Hola!! So Happy it is friday! I guess it doesn't really mean that much for me now, because i have so much stuff to do so weekends don't really apply to me much haha. But it is a nice feeling! Today I had class and then I spent some time at the library reading- now I am home and doing laundry. A few people are coming tonight so I guess we will watch a movie or something! It has been a pretty intense week- but very eventful! I spent a lot of time at the library and school, but I also got to sit outside in the sun and read, had coffee( I can't survive without coffee, so even if I am crazy busy I always make time for that), walked around Copenhagen, got some delicious food at Bento- a Japanese restaurant right under our apartment, also I started eating chia pudding and fruit - I go to torvehallerne to find exotic things like dragon fruit and passion fruit! Love it! Also the time of pomegranate is coming. I would normally sit and watch a movie and peel like 4 or 5 pomegranates , it is a form of therapy for me haha. Oh yeah and I have been going to bastard cafe lately- they have the best damn fries in the world! So yeah, even though life is busy, it is still pretty awesome! Have a lovely weekend everyone ❤️

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much- but all I have been doing is sitting and reading- so not really anything fun happening. But it gave me an idea of a post- about how to survive uni. A few weeks ago I started my master degree at CBS. At this point I have been at school for 16 years! And now there are two more to go. I suppose that by now you would think, that with 16 years of practice, going to school and staying on top of everything AND being motivated would come easily right? Well, Hell no! It really doesn't. That is not at all how it is! The more school work I have the less motivated I am to do anything! Nonetheless, with two years left- ONLY two years left- I decided I would make the best of it and try to learn as much as possible. I actually really really like my master degree and the teachers are amazing, so going to class is ok, it is the reading texts for class that is hard. I mean I have anywhere between 70-150 pages to read for each class, and those are not easy read texts, like it takes time to realise what you are reading and even more time to understand what the author is saying.

So this year I decided I will prioritise school a lot and I will push through the last two years with 100% focus, because they really are the last two haha! How will I do this?

1. I am canceling NETFLIX
And my HBO nordic account. Yep, this is really the only way to go- I know myself and I can spend HOURS and hours watching a new series, and not do ANY school. So I am cancelling everything. As for Netflix- I am getting Tad to change the account password, because he uses it as well (we have a account for 4 people so my brother and dad are on there as well). This means that I will not have easy access to TV.

And it is funny, because I remembered when I was younger my friends and I would spend a lot of time outside, studying and playing, but never watching TV- the only time you could watch something was on the weekends, and you would only watch 1 movie! Or if you wanted to watch a series you had to be by the TV on Thursday at 16:45 because that is when it was streaming- I miss that! Back then watching TV was a social thing!

So my plan now is to spend my time by reading for school, or watching Ted talks instead of movies, reading books and magazines, but of course once in a while there will be a movie night. But I just don't want my life to keep revolving around my computer and series.

2. I will spend more time at the school library
I am so fortunate to be going to CBS, not only are the classes great, but it is a very student friendly school. We have access to a beautiful library at the main campus, where you can either book a study seat, or find a couch or arm-chair to sit on. And if you choose to do that, there are probably 500 others studying around you so you get the whole "I need to do something" mood and just push through studying a lot better than at home where you have so many distractions. In the past two days in total I was at the library for 11 hours- and studying the whole time! Furthermore each campus has their own study rooms, so there is always a place to sit!

3. I will focus when I read
As I mentioned above, I have a lot to read for class, most of it academic journals with a lot of new information. Lately I found a new way to get the most out of reading- I take really detailed notes on everything and try to write them down in my own words, so that I am sure I understand what I am reading. It is a bit more time consuming, normally a 70 page text would take me 2 hours to get through and just highlight, but now I am doing about 10pages/ hour, but I remember what I read. So before exams I can just go through my notes and not have to read everything again!

As you can see- I am planing on changing a lot of stuff! And why am I doing it? I need to learn how to work effectively and I need to learn how to self-motivate and control. It is always easier not to do what you don't feel like doing- even though you have to. And trust me, I was a pro at post-poning everything! But not any more! It might be a lot of work, but it will only make me feel better. I guess being a student, it really is a full-time job!

Oh but just a side note, this in no way means that I will stop doing fun stuff, I will still do all the stuff as always, just instead of watching series and movies, I will educate myself! Wish me luck haha!



Life Right now- sitting at school and reading! Need to catch up on some stuff so I think I will stay at school until I go out tonight at 7! Doing a master I think we have double the amount of reading we had during the bachelor- maybe triple! So it is really important that I am on top of it, because one week I am behind 150 pages, the next week 400, and my the time there are exams and I need to read 4.000 pages I am screwed :D so I will spend this week catching up and reading up on everything. This means that absolutely nothing exciting is happening haha! Hope your week is better than mine!



