1st things first is admitting that your having a s*@#%! day. I know its hard, but like the Nike logo JUST DO IT.

2. Dance. Blast your absolute favourite playlist in your bathroom & lip sync/dance to every song in the mirror, yes I said in the mirror. STARE AT YOURSELF. (shake those unwanted feelings of anger, depression, jealousy, sadness, or whatever it may be OFF.)

3. Laughter. Watch an abundance of H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S videos on youtube. I suggest the JIM CARREY on SNL dancing to Sia - Chandelier vid OR the movie “BridesMaids”.

4. EAT HEALTHY. Today is NOT the day for spoonfuls of raw cookie dough, ice cream, & chips. Today is the day for yummy, colourful fruits, an insane amount of water, vitamins, and real food. (you’ll be thanking me later)5. Appreciation. Make a list of the 10 things you are thankful for & why. Appreciating the things you already have in your life will help you look at things in another light.

6. Wake up and smell the flowers. Floral therapy is always a good idea. Buy a bundle of your favourite flowers! Peonies, roses, orchids, you name it! Just something beautiful to stare at that smells lovely!

7. You are not alone. Everyone has a shitty day so don't you think for one minute that your the only one. If it makes you feel any better just think, there is someone in the world right now who is having an even shittier day than you are. Try and wrap your pretty head around that one. So SMILE!

8. Express yourself. Write a journal entry. Good or bad, putting your thoughts on a piece of paper will clear your mind & do you some good.

9. Feed your soul. Do anything & everything that makes you feel good. Take a bubble bath & listen to Brian Mcknight, take a nap, put a clay mask on, play the piano or guitar, draw, paint, anything! As long as it makes you feel good and rejuvenated. 10. And last but not least Acknowledge. Acknowledge that what is in the past is in the past!!!! Don’t hold on to the old when your being led somewhere new. YOU are in control of how the rest of your day/night goes. & Yes Today was #shitty, but tomorrow will be GREAT.

10. And last but not least Acknowledge. Acknowledge that what is in the past is in the past!!!! Don’t hold on to the old when your being led somewhere new. YOU are in control of how the rest of your day/night goes. & Yes Today was s*@#%! but tomorrow will be GREAT.

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New York City forever and always will have my heart. Just when I think its impossible for me to fall deeper in love with this crazy city, I do. I just love everything about it. The hustle bustle, the fashion, the food, the people, the energy! What can I say I’m just such a city girl and New York City is THE city. It’s filled with the biggest dreamers, shakers, and movers. Not to mention the yummiest of yummiest foods…and fashion that is timeless and yet consistently evolving. I think I could sit in Central Park and people watch for hours and not get bored. But I guess it only makes sense that I’ve fallen madly in love with this city because acting, singing, and dancing are my life. I’m so passionate about them it’s crazyyyy. And NYC is the QUEEN// KING of all things art. One of my favourite musicals on broadway is WICKED. I make it a point to see that show every time I’m in the city. It’s kinda turned into tradition by now and yes. I know every single song by heart (lol)…This city is so magical. I don’t know what it is but I can’t help but feel this huge overwhelming rush of inspiration that never leaves me. It really is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of….and I know that ONE DAY I am going to live in New York City and go on countless adventures. I can just feel it






“Casual Chic” is one of my favourite styles to sport. My interpretation of a causal chic outfit would be pairing ripped boyfriend jeans with a white t, a leather jacket or a long wool//fuzzy//faux fur coat, a pair of Stan Smith or Chucks and a good pair of sunnies with your hair done (slick pony, topknot, or out and wild). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sported this look! Meetings, castings, brunch with family, shopping with friends. It’s perfect for the “not trying” approach…lol. I also find it so convenient and easy to switch from a day to night look! Just add your favourite heels and touch up your makeup and you are good to go. But most importantly I feel the 3 C’s: comfortable, comfy, and confident!…which lets be honest, are the most important factors when walking out your front door.



Denim: GAP

Coat: Oak and Fort

Sunnies: Dior

Shoes: Stan Smith

Shirt: Holister




A little bit about myself….

My name is Kyal Legend. I am half Filipino and half Jamaican. I was born and raised in Canada. I am an actress, a dancer, and a singer. You might recognize me from the tv series BACKSTAGE airing on Disney Channel (World Wide) and on Family Channel across Canada. I love fashion, good food, and I am probably the biggest travel enthusiast ever. This is a blog about all things beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness. I want to share with you my take on current events, my personal style, fashion tips & tricks, photography, and lifestyle advice. The goal of this blog is to straight up inspire YOU….to dream BIGGER than yesterday…Be brave & get creative….to listen to your heart…and to believe in yourself. Because let me tell you….there is NOTHING in this world that you cannot do if you put your mind to it. Brilliance begins with inspiration.

I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading!

Love, Kyal


How do you pronounce your name ?

Kai – al

Is your hair curly or straight?

My hair is naturally curly. Although sometimes you might catch me with loose curls or straight hair…just because I like to change it up

Do You Live In New York City?

One day! New York is literally my favourite place in the entire world. I consider it my second home because of the amount of time I’ve spent there. One summer, I lived in Manhattan for 6 weeks to train at the AILEY SCHOOL (home of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre). I still travel to NYC frequently for business & pleasure. Many of my instagram posts have included photos from my travels.

How did you get into acting?

I’ve always loved to perform as a child. Even if that meant in my living room. I would take any opportunity I got to dance or sing or re-site a monologue from one of my favourite films. I danced competitively since the age of 7 and soon trained at schools like The National Ballet Of Canada and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York City. I was scouted one day while taking a dance class. And as you can imagine, once I figured out that I could do what I loved and make a living out of it…well…I was sold. I booked my first commercial audition and never looked back.

What Foundation Do You Use?

Make Up Forever Ulta HD in 170 and Charlotte tilbury

How Tall Are You?