Jeg er målløs. I de sidste par uger har jeg fået æren af at bruge den nyeste HTC mobil HTC U11, og jeg er SÅ imponeret!
forrige Miss DK Bootcamp var jeg så uheldig at smide min mobil i toilettet, som derfor afgik ved døden.. Det var så 4 Iphone jeg havde formået at ødelægge inden for få år. Så jeg besluttede mig for at skulle have en mere bæredygtig telefon. Noget der var super vigtigt for mig, var at billed-/kamerakvaliteten var i top, så jeg gennem hele min rejse kunne gemme skarpt fangede minder. Efter at have reseachet lidt faldt jeg over U11. Ikke nok med 4k videooptagelse og 16MP frontkamera, var den også bare vanvittig smuk!
Jeg var solgt, og det er jeg stadig. Selvom jeg havde været vant til Iphone, var den super nem at finde ud af. Udover den ydre skønhed er det fede med androids at man også kan designe hele temaopsætningen, med alt fra tastaturer til ikoner. Mit design er jo selvfølgeligt rosa, hvem havde også forventet andet? Ingen ville i hvert fald være i tvivl om at det er min mobil.
Jeg kan ikke andet end varmt at anbefale HTC U11 til andre der værdsætter god billedkvalitet, smukt design og fantastiske personaliseringsmuligheder.

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At times I am very random, so here we go! Here are 22 totally random facts about me!

1. What I’m really bad at

Everything involving a ball. It seems to me that our relationship will just never work out.

2. Biggest pet-peeve

Hate, Discrimination and Racism. The world is an awful place at times, there's no need to make it worse.

3. 3 things I love

Talking pure materialistic: Hot tubs, shopping and Doritos

4. Born in


5. Hobbies I’ve tried

I don't think there's any class on earth I haven't tried at least once... Jui Jitsu, Judo, basket, soccer, music, arts and crafts, Wolley, all dance styles (and I mean ALL), acrobatic gymnastic, rhythmic gymnastic, Zumba, yoga...

6. Favourite TV show/series

Bones and American Horror Story must be all-time favourites.

7. Favourite book

"Nothing" by Jane Teller. I've read this several times and that says a lot 'cause I usually NEVER have the patience to read a whole book.

8. Random talent

As the cause of my big love for Bones, I wrote my SRP about Forensic anthropology. I dug so deep in the forensic theories that I can identify age, gender, ethnic decent and sometimes cause of death, by looking only at the bones of the deceased. Well, at least on the ground of pictures and forensic evidence. I would say that's quite a unique talent.

9. Biggest dream

A big kliché would be saying changing the world, but I must say I try my best to have an impact.

10. Favourite animal

Pet: dogs and bunnies. Exotic: Tucan

11. Guilty pleasure

Back when I partied a lot my hangover-cure was quite something; A hotdog in one hand and an icecream in the other.

Okay, I confess, if I find myself feeling bad I still do it...

12. Favourite quote

"I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think"

- Socrates

13. Biggest fear

Writing this feels like I only make it bigger. Losing my teeth or hair might be the most terrifying I can ever dream of.

14. Spirit animal or alter ego

RuPaul! No doubt my "Patronus" would be the queen of them all.

15. Favourite song

It usually depends on my mood, but a song that never fails must be Chelsea Rodgers by Prince

16. Name 3 celebrity crushes

Leonardo Decaprio, Ruby Rose and George Clooney

17. Idol

I must say that I actually have three: Zara Larsson, Zendaya and Emma Watson. Although these girls are so young they are incredibly self-aware but also speak their mind! These girls are a big inspiration for me since the never look away from societal problems, but instead address the problem and make awareness.

18. Favourite holiday

My B-day, cause that's the only day it's actually socially acceptable to celebrate yourself.

19. Childhood memory

Something I'll never forget must be the wonderful times I had at my grandparents. My Grandmother has the biggest clothing-collection (next after mine), and I clearly remember running around in her high heels and beautiful ball gowns. And if she wasn't there to play with me, I would make my grandfather get in a dress and some bright makeup!

20. Biggest regret

Caring for people not worthy of my time. Some people are a disease and you should not get dragged down carrying them.

22. Favourite color

Rose pink OFC!



Dear reader.

As any other human being, i'm quite unique. Of course the combinations of genes that constitute my exact DNA is like no other, but thats not the only thing that makes me special. For a long time i just thought that i was just an average girl with average problems, who was finding her place in the world. But as my world got more and more complicated, trying to fit in the boxes society have set, I realised that I didn't fit. And the more people expected me to fit these norms, the more i didn't want to. I wanted to do exactly what i felt comfortable doing and nothing else. I didn't want to please others by their expectations. And sentiently not if thet meant it would compromise my happiness. So i stopped. I stopped trying to fit in, I stopped caring for others cruelty against me, and instead started speaking my mind and saying no. Suddenly the world was a wonderful place. I was happy and could finally start to love myself for who i was. But of course in others eyes that was not acceptable. Even though i was no longer the odd one out, i had become that arrogant girl who "tried to much". Yeah, isn't it ironic how there is no possible way you can fulfil anyones expectations, even when you change? That people around you apparently knows how you can be the best possible you? Let me tell you a little secret - THEY DON'T. And don't ever lets anybody tell you otherwise! People will always find a soft spot to poke, if you let them. And the only reason they do this is because they don't want you to find theirs. 'Cause lets be real - have you ever met a person truly at peace with them self, who had the need to tare down others. NO - they don't need to make them self fell better than others, because they dont care. People only do it if they feel wunerable. It's a defence mechanism they think is needed to remain dominant. To keep up the illusion that they are better, and hold on to that empty feeling of imitated power.

