Hey guys! For those of you who haven't gotten all their presents yet I have a tip for you! I recently got into contact with Mermaid Stories , a new accessories brand. I got the FREJA watch from their first collection and I am in love with it. The products are made from vegetable tanned leather from Germany, so they are very soft and comfortable to wear. You can see their whole collectionHERE . If you want to order the watch as a gift for Christmas, make sure to do it as soon as possible, so that it get's delivered on time. You can find more information about that HERE . I must say, I have recently become obsessed with watches, I didn't use to wear them much, but now I won't leave my apartment without one on my hand. What I like about Mermaid Stories is that the watch has a soft strap and it has a a really nice patter. Oh and it comes in a super cute pink box! So if you want to give it to someone as a gift you won't need to re-wrap it to make it fancy. The watches are designed in Copenhagen and they definitely have the Nordic vibe going for them! Make sure to check their website:)


Ahoj! Jestli ještě nemáte všechny dárky, mám pro vás dneska tip! Nedávno mě zkontaktovala firma Mermaid Stories, která se specializuje na šperky a dolplňky. Dostala jsem hodinky FREJA z jejich kolekce a už teď je zbožňuju. Jsou ze speciální kůže z Německa, takže jsou jemné a příjemné na nošení. Celou kolekci hodinek si můžete prohlédout TADY. Nikdy jsem moc hodinky nenosila, ale teď jsem si na ně tak zvykla, že bez nich neopouštím byt. Tyhle z Mermaid Stories jsou ideálním dárkem, navíc vám už přijdou v krásné, růžové krabičce, takže máte vystaráno s balením, haha. Hodinky jsou navrženy v Kodani, takže jsou ideální pro milovnice severské módy a designu. Určitě se podívejte na jejich stránky, stojí za to! :)

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Those of you who have been following me for some time now probably know that I get a lot of people visiting me! I usually take them for a 2 day tour through Copenhagen and if there is time we go a bit out of the city for one day. I have a few tips for you guys of what is manageable in one day. It seems like one day is too short to travel out of Copenhagen if you are here only for maybe 3 days, but it is definitely doable. With my cousins last week we did Copenhagen in one day and then rented a car and drove North on Saturday and South on Sunday and they left on Sunday. So I guess since Denmark is tiny it is easy to do a lot in a short time. And we didn't even wake up crazy early or anything haha.

1. Klampenborg and Dyrehaven
Take a train 20 minutes from the central station and you will find yourself in an absolutely stunning small town called Klampenborg. And there you have a variety of activities available to you. You can take a horse-draw carriage in Dyrehaven, which is the "deer garden". The name actually suits the place, because there really are deer everywhere! And they are very photogenic haha. You will also find Bellevue Beach- a very picturesque place with nice piers and a great beach in the summertime where you can swim and chill in the sun. The amusement park Bakken is also located in Dyrehavn. We went there one summer with Tad's 3 little siblings and it was so much fun! There are so many cool rides and restaurants.

Transport: S-train C or regional train from Central station. The S-train is also possible to take from Nørreport, Vesterport, Østerport. Leaves aprox every 10 minutes. Check times on weekends as they may leave less often.

Deer at Dyrehaven

Horse drawn carriage through dyrehaven

Hunting castle at Dyrehaven

Bellevue beach

2. The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium. It is also a stunning building and worth seeing for any architect. It is nice both for children and grown-ups. Tad and I went there about a year ago and it is so cool! There are many cool types of fish and really nice food! I would recommend going there for lunch and then walking around for a bit. It is still in Copenhagen so it can maybe be just a half-day trip. But once you are there you probably want to walk around and go to Amager Strand- a pretty beach with a lot of people going on walks and runs. In the summer it is a great place for a BBQ.

Transport: Metro from Nørreport to Kastrup St. or the 5A bus. The metro leaves every few minutes.

