in the middle of nowhere where we were gonna play. The field was not super good to play soccer on but I was still excited. We warmed up and got ready for the game. Me and the other varsity players actually played most of the game but we have been playIng with varsity teams before so the game was way different. Everything was very slow and everyone just shot the ball without settle it down. After the first half they were winning with 2-1. The second half we scored again and it was a tie during the rest of the game. Except for the last 5 minutes when one of our teammates Becky scored and we won with 3-2!🎉

After the game we all went to a restaurant to eat dinner and we had a lot of fun the whole evening! Today we are playing again!😱😄⚽️⚽️⚽️



So this weekend I haven't don't very much, on Saturday we went to a soccer game at the college just to watch and learn. Too bad it was kind of bad weather and it started raining but it was actually really fun. Later during the day I was just home resting and Drew came over so we watched some tv and had a really good dinner with steak and potato salad😊👌🏼

Today on Sunday me and Kathrine drove to Grand Island again. I was gonna look for a purse or clutch to prom and I actually bought a really cute silver one that will fit perfectly. So we just walked through the mall and I bought a small perfume too on Victoria Secret that I needed because I only had one with me that now has nothing left. After we spent time in Grand Island we drove back to Hastings and bought some food on Walmart to cook. We decided to do our own "Tacos" that we both eat in Norway and Sweden ( usually on Fridays) and it actually turned out really good! It was soo good to eat food that we eat at home again because it's been so long.😂😱😱




This week has been kind of busy and I've been tired after I get home everyday as always. But it's still been pretty good, school is going well and there is a lot with soccer now. But me and Kathrine is trying to keep it up with everything and we have been hanging out a couple of times during the week just to settle down too. So the weather during the week has been kind of bad, it was raining a lot the other day which made our coach even cancel our practice. Hopefully the weather gets better which I think it will.

Also today it was a game day which means that we dress up. It could be that we all in the team are wearing nice clothes in school, our jerseys or our warmups! But today we wore jerseys! It is actually kind of fun how the team spirit and school spirit works here! It was everything so much more fun and exciting! So we played the game and won by 1-2 against Kearney!⚽️⚽️💗👏🏼👏🏼



So this week we were off Friday because of track meet so I've just been playing soccer as always and hanging out with friends. First we had a second team dinner after practice earlier this week. It was a lot of fun and two of the players in my team made dinner and it was so good!

Otherwise this week we had a game on Thursday and we won by 2-1! So just because we were off on Friday, me and Kathrine decided to go to Grand Island over the day. There we went to the mall and I bought two short for soccer! After that we had some food and then we drove home because we had practice the same day. When I got to practice our coach actually told us we didn't have one because of the weather. There were suppose to be a thunderstorm but it was too bad. So I drove home again and spend the rest of the night at home.

Today me and Kathrine went to Walmart to do pedicure. When we got there we picked our nail polish and they started to massage our feet. It was actually really nice and my toes turned out nice!😄💅🏼