(Fitness outfit: Tights from Puma , T-shirt from Puma, sneakers from Nike, mobilecover from Michael Kors 300kr)

Heey peeps!!

So, my first week as a blogger. Hihihi! ☺️ First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my blog and all that positive feedback I've got, you've no idea how much it means to me.

This week have been great; I've seen a long time wanting friend; went shopping a few times; I've started working out in the gym agian - finally! 🍑💪🏻 Since I've started at the University this summer, I barely have time for anything - my mom often ask me whether I even sleep "Yeah mom, I get to close my eyes just a minute when I sneeze" 😅 so things are crazy...

I was at the Custommade stockholding Wednesday with two cute friends of mine; so exciting and real cool stof at a great discount! Love it!! I bought a suede skirt, you can see it in my foto serie next week! 💃🏻 I've also bought a jacket with leopard print. I'm a sucker for animal print; it makes the outfit look sophisticated and most of times it can be your colour in your look, without having to wear a pink, green og blue shirt! I already love my new leopard jacket from Zara! Go check it out! 👗👙👛💄

But to spent money, you must work money 🤑I finally went back at my workingplace as a waitress. I love my job and even more my coworkers, so wonderful to see them all again!😍

This week; Denmark as a nation have a key priority which addresses to everybody whether gender, age, residence etc. It's called Knæk Cancer week, where the population collects money for treatment, research and prevention of Danes that unfortunately have cancer. It's such a good and important cause; me and my coworkers at Jensens Bøfhus have decided to donate our personal tips! I'm so proud, to be a part of a team that finds it important to give a helping hand! Applause!! 👏🏻

Hope you'll like my foto serie!


(Fur from On Stage 5.000kr, jeans from Zara 500kr, boots from Billi Bi 1.795kr, swagger bag from Coach 12.100kr)

(Jacket from Zara 550kr, Leather pants from Bonaparte 1500kr, boots from Cashott 1099kr, clutch from Tiger of Sweden 1500kr)




Outfit of the day - hat from & Other Stories (450kr), lace blouse from Custommade (800kr), boots from Billi Bi (1795kr), swagger bag from Coach (12.100kr).

Hey peeps!!

Today I've spent my day at a fair, where design, food and home accessories are welcome. It was so cool and inspiring to be a part of all new creative ideas! If you want to visit the fair, it's located in Forum at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. I've already spent to much money on accessories that are so beautiful!

I bought a beautiful ring with a gemstone in colour light pink from By Kjeargaard 💍 I also felt in love with the cool and kind of rockstyle earring in real silver, that decorates the ear.

Also a very cool powerbank from LUMAC, these people are design conscious, so my powerbank has a brand new and fashion design, which you'll be happy to show off! 📱 Btw. it remains power for a long time!! You can't miss out.  

Swanfieldliving is a design that makes your home highclass. They make various accessories that create a stylish and fashion conscious home. Check out their website! I only bought a handmade glass figure that was so speciel, I had to buy it!

I met the girl behind a lovely fur brand called Fur By Sofie! She makes incredible fur accessories and furjackets, so beautiful and I'm a huge fan already! I only bought a hair elastic, but I already loves it - I use it as a bracelet when it's not in my hair.

The following pictures will show you what I've bought.

Thank you!
Rest of the afternoon is just to chill and drink some wine with girlfriends 👭🍷


The picture shows my new gemstone ring and the fur hair elastic - already in love!

Glass figure from Swanfieldliving, candlestick from Georg Jensen (1.599kr), flower vase Georg Jensen (1.199kr).

LUMAC powerbank: https://lumac.dk/product/pocket-power-bank-sort/




​Hey peeps, this is me :-) 

For a long time I've had the idea to start my own blog, which should deal with my personnel interest. I think my time has come. At this time my intention for this blog is to publish my own personel fashion styles and I hope it may be a inspiration for someone out there. 

Hope you'll all will welcome me in this new exciting world of yours, and I'll learn more about myself and my passions.