Grab your camera. Spring Migration is Happening Now!

Spring is in the air! That means hundreds of migrating birds are heading north across the Gulf from Central and South America and Galveston is one of their first stops.

If you're a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you may already know that the Galveston Feather Fest Birding and Nature Photo Festival is coming up April 6-9. Leading up to the festival, photographers are invited to submit images of wild birds taken in Galveston and surrounding counties. Contest details are here.

The winners each week will be announced on Wednesdays and posted here.

For a little inspiration, the nice folks at Galveston Nature Tourism Council allowed us to assemble this slide show of winners from the 2016 contest.

Be sure to mark your calendar for April 6-9 for the Galveston Birding and Nature Photo Festival and head down to the island. You are sure to learn something and see some really cool birds!

If you want to participate in any of the trips or workshops, be sure to register early. Many of the events sell out well in advance.

Experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Texas, Jakarta, Singapore.

Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.

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Happy birthday to our nation! Here’s to celebrating with barbecues, the great outdoors, fireworks and friends!

And yet -- not to rain on your parade, snuff your sparklers or put a cramp in your cookout – we want to share a word to the wise: Besides being our national birthday, the Fourth has also been called the most dangerous holiday of the year. Do have fun! Just take a look at these numbers and adjust accordingly in order to keep your family safe, sound and happy.


Hand-held sparklers burn at approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission – as hot as a blowtorch. Always supervise any fireworks activities closely, including those that “just” feature sparklers.


Independence Day is the deadliest day of the year for motor vehicle crashes, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with 118 lives lost each year, on average. A life-saving move: making sure that everyone in the car buckles up on every trip. According to estimates by the National Safety Council, if everyone used their seat belt at all times, 181 lives could be saved over the three-day weekend.

1 in 5

Newsflash: Your dog would not enjoy watching the local fireworks display. When a pet goes missing, loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms are responsible nearly 20 percent of the time, reports the ASCPA. Make sure your pooch is kept securely indoors or on a leash throughout the night.


Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your picnic or barbecue – consider wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and use an EPA-registered insect repellant, says the CDC. Consumer Reports tests show that repellants containing 30 percent DEET provide just as much eight-hour anti-mosquito protection as stronger formulas, but are less likely to cause side effects like rashes or even seizures. (Used as directed, the CDC says, an EPA-registered repellant is safe during pregnancy. Don’t use repellant on babies younger than 2 months old.).


A 2014 British study found that the average barbecue-goer eats and drinks about 1,800 calories at a backyard cookout. To avoid developing a barbecue bulge, fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.



Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware, Touting 'Free Internet' Without Wi-Fi: Beware

A pretty dumb WhatsApp scam is making rounds in chain mail form, promising "free internet" without Wi-Fi on an invite-only basis.

First of all, the scam is quite dumb to begin with because the only way to use WhatsApp without Wi-Fi is to have a cellular data connection and WhatsApp cannot offer data - it's just an app, not a provider.

Secondly, the scam is spreading because it prompts victims to forward the message to 13 friends or five groups on WhatsApp to activate the "free internet."

How It Works

"As usual, the message spreads via WhatsApp groups or comes from a friend who 'recommends' the service - often unaware of it. In this case, you receive a special invitation with a link," explains the WeLiveSecurity blog of antivirus and security firm ESET.

"You can already get Internet Free Without WI-FI with Whatsapp, and it is by means of invitations, here I give you an invitation," reads the poorly written message.

Upon clicking on the included link, users are taken to a website mimicking the WhatsApp domain. It detects the device's language based on the browser settings and invites users to pass along the invitation to more people, ensuring that the scam keeps spreading.

The message also shows fake reviews from fake users, claiming to be incredibly satisfied with this amazing offer. Those users don't even exist, much like this "free internet" invite-only deal. Don't fall for it, or you'll get more than you bargained for - and not in a good way.

Surprise! Malware

After sharing the message with at least 13 people or five groups, users who have fallen victim to this sham end up on various sites where a number of malicious actions can wreak havoc.

According to WeLiveSecurity, such actions range from subscriptions to premium and expensive SMS services to installing third-party apps on the device, of course aiming to generate some money for the scammer on the victims' expense.

Victims will see various offers, but they obviously will not get any "free internet." The only way to use WhatsApp to communicate with people is to have an active internet connection, be it cellular data or Wi-Fi, and the scam does absolutely nothing to change this reality.

At best, victims waste their time and end up disappointed that the magical chain message didn't work. At worst, they end up with malicious software on their phones.