Copenhagen, Food and Coffee

Happy Saturday everyone! I can't believe how beautiful the weather is today. I just love it when the air is a bit crisp but it is still sunny. I honestly can not wait for winter- days like this during the winter season are my favourite. Especially if there is snow, then I am the happiest ever. I love sitting at home under a blanket, reading a book or watching a movie with the snow outside falling. Haha I might be getting a bit ahead of myself and the time of the year- I mean it is only September! But I did find a nice cafe really close to school in Frederiskberg called Godthåb & Kaffe. It is so cozy and the ladies working there are so sweet! Ludi and I got coffee there last week so we could catch up after not seeing each other for... probably a year! I love exploring new coffee spots in Copenhagen, so I suppose I am very lucky I live in a place where there are hundreds of cool spots to find! This place gives out a really relaxing vibe! I can see myself sitting there and studying ( and the snow falling)- which I will probably start doing because I can never focus on school at home. Anyone who hasn't been there should deffinitely go! 

Today I got up quite early considering it is the weekend. I think I was up around 8am- and I woke up by myself! How did that happen haha. So I have the whole day ahead of me. I want to go for a walk and maybe read a book. And in the evening some of my friends and I are going to play board games at Bastard Cafe in the city centre- we were there a few nights ago and it is so cool.  I have been looking for a place where it is possible to sit with more people and talk at the table- not like what you have at bars or clubs( it is impossible to hear what the other person is saying in places like that) and since I dont drink, going out to clubs isn't as fun as it once used to be! So I am happy I found a place, which allows those who want to to drink and those who don't can have a cup of tea , while enjoying a nice conversation- and playing some board games! Have a lovely weekend everyone!



I think it is pretty safe to assume that anyone who goes to school, has a job or is above the age of 15 experiences some sort of stress. Wether it is the fear of exams, or fear that you don't have enough time to finish a deadline. Stress is pretty much present everywhere. For me personally, after my last semester at school, when we were writing the bachelor project and I was really busy with work and photography I really got a full blow of what stress can do to a person. From my own experience I started drinking more and eating without really thinking about it, I also had a harder time falling asleep. Normally it would take me maybe 1 hour to fall asleep- I had so many things on my mind that I couldn't calm my brain. And the result of being stressed for a few months? I gained a lot of weight, I was nervous constantly and I lost motivation to do anything!

Needles to say it was pretty exhausting- so I decided this year will not be like that. I have to learn to deal with stress in a way, that will not destroy me! So I started researching some articles and speeches about how to deal with stress AND how to use it to your own benefit. I guess you are thinking how the hell can stress be beneficial? Well, when I came across a Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal, who is a health psychologist I finally found the answer. She did a study of 30.000 people for 8 years and was inquiring about how much stress they experience and if they think it is harmful. What she found was that people who experience more stress have a 43% higher chance of dying that those who don't BUT it only counts for those who also believe that stress is harmful for their health!

Kelly found out that people who "die from stress" actually die from the belief that stress is bad from them- and from statistics she concluded that stress would be the 15th largest cause of death in the United states. So she started thinking of ways to view stress as a beneficial thing. She wanted to know if it is possible to change the way people view stress and make them healthier. So how do you deal with stress and use it to your own benefit?

1) View stress as a sigh your body is getting energised
When you are experiencing stress your heart starts beating faster, you feel anxious and you might break a bit of sweat. The way to help yourself going through this is to think: "if your heart is pounding faster, it means it is preparing for action. If you are breathing faster, it is ok- you are getting more oxygen to your brain". People who tried this before going into a stress study actually proved to be more confident and less anxious and their response to physical stress actually changed!

2) Surround yourself with close relationships
We all know oxytocin right? The hormone that makes you happy, makes you want to be with close friends. Pretty much the hormone that gives you a hygge feeling! Well, this is actually a stress hormone, so when you are stressed your body pumps this hormone out and pretty much wants you to be surrounded and seek support. So the second thing that will help you get through stress is to be with your friends where you can support each other. I mean this makes sense doesn't it? When you are freaking out about exams, you usually freak out with someone who is going through the same thing and you support each other and it makes you feel better.

The last conclusion Kelly presented was that people who surround themselves with close friends, those who are active in their communities and have rich social lives show NO signs of stress being harmful for them. So my advice to you and for myself is- try to see stress as a positive thing, and when you are feeling really stressed seek out a friend or someone who you can share the burden with and you will feel much better!

You can watch the Ted Talk HERE.