Images from google

3. Going North
There are so many amazing places to go up North from Copenhagen but I can recommend- Helsingør, where you find Hamlet's castle and the Maritime museum (1), Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød (2) , and Fredensborg (3). In Fredensborg you will find the Fredensborg caslte, which is the autumn estate of the crown prince of Denmark. Since we borrowed a car it was possible to do all three at once, but if you took the train you can probably only manage one at a time. Also if you drive up you will hit Arne Jacobsen's gas Station (4), where you can stop for a cup of coffee. Furthermore you can take a farry from Helsingør to Helsinborg in Sweden. My parents did it in the summer and said it was great. It takes about 20 minutes to cross from Denmark to Sweden.

Transport: to Helsingør: regional train from central station, leaves every 2O minutes. Hillerød: S-train A, leaves every 10 minutes. Fredensborg is a bit harder to get to, but you can take the regional train and a bus. If you take the car, drive to Helsingør around the beach on Strandvej and not the higway because you will get more scenery.

Hamlet's Castle (Kronborg) in Helsingør

Maritime Museum in Helsingør

Hillerød- Frederiksborg castle

Fredesborg Castle

Arne Jacobsen's Gas Station

4. Møns Klint
I wrote about this place a few days ago, you can find more pictures HERE. The drive from Copenhagen takes about 2 hours and I would not recommend taking public transport because it takes 4 and a half hours- and that is just not worth it. Once you are there you will find beautiful white chalk cliffs above the open sea. It is an absolutely stunning view. If you decide to go in autumn/ winter be sure to pack a lunch because that part of Denmark is completely closed haha. We couldn't find a single restaurant. Maybe it was also due to the fact that we went on a Sunday, but still! Oh and for sure take walking shoes- you will need to climb up thousands of stairs to get there. Talk about leg day...

5. Malmö
Across the Øresund bridge (from the famous series The Bridge) you will find a lovely Swedish city Malmö. It is very easy to get there from Copenhagen. I actually have some friends who live there and travel to school in Copenhagen every day. In Malmö there are a of of things to see, you can go into the city centre for shopping and to the beach, where you get a great view of the bridge and the Turning Torso, which is the tallest building in Scandinavia.

Transport: Regional Train from the Central Station, leaves every 20 minutes. I am not sure what the situation is now with going to Sweden, but normally it takes about 40 minutes to get to Malmö. However with the boarders being closed you might need to switch trains at the Copenhagen airport.

Map of Malmö walk- borrowed from Google

View of the Turning Torso- Google image

View of the bridge from the Malmö beach



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I love my DSLR camera, I really do! But there are some things, that it just can't do. For example? Give me the pictures I take straight away haha. The instantaneity of the instax is one of the reasons I love it. Within a minute, the picture I took is emerged on a piece of photo paper. I really enjoy the surprise as well- sometimes I mess up the picture completely and sometimes it comes out and looks perfect. Either way, it is a lot of fun. I have been testing this little fella for a few days now. It has a lot of functions to play around with, allowing you to get many different outcomes. Tad and I took some pictures of Toastie and Minii the first day we got it and they are so cute! The cats were a bit freaked out by it- maybe it was the flash haha. But I need to say, with christmas coming and all that, I can really recommend the instax cameras as christmas gifts. I mean, we all have smartphones with cameras, but since you get the pictures off the Instax straight away, it really is a crowd pleaser! I will definitely bring it along to parties and events with me, because the pictures are completely different than what you have off a normal camera. I guess you could call it retro!

Tad and I got an old polaroid camera as well, but it is a lot bigger and it is not possible to set modes on it, so there is less room to manoeuvre. 

The INSTAX one that I got is one of the highest performing cameras from instax, so it is possible to set the light, exposure and what not. But for someone who does not know much about how to use these feautures it works just as fine. I am really happy that there is a macro mode, because I can take close-ups. If any of you have questions about this let me know :) maybe I can be of some help!




Waking up at 6, making class at 8 and staying at school until the evening to read, read, read... and still be behind. Well, that is the reality many students face at the university level. University is a full time job. It is stressful, exhausting and tiring! As if all the studying wasn't enough- we are also expected to get jobs, because once you go for job interviews everyone expects that you have already worked and have loads of experience. And even though all of it is tough as hell, we all do it and in some miraculous way we succeed!