Actually, it's quite easy to take away this power. You simply stop caring. It takes time and strength. I of all people should know. But it absolutely worth it at the end. I promise. Never have i ever felt so at peace, and happy to be me. So blessed that I define who i am, and nobody else.

"Strong minds discuss ideas. Average minds descuss events. Weak minds discuss people." - Socrates



Beauty-pageants and feminism do not have to be opposites. Yes of course, feminism is about breaking the stereotypical views and not pushing women towards femininity by saying there's only one way to be a real woman. It's a misconception that, beauty-pageants only represent tall beautiful skinny girls, cause that's not how they are chosen. Beauty-pageants preach inner-beauty and strength, not body ideals. And yes we do like fancy clothes and heavy makeup, but that's because we enjoy the glamour, not because we mean that it's the only way to look right. Cause feminism is about the freedom to express your femininity or masculinity exactly how you wish, and as much as you wish. Not about getting everyone as asexual as possible. It's about eliminating the boundaries that set expectations according to your gender. Being extremely feminine doesn't mean you're not a feminist, as long as you don't preach that it is the only way to be a woman. Sexual expression and identification is a wide spectrum, nothing is just black or white, and we need to remember that.

Feminism is widely different from person to person, but all have the same goal to address the inequity and remove the systematic barrier.

I consider myself a feminist for a lot of reasons, but why I need feminism is:

  • I need feminism so people wouldn't set expectations on behalf of my gender
  • I need feminism so people wouldn't expect that I'm fragile and in need of protection of a man
  • I need feminism so I'm free to embrace my femininity exactly how I want
  • I need feminism so my voice means the exact same as any mans
  • I need feminism so everyone has the possibility to stand up for themselves
  • I need feminism so no one will feel obligated to act any certain way based on their gender
  • I need feminism so male rape- and abuse-victims are taken just as serious as female, and female rapists and abusers are treated equal to male.
  • I need feminism because my privilege does not mean my fight is over. No woman is free before all women are free.

Photo by Jakob Kildehave Fotografi



Once in a while my mother, brother and I go to and action-park and this time we wanted to try a new one called Gorilla Park in Vejle. Although we had a few problems from start, we ended up having a good day. Take a look down below, would you dare to try?

For all footage, I've been using HTC U11 and I can NOT get over this camera-quality. This is amazing how both front and rear camera can catch this much details. I must say this is the best phone camera in the world, I'm literally blown away! 



Kæreste læsere, mit humør er helt i skyerne hvilket skyldes at jeg har modtaget de skønneste smykker fra ByBram! De er fuld af farver og fine detaljer, og man kan bare ikke andet end at blive grebet af en sommerlun stemning. DERFOR fik jeg den superfede idé at jeg ville vise jer læsere hvordan jeg bruger disse smykker til at give mit outfit en sprudlende "summervibe"

Her får i en skøn lille stemningvideo fra min rejse til Malta;

Tjek flere fine smykkekollektioner ud på



In the past few years, i've always been seen as a girl who either tried too much or was way too concerned about her looks. But that didn't bother me and I've always loved being a little "extra". Always dressing nicely were my thing, even a bit over the top. Of course, other girls were intimidated by that confidence and misinterpreted it for me compensating for some weakness or drive for attention. That has never been the reason. I just simply liked spending time on styling myself and letting my confidence take over. If it was the fact that I was a pretty girl or was too bold, I'll never know. But I know that they blamed their insecurity on me, in any aspect possible. And I actually felt bad for that. My intentions have never been to intimidate others, but simply have the freedom to style or express myself in any way I like. And I would love for them to feel the same way. By talking to them I knew I would get nowhere, cause even before they gave me a chance. I was the enemy. As much as I wished for them to have the same confidence and love, or just to give me a chance, I just didn't agree with how they viewed personal freedom. For them, it was all about not being better than anyone else. What we in Denmark call "Janteloven". That you should not praise yourself, and feel like that damn Queen you are. As if self-love equalled self-absorption. Our differences couldn't add up so I accepted the fact that their hate to me was prohibitive. Instead, I transferred my strength to prevent a likewise scenario by teaching about self-love and -acceptance to younger.

When I first realised that we had BeautyPageants in Denmark, I didn't apply. I got the idea in my head that it was all about finding each other's weaknesses, changing the way we looked into an ideal type, and only preaching one specific body type. I soon found that I couldn't be more wrong.

What finally pushed me must have been my diagnosis. In December 2016, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. My ADHD didn't actually come as that big of a surprise, but the Aspergers and the fact that these diagnosis' was categorised as autism made me very self-aware and uncomfortable in my own skin. It was very hard for me to talk about, and the label made me feel so different from all. As I started to accept my diagnosis' I wanted to prove that these labels don't mean anything, in mind of what I can do. If I could do this, I could do anything. And I did.

My biggest wish, with this competition, is to show that our differences do NOT limit us. And you are only truly strong if you choose to be. If I can do this. You can too.