How To Avoid Such Scams

First of all, keep in mind that any message that shows up out of the blue, poorly written and making seemingly attractive promises are most likely fake, part of a scam. Raising awareness regarding these scams plays a crucial role in limiting their damage and slowing their spread rate.

If you've received this "free internet" offer or some other dubious message that looks like a scam, warn the sender and your friends so that they're aware it's a scam. Moreover, reporting the fraud is also important and it's not that big of a hassle - just flag it in your browser as you'd normally report any phishing campaign.



The challenge of fraud in electronic transactions remains one enduring source of concern for stakeholders in the financial sector. As the e-platforms grow, the potential risks equally skyrocket requiring a more proactive approach in nipping the trends in the bud.

This advancement has come with its challenges and risks as internet fraudsters took advantage of the technology loopholes to defraud unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money. Blocking these loopholes has been the major headache of stakeholders due to the growing e-payment channels and as transactions through such means grow.

According to the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS), the value of total transaction made on the two major electronic payment platforms of NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) stood at N35 trillion in the last three quarters of 2016, an equivalent of transaction value on all various electronic payment platforms in 2015.

In the last quarter of last year, the industry recorded N13.246 trillion transactions. While NEFT was N3.657 trillion, NIP recorded N9.589 trillion transactions.

Within the first two quarters last year, over 60 million units of transactions valued at N21.837 trillion were made on the two platforms according to report,

Combined with transaction value and volume on other platforms, which according to NIBSS, includes E-bills, mobile money and cheque transactions, it is obvious that the amount of money that daily exchanges hands electronically among individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), multi-national companies and Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) is on the high side, hence, the rising trend of electronic fraud (e-fraud).

Also in 2013, NIBSS revealed that 822 cases of electronic fraud were recorded with an attempted value of N19.15 billion, while the actual loss to the online scam stood at N485.19 million.

Reported cases of fraud moved up by 78 per cent in 2014 to 1,461. While attempted value reduced to N7.75 billion, the actual loss was N6.216 billion.

The trend, however, subsided in 2015 following efforts by stakeholders. In 2015, about 946 attempted e-fraud cases were recorded on the networks of banks, Other Financial Institutions (OFIs) and Mobile Payment Operators (MPOs), resulting in an approximated loss of N5 billion, compared with N6.216 billion record of 2014.

Deputy Governor, Operations at the CBN, Mr. Adebayo Adelabu who was a special guest at a forum recalled that the NeFF had in the last five years proven to be a formidable stakeholder in securing this ecosystem, through a unique and critically important role of creating a platform for collaboration amongst stakeholders in payments system but more still needs to be done as the trend becomes more potent.

Adelabu who was represented by Mr. Taiwo Oladimeji, his Special Assistant, said, “The challenge of securing the Nigerian payments system will always be a daunting task, for with ease of payments, comes greater adoption, and with increased adoption, the lure of cyber-criminals who seek to convert either digital assets or resources or both to their own becomes greater.”

Mr. Dipo Fatokun, Chairman of NeFF and Director Banking and Payment System Department of the CBN explained the successes recorded so far by the forum and gave an overview of the plans for the New Year, among which is the organization of a workshop that would “highlight the challenges inherent in the Cyber-Crime Prohibition Act 2015 and its possible effect on e-commerce and use the recommendations to engage the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Office of the National Security Adviser on reviewing certain aspects that could affect the effective operationalization of the Act.”

He said efforts to establish a Dedicated e-Payment and Card Crime Unit in the Nigerian Police Force has gained momentum awaiting the approval of CBN’s Committee of Governors, expressing optimism that the unit would take shape in the coming year.

Fatokun however said a robust awareness programme for members of the public and staff of organizations that operate within the payments space would be carried out in 2017, saying, “It is important that our awareness programme starts in 2017 as this would help the industry reduce cost of fraud through increased vigilance and detection abilities”.

Stanbic IBTC Bank, FCMB, Citi Bank and the Standard Chartered Bank were co-sponsors of the dinner with their managing directors well represented at the forum. The bank stakeholders were unanimous in their pledge for more collaboration to effectively nip the trend of e-fraud in the bud and safeguard the integrity of online transactions.

According to the Chief Risk Officer of Stanbic, Mfon Akpan, 2016 has been a challenging year for bank. Worse still, she said, the industry continues to witness ingenuous activities of fraudsters. Though their activities have been frustrated to some extent, Akpan noted that more still needs to be done by stakeholders because “a porous banking industry will not engender trust in the public”.