For me personally the most important thing that helps me get through all this is being motivated. I find motivation so important, because it gives me the will to go through enormous amounts of stress and drama with a smile on my face! So where do I find motivation? I have a few techniques that help me and I will try to formulate them so they make the most sense haha.

1) Studying with a friend
Not many people are capable of sitting at home by themselves and reading. Most people end up cooking, cleaning, watching series or any other activity that "home" offers. What I find helps me push through long hours of studying is being with someone who is doing the same. Because then you can motivate each other- I mean no one wants to seem like a quitter and stop reading first right? Or just go to the school library where you have another couple hundred people doing the same. It always helps being surrounded with other students!

2) Find what inspires you
When you are at school, there will always be things you love and things you hate. The same as at work- some tasks are fun, others suck! But we have to do all of it. So what you have to do is find that one class that really drives you forward and give it 100%. And try keeping in mind how interesting it is and think of the feeling you have when you are reading something intriguing. I guess it is a little hard to fully explain what I mean about this. But I have one class, that I love and I find it so amazing- and whenever I am studying something else and feel helpless I think about that class and it immediately makes me motivated to learn more.

3) Think of studying as learning
As I mentioned in the previous posts, the amount of texts we have to read is insane. And sometimes I just get annoyed that I have to read and get annoyed at what I am reading because I don't think it is interesting. Then I get tired of reading and the words just start passing by without me even realizing what I am looking at. So I try to think of school texts as newspaper articles. Imagine that you pick up a magazine or newspaper and you are reading through- for example something like the economist or New York Times, even though you are not particularly interested in some of the things that are written there, you still want to read it so you know what is going on in the world. So I think of the texts as newspaper articles, that I am reading to get new information in stead of feeling like it is something I need to get through. It is so important to realize that all the readings give us new information and that by reading and understanding what is written there we become smarter!

4) Watch better series
There are many good series out there. For me, series like Suits or House of Cards make me want to study! I don't know why! Maybe because there is a bunch of successful people in there and I want to be like them? Or because I want to understand all the political, economic and financial concepts they are talking about? Either way, watching "smart" series motivates me to do better. And I am sure that I am not the only one who feels that way!

I hope that at least some of these points will help! I know that everyone is different and has unique ways of keeping motivated so feel free to let me know how you do it!




Hey guys!! Since I have been sick for the last week- I really got thinking about different things that could help people be more organised and work better. And I realised that there is actually one rule I follow quite a bit. It is called the one minute rule- and it pretty much means, that everything that you need to do ( if it takes only around one minute to do) you do the moment you think of it. ( excuse all the "dos" in the previous sentence haha). SO- it is pretty simple. But you can be thinking- what tasks can I do in under a minute? Well, you can pay the bills, feed the cats, wipe a stain of the floor, water the plants, take out the trash, reply to emails and texts - i even consider cleaning the dishwasher in this rule ( it takes me about 1:60 to do that- I have been measuring it based on my microwave. I always heat food for about 3 minutes, and I was like- yeah, I can totally clean the dishwasher in that time- and what do you know! It takes less than that! However that could be due to the fact that we have a small kitchen- but you get the idea right).

Anyway I think that this is one of the rules that are really good to follow! Because these little individual tasks, well- they only take a minute of your time. But if you keep procrastinating and don't do them straight away you can end up with having a hours work and you will probably forget half the things you were supposed to do! Another thing I found helps me get more organised is to clean the apartment before I go to bed. And I don't mean vacuum and wipe the floors- but I take all the things from the living room like cups and water glasses or plates and put them into the kitchen, where I put them in the dishwasher- again it only takes a bit over a minute to do this, but in the morning I wake up and the apartment is nice and clean and I get a fresh start!

I wonder if any of you already do this? I think it is a pretty popular strategy for "young adults" because we have so much stuff we need to deal with- we are constantly on our phones and Facebook where anyone can contact us even at unholy hours haha! So in a way we are super busy, but it isn't even our fault! Good luck :))