Something we visited with school at Dunkers in Helsingborg that i foundation beautiful💛

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Outfits from this weekend. We had birthday parties both saturday and sunday. Its an very nice black skirt from Zara, the dark pink shirt is from primark in London and the light pink blouse is from hm. The belt is also from London but from Urban outfitters! I really loved these outfits so felt like posting them!



Hi, Today I'm at school again. I have swedish lesson and then I have hair lesson.

At the swedish lesson we are doing an assigment about water.
I'm also watching a Kdrama named " school 2017" It' super good and i've watched school 2015 which is one IF My favourites. I hope this one is as good, IT hasn't disappointed me yet and I'm at episode 3. It's with Kim Seo Jeong from i.o.i so I had to watch it!!

After school I went to My boyfriends place and hanged out there for a while. We also ate hamburger.
Then i got home and now we are watching idol and dating candy.

Today was short post! Thank you for Reading!



Today it's school, i go by train there so Ive to wake up super early. I have to do My make up and get dressed. Today we also have school photo which means that Ive to look extra good😊

But first we have one lesson and make up lesson.

At the make up lesson we had a test and then we watched some third graders do extra effect make up. We are going to help them at an event the first monday on our autumn break. It's a crime scene thing, where we are going to do wounds and other things on people for an accident so that the ambulance and fire men can practice their job on them. I'm super exited.

Then we made som skisses for out next lesson.

And then i took the bus home to my boyfriends place.

After that I waited for my boyfriend while doing homework and watching YouTube.

We are doing our own companies at school which is called UF in Sweden. So I'm doing that and also a assignment about weddings.

After what felt like 200 hours my boyfriend finally showed up and we ate some curry.. yummyyy🤤

And now we are looking at our phones and cuddling 😊 here is also some pics of me and him and also my make up for today❤️

Thank you for reading !



Hi, Today is Wednesday which means internship for me!
I work at a salon in my hometown named Maderma.
It's a fun experience and I learn a lot!
I do everything from cleaning, phone calls, dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes.
It's so funny to met new people, it's so interesting and good to learn for my future, service is the most important in my career!

I wore very simple clothes which I'm supposed to wear here. I wore a pair of jeans and a black tee. I'm also supposed to wear make up and have my hair in a ponytail.

Today I got to do something new, I did nail art on plastic nails. it was super fun and I love the colours..ahh so many colors. I also got to do with flakes and oh my god.. they were stunning!!

Here is some pictures of them:

After i finishen working, i took the bus home. When i got home I ate hamburger.

Then i changed into My work out clothes and powerwalked.

It's my little brother's birthday today so we will eat som cake and then i'll look for clothes til tomorrow❤️

And thats my day!

Thank you for reading!!



Hi guys, today I felt to do my own blog to write about things that I feel like writing about but also to post things for my future.

As you might read from the description, I go to a make up program so a lot of pictures will be of make up but there will also be hauls, diys , fashion and just other things from my life!💛

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys will like this blog!

Here are some pictures !!