PICS BY @Jasminaleksandra

BLAZER, KNIT, BAG - zara // TROUSERS - ginatricot

1. My favourite colour is pink

2. ...and I love unicorns

3. Tv show I am watching right now - Empire

4. My favourite drinks are green tea with lemon & chai latte with coconut milk
5. I am 20 years old and I live in Helsinki, Finland

6. My favourite dessert is creme brule

7. I love breakfast! If I could decide I would be eating breakfast all the time

8. I have a weird fetish for squeezing pimples... even tho I never have any...

9. I never read cook books or internet recipes - I always come up with a recipe of mine - different every time

10. I really hard try to be vegan but when it comes to chocolate I just can't resist

11. I am a perfectionist and it's one thing I do not like that much about myself, but I have started to take it more easy and not care too much about little things that used to bother me

12. My favourite animal is a turtle - just because

13. I have never been to any coutry in Asia (but soon I will)

14. I bought a gym membership for a year just to motivate myself

15. I have a love/hate relationship with rainy weather



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It's Monday my readers! I hope you are about to start your week as open minded as I am.
I kinda dislike those quotes that in some way diss Monday. I mean, I sort of understand this
"Mondayhate" if you work/go to school only from Monday to Friday. But, if your concept of
weekend has sort of vanished because you work basically all the time or on any days of
the week then this "Mondayhate" doesn't really make sense... Anyhow, what my point was supposed to be
was that let's have a happy Monday, or even better let's celebrate Monday! A new week starts
so you can empty your mind of all the last week's stress, tiredness or any negative thoughts or
feelings. Now it's time to shine! (I wish the sun could hear me...)

But now to the actual point of this post! If you live in North Europe you already know that well, we
are not blessed by the mother nature with many of these "perfect photo shoot" days in a year.
Anyhow, all of us who are blogging or interested in photography try to make it through the
darkest, rainiest & coldest months. I love taking photos - it's like yoga or meditation for me. It
eases my mind and inspires me. Most of all, it makes me happy. Remember to do things in life that
REALLY make you happy. In the end of the day, happiness is what matters the most. So I try to keep
myself happy and one way is to take lots and lots of photographs of different people in different
locations. Few days back, when it was pouring water & one of the coldest days of this autumn, we
went to take photos for Minna(find her blog here ). It was planned ahead so I guess neither of us did not want to cancel
even though the weather was not the most optimal, haha. But it all turned out perfect! So don't
stay home and cancel your plans just because the weather is not the best.

Here are some of the photos we took!

If you have a possibility take photos at indoor places like museums,
cafes, PR offices or galleries. Blogger always finds her/his way!

Run when you see a ray of sunlight & be quick once you start taking photos

Bring a brush or a comb and hair spray if you want to keep your hair as
flawless as it was when you left home

When editing the photos add some warmth to the photos if they seem to look too 'cold'

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Fur & bag - zara // Trousers - ginatricot // T-shirt - stussy // Beret - &otherstories
Hey there!
Long time no outfit post so here I am with my new fluffy fur.
These pictures were taken on last Wednesday by Aurora (find her blog from here ).
Four blogger girls had a rather unfortunate photo shoot day then since it was raining the w h o l e day...
But well we managed to get the photos we needed for everyone so in the end of the day everyone was
happy with the results. Trust me it's difficult being a blogger in a country where it's warm for 2 months
a year and cold days for the rest 10 months. Anyhoow, there are always few beautiful days, few sunny hours
and that's when we hit! So heads up - I might not be posting that many outfit posts now that the winter comes
closer and closer but I promise I will try my best to have at least one outfit post per week.

Now to more interesting things! In almost exactly a month I will leave on a vacation or maybe more of an adventure.
I will be away for around a month and I will now give you a little hint - I will be travelling to Asia. It's still a
secret which countries I will visit during one month but I promise I will soon let you know.

