She garments herself with a resilience

To even out the gloom of her troubles

For she has marks from previous struggles

These layers compliment her true brilliance.

For she has seen true curses from Hades

Had to become her idol through trials

Her own hero she earns trenchant titles

Keeping her graciousness and beauty.

For her strength showed her light in her darkness

Her own demons became more powerful

As her words grew careful, her thoughts hellful

By then she became an image, goddess.

She found her true beauty in her struggle

And her story is hidden in this journal.




There is something about the way the sunshine dances off of the white of your eyes,

The way the moon gets jealous as you josh her crescent figure with your mouth,

Your skin reminds me of everything elegant I've seen before,

The color of in on a blank page,

The earth that we walk on,

There is a nirvana in your every hello,

Your hair, brown to blonde, just how you like your coffee in the morning,

Your eyes hold galaxies that no man could ever understand,

Your cheekbones, just as high as your limits,

Your hips, where the rings of Jupiter are found,

Your legs, strong as tree trunks supporting the weight of your struggles,

For you are like the sunrise to a nation at war,

Never forget.