It surely brings another perspective on the way that you look at your surroundings. Whilst during the cold, dark and grey winter months people in Stockholm are seen as cold and introverted and unhappy. They're always stressed to and from work. They look unhappy and depressed, grey as the weather.

When spring comes around the whole city lights up and the world is seen through a rainbow. People stop stressing and there is suddenly no hurry to work or to get home after. The days are longer and parks and terrasses are filled with face turned towards the sun, soaking up as much vitamin D as possible.

I love this city! It is the most beautiful one I know. I just wish that the summer months were longer than the winter months.

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Today we went to see the physiotherapist.
It's time to get some tips on how to get back to my old self or even into better shape. I got some good tips of how to workout my whole body without doing crunches which I can't do yet. I won't be able to for a while.
Anyway, I will be going back twice a week until the 3rd of june



It's now been 6 weeks and 4 days since baby Jayden came into this world.

I had a great pregnancy until the last 2 months before due date. At the end I got all of the "symptoms" that you usually get throughout the whole pregnancy, fitted into 2 months. It was tough… and so I thought!

I didn't know that postpartum would be worse. This amazing little baby that I love with all my heart and being just remodeled my VG. HAHAHA

I'm laughing now but I wasn't a few weeks ago. The feeling that I felt in between my legs is undescribable and painful. I couldn't sit for too long, walk for a long time nor stand still for too long. It was a nightmare and the breast feeding in the beginning, oh my… I'm not even going to go there!

But now I'm concentrating in the positives,…

I have a healthy baby boy, I have an amazing mother who helps me (even though I sometimes don't always show it) and I am healthy and finally feeling great.

I have now for 3 days been out on power walks and feel AMAZING!!! There is still a long road ahead before I will be anywhere near getting back in to my tip top shape. I'm getting there.

It's hard. Psychologically, too look at myself in the mirror everyday and too feel the way the clothes fit on my body and the worst is the feeling of my old clothes not fitting me anymore. This jelly like tummy is what make me feel worst.

I don't think there will be a bikini summer for me this year. but I don't know we'll see.

I follow quite a few moms on Instagram and Nouw, which makes me realize that you can get back into shape or even into better shape than you were before. It's just a question of not giving up and keep on looking forward.




How lucky am I?

I have a sister! The re is nothing like sisters love.

When she was born, she was so cute and I wanted to kiss and hug her all the time. She was my little baby sister.

She grew a little more and I had to grow a lot faster as she started to take a little too much space.

A little older and she was annoying. She wanted to wear everything I wore, play with the same toys as me and she was always in the way.

Teenage sisters,……. OMG!!!

We totally hated each other and if she wasn't my sister we would never have been friends, more like enemies.

She became a mom =)

She gave me my reasons to laugh, live and love unconditionally. My two amazing nephews Maxime and Liam.

I became a mom and she became a proud aunt.

All of these moments in her life and mine molded us both to the people we are today. She is my soulmate, my sister and my one and only!

I love you and I'm proud of the woman, mother and human being that you have become.

You are strong, independent, beautiful, intelligent and I look up to you <3

I hope that you have the most amazing B-day and that your life will be even more amazing from year to year.

I love you so much and I'm thankful for having you in my life

Your sister always XOXO



Today was a great day 😊

We started the morning with a good breakfast with porridge, toast and a big "bucket" of coffee. Before noon, my mom and I had cleaned the whole apartment while Jayden slept through it.
We ate lunch and went shopping after that. In the afternoon we had some friends of my mom over for coffee and of course Jayden got a present
☺️ New clothes are always welcome, especially bigger sizes which he will be able to wear in a few months. Thank you Carina & Gösta 🌺

My mom made a really easy and tasteful dinner, that we ate whilst watching a movie.

Hope your easter holiday is starting as great as ours!

XOXO Céline & Jayden



Born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Swedish mom and Portuguese dad.

I have one sister (Elise), two nephews whom I love to bits (Maxime & Liam) and a son (Jayden) who is the love of my life and keeper of my heart.

I'm a single mom living in Stockholm and I work as a kindergarten teacher but right now I´m on maternity leave and loving every moment with Jayden.

Jayden was born on a cold and snowy winter night at 8:26pm.

I've always wanted to be a mom but it was always a question of not being the right time or the right person to have a child with.

So for a few years I thought of the possibility of doing it on my own and become a single mom through IVF.

In Sweden it isn't yet possible to do it as a single parent but it's on it's way. So I contacted Denmark where they have 2 clinics in Copenhagen that do IVF for single women.

I started the process in the fall of 2015 and did a whole lot of different test and everything was fine. I spoke to my doctor several times about wanting to do this procedure and he said that I should contact the clinic and ask about how it was done and maybe talk to someone that had done it.

After all that was taken care of and everything was OK I decided that I was going to have a great last summer in Portugal and then go to Copenhagen in september or october. The clinic had all my documents and said that I just had to call them to set a date.

A few months before my birthday I met a guy. There is always "a guy"!!!

We hit it off straight away and we dated for a few months.

He has a child and doesn't want anymore children and I told him a about my plans and he thought that it was great. That way I got what I wanted and he got what he wanted.

Little did I know the universe had other plans for me.

On the 10th of june I celebrated my birthday with a few friends in a restaurant and he joined us with a friend. After that night we didn't really speak to each other anymore. Don't really know why. He said in a text message (after I messaged him asking what was going on) that he took me off Facebook and erased my phone number because I didn't reply to his texts for a whole weekend and that he wasn't up for playing games.

I had a few bad days and wasn't really up to talking to anyone, but only the people who really know me know that this can happen a few times a year.


I didn't contact him after that until I knew that I was pregnant.

I got the news about 2 weeks after all that happened and it was a hard thing to swallow. It took at least a month for me to realize all that was happening and that my life would never be the same again.

I went to Portugal and talked to family and friends and after returning in august to Sweden I called him to tell him the news.

He wasn't very moved or actually reacted that much to what I had to say. I told him that I was going to keep it and that I didn't expect anything from him. He was very quiet (I understand why). I then told him to think about it and to call me the day after,… or not! Whatever he decided to do would be the answer to if he was going to be present in the baby's life or not.

He never called me back…

It doesn't matter because Jayden has so much love and people that love and support him in his life that he doesn't need him.

The day the questions come I will have to deal with them then but for now it is me and my baby Jayden against the world!!! <3