Hey everyone! So first I’d like to say thank you forclicking on my post. I’m Cappa, no that’s not my real name; it does havemeaning behind it however... I’ll get into that another time though. After manyattempts trying to start up blog I think this will be a success whereas all theothers kind of failed due to my lack of motivation. I usually get all excitedand then the next day I just get lazy. I think I was able to get moremotivation after watching other bloggers through YouTube and reading online. Iguess I should tell you some of my interests

  • Music, Bands (Metal, Punk, Rock etc... I listento anything that I like haha)

  • Hair, Beauty, and some fashion

  • Photography! This reminds me you should followmy Instagram! (@cappasnow)

  • Reading

  • Animals!

  • Body Modification! (Tattoos, piercings,stretches etc…)

  • And I guess I can now put blogging down (Yay!).

I will have to stop there or elseI will go on forever haha! If you would like to know anything about me justdrop a comment J

So seeing as this is my first blog I will be trying outdifferent topics, ways of writing, fonts etc… so really I’ll just beexperimenting a bit. Come join me on this blogging journey J

Before I forget I will add a list of my social media I have(keep in mind that I’m just starting this and haven’t posted much on them yet !) J

Instagram: @cappasnow

Tumblr: cappasnow

I’m planning on making a facebook page, pinterest and atwitter (seeing as I am new to all of this I haven’t quite created all thesocial media accounts… oops!)

Until next time,

Hope you have akickass day/night.