Hey guys! Yesterday was Tad's birthday, so while he was asleep I spent 3 hours making a cake :D! It is a really easy recipe and I don't know why it took so long- I mean I did do it a lot more complicated, since in the middle of the process I decided to make it double layered haha. I found the recipe on passions for fashion blog, where Christina made it just one layered. In the evening we had a small birthday party celebration, where our closest friends came by and we had some food and of course the cake! And I must say, I am really really happy with the result. It was so good and everyone loved it. Also the cake dough is soooo moist and thick! Delicious! I encourage everyone to make this! The pictures of the cake are not as nice, because we were eating it in the evening and I didn't have proper lighting so I took the pics this morning when a lot of the cake was gone! But honestly, so delicious haha!


Cake Dough
-400 g of soft butter
– 400 g of sugar
– 2 tsp. baking powder
– 160 g of wheat flour
– 6 tbsp. cocoa
– 200 g dark chocolate
– 6 eggs

– 100g soft butter
– 300 g of icing sugar
– 500 g mascarpone
– 400 g of milk chocolate

- Fresh and dried raspberries
- Raspberry jam
- Chocolate swirls

How to make it:

Step 1: Mix the butter and sugar together until it is an uniform mass. Than in a separate bowl mix the cocoa, flour and baking powder and then sift it into the butter and sugar also add the eggs and mix it again until there are no lumps of flower. While you are doing that melt the chocolate in a bowl above boiling water (you do it like that so it doesn't burn) and then add the melted chocolate to the mix and again properly stir it together. Once the batter is done, then divide it in two pieces and put it in two cake forms. Bake at 175C degrees for 30-35 minutes.

Step2: Put butter, icing sugar and mascarpone in a bowl and mix it together. Again, melt chocolate over a water bath and then add it to the mix. I would reccomend that you do this once the cake dough is cold, because you can start putting it together straight away. I did the mistake of making the cream to early and then I put it in a fridge and it got really tough, so I had to put it in the oven for a bit so it would melt again.

Step 3: Take a plate and put one of the cake doughs on it, cover it with a jam layer and then put some cream, into the cream put pieces of fresh raspberries. Then put it in the fridge for a bit to cool off and get thick. After 20 minutes add some more cream on top of the raspberries and put the other cake dough on it. Cover it with cream and put cream on the sides as well, then put it in the fridge for 20 minutes. The last layer of cream is easier to make nice, if the cake it thick and the cream is a not dripping off. So once you take the now almost done cake out of the fridge, put the rest of the cream on it and smooth it out so it looks pretty. Then decorate it with all the raspberries and dried raspberries. Afterwards let it cool for maybe a hour and then you can eat it!

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Hola! My time in Copenhagen is slowly coming to an end- well at least for a month now! Will be back mid- August. But my parents are coming on Wednesday for my graduation ceremony and on Sunday we are leaving for our road-trip. You can see where we are traveling HERE. I am super excited and I got a new GoPro for the trip so I can make videos! I just need to learn how to edit them haha! Thank got it is summer and I will have a lot of time to do that.

Last night Tad and I were watching the EURO game Hungary vs. Belgium and we wanted to make something for dinner, but something that we haven't done before. I had some leftover chicken in the fridge and a bunch of other things so we decided to make a chicken skewer. It is a really good dish if you have a bunch of stuff that you would normally just throw out because there is not enough to make a full dish or it is slowly expiring.

The one we made had: chicken, red onion, mushrooms, dried plumbs and bacon. We just put all of it on a stick and put it in the oven to bake for 20 minutes. We wanted it to be crispy and not soggy from all the bacon juice, so we put it so the top of the stick is raised and the skewers don't touch the oil. If you do this, make sure to put some butter under it so nothing sticks to the pan floor. It is a really good quick dinner idea! And you can put anything on it! And don't forget to season everything. We used chicken spices for the chicken and salt and dried garlic for the rest! Bon Appétit.




Hey guys! I have been looking at other blogs and pictures and I was thinking- how the hell do people take pictures like this? Well, they don't, most of the amazing results are obtained through post-production. So I decided to try to make a pink sunset. I am personally not a pro in editing, but I like challenging myself and trying a bunch of different things and seeing what happens. So I want to give you a little tip of how to edit a photo of a sunset so that there is pink light! I tried it today with a photo I found online. Here is the result:

Here are the steps:

1. Open photo in Lightroom and edit brightness/contrast to get some "life" in the picture. You can also edit highlight and shadows- just see what you like!

2. Use Gradient tool: and you will have to drag from top down and a dot will appear like you see on the picture below. I did it so that the whole sky is covered all the way to the water

3. Play around with the gradient settings. As you can see I put the temperature all the way up and made the tint pink. Also on the second picture I selected the pink colour, which makes the picture more colourful!

4. Make the whole picture pink and color it out so it is consistent- just say " done" to editing the gradient and then you will start working on the whole picture like you would normally do in Lightroom. If you have any questions just write to me :)! Good luck!




Hey guys! I have had a lot of time for myself now and I have been doing some research online- looking for cool things that people are working on etc. And I stumbled upon the First Pancake Studio by Jessica McGuirl. Jessica makes illustrations and different designs, that are super cute and fun! She studied design and lives in Japan for some time. During there time in Japan she gained a lot of experience and inspiration and now works in a studio creating fun art.

On her website it is possible to get custom made illustrations and designs. I really like the maps and recipes she illustrates. You can contact her at and she will make anything! I think her work is really inspired and could be an amazing gift for someone. Be sure to check her website HERE. Her work is so cool! I want to try the avocado tree growing and the pomegranate pealing haha!



A few days ago I visited NoisePR. The lovely Nanna showed me around their showroom and talked about the different brands they have. Amongst others there is Davines and Maroccanoil. Two brands that I use all the time and have been using for many years. From Davines I normally use the OI shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. I started using it maybe 3 years ago and it is the best shampoo that I have ever tried- it makes my hair really nice and it feels good. Nanna gave me a bunch of new products to try out from that brand- I am so excited to try all of it! I chose things that are specifically good for my hair, I sometimes have problems with dry skin, so I got the whole " your hair assistant" line you can see that HERE. and some from the Natural Line. I have a bunch of others and will let you know how they work! Furthermore I have a lot from Maroccanoil. I also have some body creams and scrubs- I didn't even know they make those! I have been using their hair oil for about a year now and it works so well! But now- I have the whole summer to try all of the new amazing products yay!