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With the rise of technology, an entirely new art forms areevolving. Music is a form of art that is prone to piracy due to the nature ofmodern digital technology. However, traditional artworkssuch as paintings and sculptures are one thing that cannot be easily forged bysome. To ensure that you get the original work of an artist, you will need atrusted art collector or a fine arts specialist to help and guide you.Hawkfield Gallery might be able to assist you.

Hawkfield Gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century Americanfine art and folk art. Their interest spans from American impressionism,decorative songbirds, shore-bird decoys and wildlife bronze sculptures.

The owner of Hawkfield Consultants Gallery is SallyCaverly who has an impressive passion in collecting arts for more than 25years. She got her start on Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and later on holds aMaster’s degree in Education. She also became a Market Research DivisionDirector of a major publishing house. Their gallery is located along Boston’sSouth Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston.

Hawkfield Gallery’s website is an exclusive space where you canfind an actual collection of artworks from various painters and sculptures. Artexperts of Hawkfield are always available to guide and advise their clients.Visit their website and take a look at their impressive list of artworks camefrom various talented artist.



Sally Caverly isthe heart, soul and spirit of the Hawkfield Gallery, to put it simply ormatter-off-factly. The gallery would not have existed without Sally Caverly,owner and curator of the gallery.  As anart lover brought up by parents who were artists themselves, Sally had grown toappreciate the value of preserving and enhancing valuable products of inspiredhuman imagination. 

As a growing kid, she learned to appreciate the beauty ofnature, of wildlife and of the breathtaking landscapes of New Hampshire's LakesRegion, thus, developing her keen taste for and understanding of human art aswell. Art collecting and her great interest in research came about as naturalproducts of interacting with family members, from her formal education and fromher versatile work involvement.

Sally obtained a degree in Marketing from SimmonsCollege as well as another diploma from Phillips Academy in Andover.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Education.She worked as Market Research Department Head at Houghton Mifflin Company andran online retail store. She now serves as a Director at the North and SouthRivers Watershed Association, aside from pursuing her passion for art throughmanaging Hawkfield Gallery and mentoring children with special needs.

Sally started quite early in the art gallery business duringher teens when she was tasked at times to serve as auctioneer for her parents’collection of American impressionist paintings and sculptures. We can say thatshe was not only literally born into the art scene but trained so early on totake up the joys and challenges of running a gallery. Later on in her twenties,she bought a pastel drawing of wild ducks William Henry Chandler, her first ina growing collection that has led to what she now has. It seems she has notlost that first love, as many of the paintings and sculptures in her presentcollection include ducks, geese and other wild birds and animals.

The attachment to her home environment in the East Coast, ingeneral, is quite apparent in Sally Caverly’s art collection. Her experiencesand her insights into the life and sensibilities of the people she grew up withand with those she continues to interact with has helped Hawkfield Gallerymaintain its charming, rustic quality which attracts many customers who wish toexperience the American life even if it is only through art works.    

Hawkfield Gallery’s fine arts consultants have helped SallyCaverly maintain quality service and assistance to many satisfied art buyersand collectors. Sally believes in leading others “by experience”; and by herown vast experience, she has proven that it works all the time.