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For 40 days now I haven't had any alcohol. It is quite a change, as I used to drink quite a lot- going out with friends, watching football in bars, having cocktails. I have had a hard few months- writing a bachelor, working part time and taking pictures, going to events- needless to say I didn't spend a lot of time looking after myself. I didn't do any excersize, I was quite unhealthy- when I look back I am surprised I survived haha. So after finishing my bachelor I decided to stop drinking and I started eating very selectively and I also started walking about 8km/ day. And after nearly a month and a half I can tell on my body how much better I am feeling.

1) I started having evening routines.

You know whenever you come home tipsy, you brush your teeth and kinda just pass out in bed? Even if you don't come home too late, you don't feel like taking off your make-up and stuff. Well, now- every evening, no matter what time I get home ( I have had a lot of long nights in the Czech Republic) I remove my make-up, wash my face, brush my teeth- really well, put some argan oil in my hair and prepare for my sleep. In total I spend maybe 30 minutes doing all that.

For 2 weeks I haven't skipped a day when I do this- normally some routines like this would last until the first night out, when I was too tired to do anything. But now I can see my skin is almost perfect, I don't have any pimples or black circles under my eyes. My hair is super healthy- it looks good even if I don't wash it for 3 days. I can tell my my body is a lot cleaner or something like that! It feels really good.

2) I have a lot more time.

We all know that ,with age, going out and drinking brings not only a one day hangover, but it messes up at least two days. The first morning you wake up tired and sick, so one day is pretty much wasted. The second day is never 100% ok. Some lucky individuals, don't have these problems, but for me it started around the age of 20, that the hangovers were just so much worse and I felt like sh*t for a long time.

Now, I can wake up every morning completely fresh. Even if I was out until maybe 1 or 2 am I am still feeling at least 98% in the morning. I wake up, have breakfast, go for a walk or do some work and I feel ok. I think this part is the most important for me because ,with all the school and work I will have to pull through once I start my masters degree, I will need all the time I can get.

3) I realised I don't need to be drunk to have a good time.

Before I decided to quit, I though not drinking would mean that I can't be as social and that hanging out with friends won't be fun. Actually the complete opposite is true, being sober all night means that I remember everything I spoke about with people, so I have better conversations. Also I won't humiliate myself by doing something completely stupid in the public. It is also nice that my friends are very understanding of the fact that I don't want to drink. And that is really important! There is nothing worse than having someone pushing you into drinking haha.

4) I feel 1000000% times better than before.

As I mentioned previously, the past semester was tough. Even though I didn't realise it at the moment, the amount of stress and "fear" was pretty devastating. And since I would go out and drink, rather than stay at home and cool off, I didn't have any "down time" for myself, so I was constantly working on half strength.

I still have days, when I am not feeling perfect, but I can tell a lot more how my body feels, because when I am tired it is only due to the fact that I have been doing too much. It doesn't happen anymore that I would try to stay out as long as possible because of FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out). It is a lot easier for me now, than before, to be able to tell when I need to rest and cool down. It feels really good haha!

​5) I save so much $$$.

Yeah, this part is actually quite worth it haha. Since I don't have any cocktails, and I am also not drinking anything besides tea, coffee or water- I save so much money! I mean I go out and spend maybe 20DKK on drinks per night- compared to maybe 300-400/DKK. Now the question is- what will I do with all the extra money?? :D!

All this said, I am not trying to promote sobriety or anything! I completely respect people who go out and party. For me I think that time has passed- not the going out, but the heavy partying phase of all that. At this point I am not sure if I am quitting drinking forever, or if it is just for some time. However considering how good I am feeling, I don't think that anything will be worth having a drink. I know I can have fun and be social without alcohol. I might not stay out as long, but I can still have a good time. I just don't feel sh*t in the morning. It might sound strange, but I think stopping drinking is one of the best decisions I made in a long time!