Have you ever visited Asia? Which countries and cities and which were your favourites? Let me know!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Hope you enjoyed the photos - remember to leave comments & like.



It was 6.20am on a Wednesday morning in Rome and I was sipping some green tea and while trying to wake up. I thought it would be helpful to list out "7 most worth seeing places in Rome" here on my blog. Whether you are travelling to Rome in the close future or planning on travelling to Rome these tips could help you to decide which places you would like to visit. I will list 7 places in Rome I enjoyed the most and I would love you to comment below if you think I missed out a place worth mentioning. Of course I cannot fit everything in the magical seven but these will just be my personal tips based on my interests & likes. Hope you will find this post helpful! Btw the list will not be in any preference order - just to let you know.

Let get into it!

1. Vatican and everything in there

You should definitely go visit Vatican city just because it is full of history, beautiful places and buildings to see. We unfortunately did not go inside of the St. Peter's Cathedral or the museum of Vatican but you can purchase a nice guided tour which will only cost you 32 euros and you get to see all three - the cathedral, museum and garden. Even if you only looked at things from the outside you will get the experience, in my opinion.

2. Colosseum

Do I even have to explain why? Well it's only one of the world's seven miracles - there is already a reason good enough haha. Good tip - bring your ID or passport if you are a EU citizen and between the ages 18 and 25 because you will get a nice 50% discount of the ticket! For others the ticket costs 15 euros and it will allow you an entrance for two days. We only went once and I definitely think that it was enough since there is not THAT much to see inside even though there is a nice museum like part there on the second level.

3. Trevi Fountain

Honestly, this place is just something you have never seen before. It is just so B E A U T I F U L. It is kinda cool how almost every sightseeing spot is ust located inside of tiny streets of Rome. This fountain is a good example. You walk on these narrow streets and try to find your way to the fountain and then it is just there right in front of you in a small piazza. Worth seeing definitely and if you are determined enough you might get a picture of the fountain and just you. Just like I did.

4. Altar of the Fatherland

To begin with, these pictures cannot even capture the gorgeousness of this gem (more on my upcoming travel vlog). This was the most beautiful building in whole Rome. Our favourite! This place makes no sense at all. It is just crazy how beautiful it is. Blogger's dream photoshoot location with all the white marble, lol... And buy a ticket to the terrace where these photos were taken. It only costs 7 euros per person and the view is absolutely breathtaking.

5. Castel Sant' Angelo

This historical fortress goes all the way back to the year AD 139 when it was built to e a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian. So it is one of the oldest buildings in Rome and one of the most famous sightseeing spot. You can actually go inside of it if you are interested in seeing more than just the outer part. We decided not to because we had plenty of other places to visit on the same day. Also close to the Vatican city so this could be seen on a same day as all the beauty of the Vatican.

6. Piazza Navona

The biggest plaza in Rome which makes it a lot more spacious than the other smaller but cute plazas. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes close by and the cute narrow streets of the ancient Rome. A spot for taking a moment from the present to relax a little and adore the beauty of the Baroque style buildings. Close to Campo de Fiori where you can find a nice market place to see the street market vibes in Italy. Remember to go there early because all the stands will be collected around 5PM.

7. Trastevere

More of a hip and "cool" part of Rome where you do not meet as many tourists as in the heart of Rome and see the "real Romans". This part I would totally recommend for everyone to visit for its authentic streets and buildings. Great restaurants, cafes & gelaterias everywhere and for a little cheaper than in the centre of Rome. Restaurants to recommend: Ivo Trastevere & Tonnarello.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and wish you to comment thoughts below!

