We have decided to return to Barcelona for a 5 days vacation. This amazing city hasn't stopped to fascinate me, since I left last december. Still Barcelona will never be the same without the friends I met there last fall. It's amazing how something like an exchange period can leave such a permanent mark in you. I am so glad for the semester I had there and could happily take the chance again.

Hasta la próxima Barcelona!

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After a delayed flight we safely landed to Dusseldorf. A cold wind greeted us in Dusseldorf, and we were happy that we took thicker jackets with us.

On the first evening we just went to a Sushi/Asian place for dinner. The restaurant had a really nice concept how to order food. You paid 26e for the dinner. We got an iPad to the table where you could order your food from. It was possible to order 10 dishes at the same time (really small portions). One order equalled one round. In total it was possible to order a total amount of ten rounds. (I don't know who would be able to finish so many rounds.. )

So feeling really full after the dinner, we did some late night shopping and just went early to sleep to the hotel.

The next morning we waked up quite early. 'We ate breakfast at a local bakery and continued our way to the old parts of the city. On the way we saw some really beautiful (cherry?) trees. After a hour of walking we went for a coffee and cupcakes (yami)

Dusseldorf was a really silent city with the impressive Rhen river floating beside it. Worth a visit, but probably nicer in the summer.

Name of the cupcake place in Dusseldorf

The Rhen river and the TV-tower in Dusseldorf

Just some bird pictures again ..:D



Greetings from the airport! All the bachelor theisis presentations are over, so it is time for vacation. I am currently sitting in the airport waiting to board. We will first be in Dusseldorf two days and on Monday we are driving to Tilbury to visit my dear friend Johanna.

The holiday weather alsolooks promising. Five days of rain and dark clouds, but we are prepared :D Optimistically I took sunglasses with me (just in case) hehe..



I have not been blogging for months.. During this time I have returned to Finland and to "my normal life", Now I have been writing my thesis. I also got a new job, which I am super happy for!

In January we spent three weeks in sunny Thailand. Thailand delivered everything we wished for; sun, beach and happy people. I have been to Thailand before. From the last visit, I have raised concern about things happening there. As known Thailand is a developing country. Thailand has a huge waste problem, so I urge everyone visiting there to have a fabric bag with them and not take the plastic bags when buying stuff. Koh Lanta had a fresh-water system, where you could refill your bottle for free or for a small amount of money. This is great otherwise it is easy to consume 4-5 plastic bottles per day. As a tourist it is easy to fight against the waste problem, by saying no to plastic bags.

What is happening in the near future?

Next week we are flying to Dusseldorf with my boyfriend. We are renting a car and driving to Netherlands, We will go and visit my friend in Tilburg. Furthermore we are going to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. And of course celebrate KINGSDAY woppiedoo + enjoy waffles (yams)!

​It easy as a tourist to not care about issues the country you are visiting in. To clean after yourself and not use plastic bags or bottles are great ways to help the growing waste problems in developing countries.



A long weekend has passed in Madrid. What a beautiful city, with everything you need. Everything for everyone; shopping, amazing food, architecture and culture.

We have been eating a lot again.. Shopping and looking at Madrid's main attractions. Let the pictures speak for themselves..

Royal Palace




Well last weekend my friend Amanda from my home university visited me in Barcelona. I was super glad she came! Amanda took her roommate Melissa with her and all in all we had a really nice time together.

On Friday I went to meet them at Barcelona train station and soon enough two smiling girls where walking towards me. We were all hungry so we went to eat some Palestinian food near me. Small, cozy place in the neighbourhood Gracia. On Saturday we were all "hungry" for some shopping, so we were strolling around in the stores in Barcelona. On the evening we went out for dinner with some of my German friends.

On Sunday we did some sightseeing and ate a lot,,, again! haha.. :) We went to the beach to a place called MakaMaka, which serves amazing burgers. And soon after that it was time to say goodbye to Amanda and Melissa, because their train left back to Valencia.

