I loved the "Good Vibes" pillows from Urban Outfitters for a really long time and I always wanted one, but I just didn´t want to spend $40 on a pillow. So here is a really easy and selfexplained tutorial on how to DIY a similar looking pillowcase.

Things you will need:

-a plain white pillow case

-transfer paper for light textiles

As I said the DIY is pretty selfexplained but just in case that you´ve never heard of transfer paper before, I´m going to explain how exactly it works and what it is.

So basically transfer paper allows you to iron on whatever design you want on your fabric. You simply print out ,whatever design you want to have on the fabric, on the transfer paper, and after that you just follow the instructions and your personal pillow case or t-shirt or whatever you want is done.

What I really like about transfer paper is not only that everything you make looks super professional, but also that you can save a lot of money and get really creative.

So what I did was that I simply printed out the letters "Good Vibes" on my transfer paper, and as every transfer paper has different instructions on how to print your design and how long you have to iron it I can´t really tell you how to do it. But in any case it´s super super simple.

I really loved how this pillow turned out and you can really get creative and try different disignes.

I hoped you liked this idea on how to create your own UO pillow. If you have any questions at all make sure to leave a comment. Byeee

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As I was in London about a month ago I just really wanted to do my first ever Travel Log and just tell you guys the things I did and especially things I can recomend you guys to try.

I was in London for only four days, which definetely isn´t enough time to explore the entire city. If you have the opportunity to stay longer definetlely do it because London is a lot bigger than you think it is.

I stayed at the "Easy Hotel" in Paddington, which I can highly recomend to those of you, who don´t want to spend alot on their hotelroom and still want to live in a central place.

London, I believe, is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. You can literally go anywhere and I promise you that you will end up somewhere beautiful. I especially liked "Notting Hill Gate" and "Kensington".

If you want to go Shopping, you will eventually end up on "Oxford street", where you can basically find anything. The main Problem with "Oxford Street" is, that there are so many tourists, only gigantic Shops and after an hour or so, you feel super stressed. Therefore: if you´re looking for Shops like "Brandy Melville", "American Appearel" and "Forever 21" I suggest that you go to Carnaby Street which is a super cozy and small street full of amzing Shops. There is basically no one there and it still is super close to "Oxford Street".

Even though I wasn´t so keen on having a guided tour in a bus, I have to say that it is still a good thing to do, especially when you´re not staying that long. In that way you can visit Londons most famous buildings and take tons of photographs.

If you consider yourself a Harry Potter fan go and visit the Harry Potter Museum. In fact visit it anyways. I really don´t know what there is to say about the museum. Words just can´t describe how beautiful it is and how much there is to see. It really is an experience that I´m sure I won´t forget. It takes a while to get there, and yes the tickets really do cost a lot. But honestly, I can promise you, you won´t regret going there.

So if you like BBC´s "Sherlock" you might want to visit the place it was filmed in. The street we see in the TV-Show isn´t the real Baker street at all by the way. The street it was filmed in, is in fact called the "Gower Street" and is a pretty deserted and unpleasent looking street. But I still enjoyed standing in front of the "Sherlock" door even though it all looks a bit better on screen than in real life.

So what you really have to do an evening is to visit a Musical. I saw Allddin and it was abslutely amazing. The songs were so beautiful and everyone was so talented. Everything was just magical and even if you don´t get the best seats in the theatre I can tell you that it absolutely doesn´t matter.

I also highly recomend you to check out the "Tate Museum of Modern Art" were you can find really beautiful and intersting art. Another good thing about this Museum is that the entrance is free and that you can visit the top of the buildig for a great view over London.

If you´re looking for a place to drink your afternoon tea and try the most delicous brownies in the entire world you should visit "Lowry and Baker" in North Kensington. There you can also eat the most amazing breakfasts and it´s just really, really cozy there.

I know that you can visit "Hard Rock Cafes" all over the world but why not visit the first ever "Hard Rock Cafe" in London? Not only can you visit the shop but also try the most amzing Burgers.

Another Restaurant you should definetely check out is the very modern and cozy "Grain Store". It´s located near King´s Cross and has a very special and tasty, often vegetarian or vegan, menu. If you´re looking for something slightly different I´m sure you will enjoy it.

That was basically everything I had to tell you about London today. If you want more detailed Information on any of the above make sure to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and I´ll see you guys soon.



Hi you bloggers out there,

I´m super exited to start my first ever blog here on nouw. For your Information, I´ve never had any experience with blogging at all and to be completely honest I´m not even entirely sure what this blog is going to be about yet. I´ve been thinking about doing some travel logs, DIY Projects, quotes and recipes. I might also post reviews on books and movies I´ve read or watched.

The main reason I´ve always wanted to start a blog is basically because I really enjoy both writing and taking a lot of photographs.

I really hope you guys will enjoy reading upcoming posts and if you have any questions at all make sure to leave a comment