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Healthy/ Workouts

I read a really interesting article about Jennifer's workout and lifestyle changes to get the body she has. i really liked the points her nutritionist and workout instructors made, because they actually make sense, unlike many "diets" that are available online. I have decided to start working out and eating more healthy than I have been doing until now. I was really busy in 2016 which lead to eating unhealthy food with little time for meals and a lot of stress, which lead to stress eating and making poor lifestyle decisions! Needless to say I haven't been felling the best about myself! Fortunately I have a really cool roommate and with her we will start going to the gym again! So here are the few steps I plan on following for the next months to come, and hopefully my eating habits and lifestyle habits will change forever after that!!

Step 1: Staying Hydrated
This point is usually the hardest for me! I always forget to drink, sometimes I go a few days without drinking any water- I just drink coffee or tea! Dalton Wong, who is J.L's former trainer believes in salt water, but in drinking it, and he taught J.Law to mix a little salt water in with regular water, lemon water, and coconut water throughout her day. I will also try that- though it sounds pretty gross haha!

Step 2: Tiny Tea from Your Tea
I got the 28 day detox tea, which helps with weight loss, but also cleaning the body and increasing the energy levels. I have been waiting to try this for a really long time, because it is 28 days and you drink it 3 times a day it was hard to find a month when I would be at home for such a long time at once!

Step 3: Controlling Portions
I think this step is the most important! I am not a big fan of diets, that tell you what you can and can't eat, so seeing this makes more sense for me- I can still eat what I would do always ( of course I won't be going to McDonald's and places like that, but I won't limit my self too much. When I tried doing a strict diet I would usually loose it after a few weeks and attack the fridge haha.

Step 4: Working out with Kayla Itsines
I am sure most of you have heard about Kayla and her Bikini Body Guides! I must say I am a big fan, because I followed it maybe a year ago and the results were insane. To be honest it is not easy to do the workout plan, because your body gets really sore, but it is so worth it! The workout plan consists of 3 months work of exercise and you go to the gym to work out 3 times a week for 30 min, which is manageable so there are no excuses- it is also possible to do some of it at home!

Step 5: No Alcohol and Proper Sleep
These two are also really important! Being at University, alcohol is a daily part of life- so I need to cut it out completely. As for sleep, I wrote about how to get a better sleeping rhythm HERE. With school starting and having a lot of work, I slowly slipped into a bad sleep schedule, going to bed late and waking up tired in the morning so have to work on that as well.

I hope these few things will help you guys out! I know how hard it is to stay motivated and be persistent when it comes to healthy living- but this time I am doing it for real! I really believe I will finally succeed at having a healthier lifestyle then I have now! The full article about J. Law's plan isHERE.



Healthy/ Workouts
Here are a few pictures we took some time ago with Simone. I loves the location, so clean... I think these are one of my favorite pictures... I love workout clothes and they look so good on Simone! Anyway, lately I started working out based on Kayla's Bikini Body Guide. Do you guys know it? It is awesome! Kayla's Instagram is so inspirational, she posts success stories of girls who finished the 12 week guide and the results are amazing! I have been struggling with staying healthy and working out, so this guide really helps. She also has a nutrition guide, which is OK, but I don't think it is really worth the money!Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.16.34 The guide is planed out for 12 weeks with exercises for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday in the beginning you do legs, and it is fricking insane! The amount of times I walked home from the gym and barely moved my thighs haha! It is really intense. Then Wednesday is arms and abs day. Friday is a full body workout. The other days of the week you can choose to do LIT( low intensity training) or HIT( high intensity training). But i found it really nice that there was an exact schedule when to workout. Another great thing is that Kayla prepared specific moves. There are two sets for each day. You do each of the sets twice, each taking 7min. So pretty much you do set 1 , which is 4 different exercises for 7 min non stop, then you have 30seconds pause, then you do the 2nd set the same way... and you do this twice! It is only 30 min in total but it is insane and really works quite well!
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