I am from poetry,

from Prince and Pink Floyd albums,

I am from Red Cedar,

the old pine

whose branches held me

when no one else would.

I am from early wakings,

and the dreaded Wood's gap,

from Thompson and Mercadel.

I am from The Boss and the Freshman Sensation

from "because I said so,"

and "who's your daddy?"

I'm from Vertigo

I'm from Port Alberni and New Orleans,

Starbucks coffee and gumbo.

From dad shooting his Daisy BB gun

at the koi pond in his backyard,

the time mom was two and Uncle's Dude and Cool

put her in the closet and cut her hair.

In collections of small boxes,

filled with poems and photos

that create a timeline to each new day.

I am from women

who've overcome it all,

from men

who've fought for our freedom.

From them, I have where I am from




In high school, you have a reputation to uphold
Remember to be bold
This reputation is held by a thread
One mistake and the rumors spread
Don’t ask why
Hold that chin of yours high
Ignore those hurtful words but not the hurtful cries
Stand up for those in need of help and don’t favor the ones that create it all
High school is in need of more Samaritans, not those who try to belong

The halls are full of top dogs, with a bark that can scare you
With the underdogs that follow
But you don’t need to fear, it’s a part of the game
That we’re all apart of
Now don’t get me wrong, no one said it was easy to play
This game may be hard and confusing
You will want to live and make your name
But the trials that you face, build who you are

Your abilities can take you to the top
Open your capabilities and avoid those that keep you from dreaming
As those dreams shape you tomorrow's, don’t let those take it away
Capture those moments of fun and joy, for they could be gone with a blink of the eye
Relish in your youth and appreciate your experiences
For soon the day will come for you to strut down the stage with poise to obtain your diploma
The prize for finishing the game




From day one, you face the scorched earth of Republican opposition,
And now from left and right, emerging as one of the most consequential,
However, a memorable, an unforgettable, a true successful,
Health care imperfect, without a doubt, huge step forward with this reform,
But surpassing the assumptions, better working than expected,
The falling short of expectations with the financial reform,
Without regard to the surprise of it being effective,
With the doubters, the haters and the onslaughts, three types, of Obama bashing,
First, you see the Right who started when you took office,
That have a version of you all their own created viewing or portraying,
For you represent a Kenyan, a Muslim, an atheist, a Marxist,
Then you have the Left full of critics that decry you in growing numbers,
They viewed you as a progressive, to now see you as a counterfeit,
That only if you had gotten an economic agenda past all political barriers,
These beliefs seem to come from that you put first yourself, eloquent,
Next you have mainstream, cable news that can;t help but belittle,
With their pundit talking heads declaring eight years to have been a failed presidency,
However, low approval ratings and polls do not determine your success,
For the positive changes within our country measure your true affluence,
And your record in such effect is truly lengthy so let me address,
For youth and myself you truly do influence,
For much of your success is in a society’s growth,
Your courage to become a follower more so than a leader is not to be taken granted of,
Within six years, our nation became accepting or open-minded, how about both
As you made it okay for me to express my love,
And though many criticize as they argue that you should’ve and could’ve done more,
That you provided less than supporters wanted, less that our nation deserves,
Despite the critics however, you still became a president all adore,
And although the golden dream of 2008 didn’t come true, it was still amazing to see you serve,
It truly is “- a big f*cking deal” in the excited words of Biden.


From Rolling Stone’s “In Defence of Obama”