I was quite tired on Sunday, but I still decided to go for a movie with my Polish friend Wanda. We went to see the newest James Bond. We weren't that impressed with the movie, but we still had a fun time :D

The fact that the finals are really near is becoming stressing.. So I have spent most of my time in the school library this week. Now I am going for some dinner with a group I had in a course. Have to say that we have had a really fun time doing this team-work and we all have been laughing the most during class.. :) So now we are going to celebrate that.. (first we would have celebrated our victory, because the course is a competition, but things didn't turn out exactly as we wanted to haha)

One of the things we ate with Amanda and Melissa, Churros with hot chocolate:)



Well the trip to Thailand is getting closer. We have made some plans, but tried to keep it simple. We want to be free to change our plans according what we feel for so we don't want to book so much in advance. The plans which are sure for now are that we arrive to Bangkok 24.12. We will be staying in Bangkok for 3 nights. After Bangkok we are heading towards Krabi. Our main purpose of this trip is to relax and don't worry or stress so that's why we are heading towards the beach! In Krabi I would love to see the small islands and maybe stay a few nights in some of them. After a week or so we are heading up North again. I have got many tips from my friends who have been in Thailand many times. Many of them state that Northern Thailand is the more authentic Thailand and beautiful. If you have some tips where to go/eat/sleep, I'm glad to hear them!

This picture is from "freedom island" taken 2012 when I was last time in Thailand



I live really near a plaza, I walk almost everyday passed it and weekly take coffee there. I can't help to smile, when I walk pass the plaza. People, young and old, not regarding the weekday are enjoying themselves there. The kids are playing in the middle, dogs are running around and sometimes even a musician comes and plays a song or two. The atmosphere of calmness and happiness, brings a smile to my face. 

Today, on my lazy sunday, I was sitting there for almost a hour. It is fun to watch people passing by, listening and observing different people. Don't you sometimes create a own life story to a complete stranger? 

People seem more relaxed here in Spain than in Finland. People talk to strangers, without that you get that creepy feel :D haha. We should relax more in Finland, and enjoy the little things. 



Recentely I have been trying to mix both pleasures and duties at once. I have been discovering multiple coffee shops and cafés in the big Barcelona and trying to do some studies at the same time. Here is some of my favourites

ONNA Coffee

A small café in Gracia concentrating on great coffees and high quality. Found the place when I was walking around my neighbourhood.

Granja Petitbo

A lovely café on Passeig Sant Joan. The amosphere there is cozy, modern and with vintage details. I ate a small sandwich and drunk a coffee. Not as great coffee as in ONNA and they didn't have any Wifi which is bad because I need it for my school work


Exactly next to Granja Petitbo is LIMONA. Really nice quite large café with friendly and welcoming staff. The coffee is amazing, and it should be the café has its own barista.

Onna café





​I was counting my weekends left in Barcelona and there are just 6 left!! The time has gone so fast! This weekend I get to enjoy my mothers and Christers company. Not sure yet what we are going to do. For sure enjoying good food and probably a little bit sightseeing. 

On 27.11 will my friend Amanda come here with another Finnish girl. Super excited about that also. We will be probably eating as well and maybe we are going to check what Barcelonas nightlife has to offer.

On the 5.12 I'm going with my friend Wanda to Madrid for a weekend. We found cheap flights and we are probably going to sleep over at Wandas friends apartment (not sure yet though). As I already mentioned time has gone so fast. I said to Wanda that I would like to go to Spains capital, if we are in Spain for exchange.. She agreed, so now we are going. Super happy! 

When I came here I thought I would have had time to go to Lisbon and other cities in Spain, but my workload from school has supriced me. The school requires a lot of hand-ins and other additional work that my free-time here is limited. After the trip to Madrid I'm only going to stay here for a couple of weeks more. 

The last week and a half I been sitting in the library trying to read for my mid-terms. The days has been long, I have been finishing reading at 11:30pm.. ( good that the schools library is open until 1am!!)