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I love my DSLR camera, I really do! But there are some things, that it just can't do. For example? Give me the pictures I take straight away haha. The instantaneity of the instax is one of the reasons I love it. Within a minute, the picture I took is emerged on a piece of photo paper. I really enjoy the surprise as well- sometimes I mess up the picture completely and sometimes it comes out and looks perfect. Either way, it is a lot of fun. I have been testing this little fella for a few days now. It has a lot of functions to play around with, allowing you to get many different outcomes. Tad and I took some pictures of Toastie and Minii the first day we got it and they are so cute! The cats were a bit freaked out by it- maybe it was the flash haha. But I need to say, with christmas coming and all that, I can really recommend the instax cameras as christmas gifts. I mean, we all have smartphones with cameras, but since you get the pictures off the Instax straight away, it really is a crowd pleaser! I will definitely bring it along to parties and events with me, because the pictures are completely different than what you have off a normal camera. I guess you could call it retro!

Tad and I got an old polaroid camera as well, but it is a lot bigger and it is not possible to set modes on it, so there is less room to manoeuvre. 

The INSTAX one that I got is one of the highest performing cameras from instax, so it is possible to set the light, exposure and what not. But for someone who does not know much about how to use these feautures it works just as fine. I am really happy that there is a macro mode, because I can take close-ups. If any of you have questions about this let me know :) maybe I can be of some help!

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed a nice weekend! I wish that weekends were longer- there is not enough time for everything. On one hand weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, but I mean honestly- no grown up person believes that! For us, weekends are for catching up on work or readings. And even though we know that we have the days off, we still feel like that we are doing something wrong when we actually rest!

But not this weekend! I took the time off and did things that I like and enjoy. And it worked out pretty well :). The pictures I am sharing today are ones I took on Friday. For the first time I actually took a lot of time to make a still-life setting and I am so so happy about how they turned out. I will have to do this more often! I really like the colour of the pictures- the flowers set a really nice autumn cozy mood! I took the pictures on my window, there is a space about 1,2m x 60cm- so not very big, but in the winter it is all I get, because that is where there is good light. Being a photographer in Scandinavia in the winter months is tough! There are only about 2-3 hours of workable light. And if someone has a full time job, well then they don't really see sunlight for a few months haha. I hope you guys like the pictures, as I said- I am so happy about them :)

P.S. The products that I styled are from Eva Solo:)




Hey guys! I have been looking at other blogs and pictures and I was thinking- how the hell do people take pictures like this? Well, they don't, most of the amazing results are obtained through post-production. So I decided to try to make a pink sunset. I am personally not a pro in editing, but I like challenging myself and trying a bunch of different things and seeing what happens. So I want to give you a little tip of how to edit a photo of a sunset so that there is pink light! I tried it today with a photo I found online. Here is the result:

Here are the steps:

1. Open photo in Lightroom and edit brightness/contrast to get some "life" in the picture. You can also edit highlight and shadows- just see what you like!

2. Use Gradient tool: and you will have to drag from top down and a dot will appear like you see on the picture below. I did it so that the whole sky is covered all the way to the water

3. Play around with the gradient settings. As you can see I put the temperature all the way up and made the tint pink. Also on the second picture I selected the pink colour, which makes the picture more colourful!

4. Make the whole picture pink and color it out so it is consistent- just say " done" to editing the gradient and then you will start working on the whole picture like you would normally do in Lightroom. If you have any questions just write to me :)! Good luck!




Many of you have been asking about my camera. So I decided to make a post about how I take pictures. A little of history: I got my first camera - NIKON D90 for my 18th birthday. I think I used it for a week and then I didn't touch it until February 2015( 4 years later) when I started hanging out with Simone. We would meet up and would try to take pictures. Back then I only had a 18-105mm lense. A few months later I did some research and found out that the best thing for me is to buy a new lens. I went for the 35mm/f1,8. I remember standing in the photo store and having the guy try to explain to me all of these complicated things that I did not understand. I felt so stupid haha- going to buy an expensive lens and not knowing what the F*** I was doing haha.

Anyway, a few months passed and I met Bee. I think that is really the time I started properly taking photos, because I started using manual in stead of just automatic. So I learned how to work with my camera and how to take proper pictures. It did not take long and I realized that the camera I had was not enough for me. Now I take pictures every day. I always have my camera with me. I love taking photos! So I decided that it was time to buy a new one.

I really wanted a flip screen, because it comes handy when taking photos of food or shoes. And I knew I wanted a Nikon. I also really wanted a full frame camera, so I decided that the NIKON D750 would be best for me. However,the flip screen on that model was not really the way I wanted, it would only move a little thus I decided that camera was not the best fit for me. I did some more research and found the NIKON D5500, which is super popular nowadays because it is really light and the screen turns all the way! It is the one I ended up buying, and honestly I love the camera. It is not a full frame, so I can use all my lenses for it and I love how light it is! I carry my camera everywhere and all the time, so it is the perfect fit for me.

In the future I really want to get a full frame camera, but I am not yet sure which one! I think during 2016 I will get another camera. I am really passionate about taking pictures, and I feel like it is worth investing in! But anyway here is a little sum-up:

                  Camera:Nikon D90 & Nikon D5500 Lenses: 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6 18-105mm/f3,5-5,6 35mm/f1,8 50mm/f1,8

DSC_0681 DSC_0685 DSC_0688

I really love experimenting with pictures. Sometimes I just spent hours standing in one place and trying out different settings and seeing how the camera reacts. I never had any photography courses, I learned all the rules online or by having someone more experienced explain it to me. I really love using a tripod, because it make the pictures sharper! unfortunately I do not have the steadiest hands, so sometimes I screw up pictures by moving too much. But I am really excited for learning more about photos and getting my pictures to be even sharper and better quality. That is the thing I have been struggling with the most lately- that my pictures are not properly focused and sharp!

The pictures here are some i took yesterday with my cousin Adela. We had a few sparklers and I though it would be cool to try and write something with them! We actually managed to write our names quite well haha! Tomorrow we will try it again, unfortunately today we ran out:(. The camera was set to ISO 3200, F22, 8seconds shutter speed. I will also have to share the pictures that I took of Prague in the evening, they turned out quite well!

DSC_0684 DSC_0689 DSC_0694 DSC_0683