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Hey there!
Yesterday we headed to a place called Flower Burger. I found it on Tripadvisor when searching for vegan foods in Rome. This place is located close to the Vatican city so you can actually catch two flies at once! The address is Via dei Gracchi 87, 00192 Rome, Italy and it's super easy to find. Also the Supreme Court is close to this awesome burger place. But let's talk about the burgers! It's all vegan spot AND you have quite many burger options to pick from. I had seen that they serve pink ones so yes I had to get that one. My boyfriend got a black one which actually was not as tasty as my cute pink one. So the taste, the burgers were super delicious especially the pink one! It had a lentil patty and all the other ingredients inside the burger just made the burger perfect. Definitely visit this place if you are vegan & going to Rome! Even though my boyfriend is not vegan or vegetarian, he enjoyed this place too!

Now let's get to yesterday's outfit.

SHIRT & BACKBAG - zara // TROUSERS - bershka // SHOES - superga

I hope you enjoyed this post and the photos!

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BLAZER - zara // PANTS - ginatricot // TOP - vila // SHOES - superga // BAG - mango
My October started with a bubble bath in the morning and a tasty hotel breakfast. This month could not have started better! Yesterday it was raining here in Rome so we decided to go see a shopping mall close by. It was kinda one of our only plans, since Rome is definitely one of those cities where everything you want to see is outside. This, however, did not bother us at all because we (I) actually wanted to go to stores like Bershka and Pull and Bear and these stores were only located in some shopping malls, not on the streets in the heart of Rome. This is probably good to know if you are planning to travel to Rome! In the end, I did not find that many things to buy but I got few pieces and you will see them later in here. So yes, yesterday was quite a relaxed day for us. Later in the evening we went to get dinner in this place we had passed by earlier to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. The food was definitely not the best in town... it looked like my risotto was swimming in water... We left to find another place to get drinks and maybe more food, lol. Happily, we found this really cute spot called 'Urbana 47 local kitchen' which serves variety of different foods and has awesome customer service! This place I would recommend and we might go back already today.

Now we will go and explore the city some more. Today's plan is to see at least Piazza Navona and Campo De Fiori and just walk around on the beautiful streets of Rome. Have a wonderful Monday! Xoxo



TOP - h&m // TROUSERS - mango // SHOES - store in Rome // BAG - zara

On our first full day we strolled around the city to get to know the places a little bit. Neither of us have never visited Rome so this place is something very new for both of us. As we know it always takes few days to understand the map and the city. Luckily, before the trip I went to my operator and asked them to make my internet work also in Rome. That decision has helped us soooo much because we can just check the map all the time and actually see where we walk. I would definitely recommend to get your internet work abroad too if your operator offers that possibility.

Anyhooow, the first day we did a little shopping but tbh Rome is not the best shopping city - at least for me there is nothing special. The food is super good, there are many vegan places which made me positively surprised! Loving the city already with all the beautiful ancient buildings and how much history it has to offer.

Second day was mainly spent in Vatican. We did not enter any of the places but we are still thinking if we will later on go see the inside of the St. Peters Cathedral. We also walked through Trastevere which is more 'hip' part of Rome and it seemed like the locals like it a lot. The restaurant we visited was called 'Tonnarello' and it was amazing! The food was delicious and the price was good too, 8,5 euros for a big vegetarian pizza.

Today we will continue seeing the city! Latersss



1. Cut out that take away coffee

It might not seem like "a big money spending" when every morning before work you treat yourself with a nice latte or cappuccino - but think about it! 5€ per morning gets quite expensive yearly, actually over 1800€ expensive.

The Solution

Keep it as a special thing! Maybe only once a week or even once every two weeks - that will save you some big money! 52 weeks per year makes it 260€ annually instead of 1800€. You just saved 1540€! Replace the expensive take away coffee with coffee made by yourself! And if you want to go super fancy with your morning coffee get yourself one of those milk foamers, now you can make your own lattes!

2. Avoid impulse purchases

This is something everyone in this world should learn and know by heart. It is such a money hole! You know the feeling of needing something and the feeling of getting something just because it's there in the right place at the right time. Such things are the things that are usually close to the cashier. Things you really do not need but want because they are infront of your nose.

