I am happy to inform you that my luggage has added a few pounds and I am ready to share it with you. So three weeks have passed and unfortunately I have been feeling a bit under the weather. But now I have the energy, whilst writing from the comforts of my bed.

So all the pupils have gotten their student ID, which means we are allowed to walk free outside the walls and I must say that it feels amazing. Even though the times are quite limited and strict.

The most interesting parts I want to share with you are the round tour of Nairobi, visiting the elephant and giraffe orphanage and the music festival.

Our round tour was quite eye opening because we got to see Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi. It was like all the charity commercials came alive as we drove by, the feeling that awoke in me by the sight could be described as melancholy. A true slap in the face sent by reality.

The orphanage was an amazing experience, such intellectual and majestic animals. Hearing, feeling, smelling, the sensation was flabbergasting. The majority of the Kenyan people are very keen of preserving the Kenyan wildlife, which according to me is just fantastic. As the African people describe it, it´s part of their culture, their identity and home.

And the music festival was like a having a walk with your senses. Taking in the picture of your friends sitting and cheering for the amazing musicians is a beautiful and familiar one. The show offered poetry as well in a lovely collaboration with the music, which created a balanced and clear atmosphere.

What I have come to realize here so far that I value the most is that the Western view that some individuals might have is very distant from the reality. The heartbeat of Nairobi is extremely alive. It indicates an optimistic mind that flows through the population and that feeling from Kibera has now developed into respect and perspective.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in my previous post and till next time. Have a good one.

Hugs and kisses from yours, Carl Tengroth.

Oh and another thing, I understand now why most people here die from car accidents. It´s horrifying to see how people drive here and even more to be in it, but I do must say. The drivers have some real balls driving that way. It´s like every turn is a death sentence.

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This is an invitation for everyone out there who might be interested in following me through my one-year journey in Africa. The English is due to some international readers who might be curious.

So one whole week has passed by in a flash and I’ve so far just had a mere taste of the culture here in Nairobi. More of that later when I have more experience in my luggage to share with you.

What I can tell you though is the campus life. It´s quite intense yet comforting, but sincerely interesting. Being social is the key to not just kill the time whilst we are behind the walls, but also the key to not be alone and shut out even though everyone have been utterly nice.

Luxury: Food is always served here and tasty as hell, very nice bedrooms with all the needs for a year of study, sun chairs, a big ass pool, climate is wonderful but the nights feels far colder than in Sweden, music room, tv room and at last very nice views.

If I were to describe my experience so far with 3 words it would be: psychedelic, harmony and rad.

Hugs and love to you all, see you when I’ve got some more thoughts on my mind.