She also said the introduction of the Biometric Verification Number (BVN) has helped to reduce the extent of fraud but the industry is surrounded by powerful syndicates including insider threat. “We need to raise the bar, sharpen the saw, no need for complacency. We need collaboration among banks, telecommunication sector, internet service providers (ISPs) to identify the perpetrators with speed”, she said.

Soji Adeniyi, Chief Auditing Executive at FCMB also corroborated Akpan on the need for collaboration with Telcos and the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to minimize the fraud. “We need constant forum to educate law enforcement agents and judicial officers among other players in the electronic payment system.

Providing insight into the electronic fraud challenge in the 21st Century banking system was the Head of Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte West Africa, Mr. Tope Aladenusi who spoke on “Disruptive Technology and the Future of Secure Payment”.



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CRIB SOCIETY is the platform to build networks, inspire and be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs.

We are a community of women and entrepreneurs who support and inspire one another through networking forums and lifestyle events.

We welcome all to join our mission of creating women entrepreneurs, especially existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

With thoughtfully curated partnerships and events organized throughout the year, from dialogues with fellow entrepreneurs to forums with prominent and successful industry mentors and venture capitalists, from merchandising opportunities to fundraisers, CRIB Society members have plenty of opportunity to get connected with inspiring personalities, showcase their businesses, and to give back to society.



With the rise of technology, an entirely new art forms areevolving. Music is a form of art that is prone to piracy due to the nature ofmodern digital technology. However, traditional artworkssuch as paintings and sculptures are one thing that cannot be easily forged bysome. To ensure that you get the original work of an artist, you will need atrusted art collector or a fine arts specialist to help and guide you.Hawkfield Gallery might be able to assist you.

Hawkfield Gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century Americanfine art and folk art. Their interest spans from American impressionism,decorative songbirds, shore-bird decoys and wildlife bronze sculptures.

The owner of Hawkfield Consultants Gallery is SallyCaverly who has an impressive passion in collecting arts for more than 25years. She got her start on Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and later on holds aMaster’s degree in Education. She also became a Market Research DivisionDirector of a major publishing house. Their gallery is located along Boston’sSouth Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston.

Hawkfield Gallery’s website is an exclusive space where you canfind an actual collection of artworks from various painters and sculptures. Artexperts of Hawkfield are always available to guide and advise their clients.Visit their website and take a look at their impressive list of artworks camefrom various talented artist.



Sally Caverly isthe heart, soul and spirit of the Hawkfield Gallery, to put it simply ormatter-off-factly. The gallery would not have existed without Sally Caverly,owner and curator of the gallery.  As anart lover brought up by parents who were artists themselves, Sally had grown toappreciate the value of preserving and enhancing valuable products of inspiredhuman imagination. 

As a growing kid, she learned to appreciate the beauty ofnature, of wildlife and of the breathtaking landscapes of New Hampshire's LakesRegion, thus, developing her keen taste for and understanding of human art aswell. Art collecting and her great interest in research came about as naturalproducts of interacting with family members, from her formal education and fromher versatile work involvement.

Sally obtained a degree in Marketing from SimmonsCollege as well as another diploma from Phillips Academy in Andover.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Education.She worked as Market Research Department Head at Houghton Mifflin Company andran online retail store. She now serves as a Director at the North and SouthRivers Watershed Association, aside from pursuing her passion for art throughmanaging Hawkfield Gallery and mentoring children with special needs.

Sally started quite early in the art gallery business duringher teens when she was tasked at times to serve as auctioneer for her parents’collection of American impressionist paintings and sculptures. We can say thatshe was not only literally born into the art scene but trained so early on totake up the joys and challenges of running a gallery. Later on in her twenties,she bought a pastel drawing of wild ducks William Henry Chandler, her first ina growing collection that has led to what she now has. It seems she has notlost that first love, as many of the paintings and sculptures in her presentcollection include ducks, geese and other wild birds and animals.

The attachment to her home environment in the East Coast, ingeneral, is quite apparent in Sally Caverly’s art collection. Her experiencesand her insights into the life and sensibilities of the people she grew up withand with those she continues to interact with has helped Hawkfield Gallerymaintain its charming, rustic quality which attracts many customers who wish toexperience the American life even if it is only through art works.    

Hawkfield Gallery’s fine arts consultants have helped SallyCaverly maintain quality service and assistance to many satisfied art buyersand collectors. Sally believes in leading others “by experience”; and by herown vast experience, she has proven that it works all the time.