The Solution

Only buy things you planned on buying. If there are for example perfumes at the counter - do not buy them just because they were cheap or cute. Do not buy them at the very moment. Only purchase the things you actually took with you to the counter. If you still want the perfume after leaving the store, going home and sleeping over the night - then you either really do need/want it or then the store just did a really good work with their add-on sales, lol. Probably you do not even remember the perfume on the next day - this way you can save up many many euros!

3. Eat home more

This might seem like an obvious tip but for some it is not. Eat home more - meaning avoid eating in restaurants and buying snacks during the day. Try not to visit a restaurant for lunch and/or dinner everyday just because you were too lazy to prepare your own food. Even though it is fun to go out to eat with friends, it will take a lot of money from you if it's every night thing!

The Solution

Meal prep, plan your eating & bring food with you. If you for example work at an office or basically at any job - make your lunch at home on the previous day and remember to take it with you! Take enough food with you to cut out those afternoon cravings and remember to drink lots of water during everyday. Lunches are usually over 10€ in many cities, so imagine the amount you can save up in a year by leaving those sushi lunches out (hint: 3650 euros). Also plan ahead when you will eat out to avoid impulse decisions. Eating out max. once a week will keep you happy & avoid being broke. Try to keep eating out more of a special occassion than an everyday thing. Lastly, try applications like 'Resq' (this tip only for the Finns) & sign up for loyalty cards etc. to save up some real money if eating out is what you REALLY enjoy.





PLACE: Goodio
LOCATION: Kanavaranta 7C, Helsinki. The location by the harbour could not be better for this beautiful cafe.
MENU: Various smoothies & smoothie bowls, coffee, tea & some other beverages. Soon they will have avocado toasts too!
IMPRESSION: Good music, tasty smoothie bowls & friendly customer service. When you step inside you can already feel the relaxed vibe! The decorations are super cute and tropical which made me feel like I was back in Jamaica again. It is definitely a perfect getaway spot from rainy and foggy days! Pop by and you will see!
WOULD I RECOMMEND: I would recommend this place for people who enjoy good vibes and tropical destinations. This place is definitely for everyone who enjoys a little extra breakfast or just wants to experience a coffee shop that is a lot different from others!

(pic of me by @Jasminaleksandra )


PLACE: Voffeli Kaffeli
LOCATION: Museokatu 11, Helsinki. On a photographic old street with beautifully coloured buildings.
MENU: They have waffles with SO many different topping options. You may pick a salty or a sweet topping for your waffles. I personally decided to go with the sweet option which was fresh strawberries, whipped cream and some raspberry jam. Various coffee and tea options & other beverages too.
IMPRESSION: Cute antique furniture make this place just like your grandmom's house but in a modern way ish. The place smells like waffles so already when entering the place you just NEED to try them out. The portion is decent size even though we are talking about just one waffle. Anyhow, it's totally worth the money. The owner is also super friendly so you will love the place.
WOULD I RECOMMEND: Great place for anyone who loves waffles! So tasty and fresh. This is a must try coffee shop if you are looking for something special & something more than just a cookie with your latte.

(pic of me by Julia)


PLACE: Primero Urban Eatery
Pohjoisesplanadi 41, Helsinki - inside of the department store Stockmann with it's own entrance. Nice view to the city centre
Lunch, ala carte, pastries, coffee & other beverages - more of a restaurant than a coffee shop
So cute I had to mention them on this post! I could make a post about the best restaurants in Helsinki and this would probably go under that category too. So this place is super cute with many instagram photo possibilities - isn't that what's important in this era haha! Good food, for vegans / meat eaters / cake lovers / coffee addicts - you name it!
I would recommend this place for anyone because of their HUGE menu. Also 'cause it's so cute and aesthetic with all the cute pink chairs and flamingo printed walls! Go for a lunch or enjoy a latte. One minus side - they did not have any vegetarian milk options...

(pic of me by Aurora)