​I believe it is essential to begin with something that is easy to improve now, as we speak litteraly. The whole idea about this blog is to improve the quality of You and to make You the best You you can ever be. 

How do You actually talk to make other impressed by You? How do you talk to show others that they absolutely have to listen to what You say? How do you make others want to listen to You?

First of all, instead of hundreds of words and sentences that will make You pretty bored after the 137th sentence, I am going to make it a bit more educational. You can see a list further down in this post which is a summary of what this post would have been about if it was a long text instead. The point with this list is that You can skip this part of the post and read the list over and over again.

1. Do not talk too fast! Talking too fast can make You seem insecure. 

2. Have eyecontact! It is proven that someone who is lying avoid eyecontact. 

3. Do not use unnecessary words. It is absolutely your worse choice to swear or say "eh", "so" or "like".

4. Use advanced words in moderation. Nobody wants to listen if they do not understand what you are trying to tell, but nobody are going to listen to your message if You do not seem like a decent person. 

5. Do not talk too often. Let others know that they can be relaxed in your company. It is easier to make a wierd and wrong impression if you talk a lot. 

6. Do not talk about yourself all-the-time. If you do it - stop! Nobody wants to listen hear that story AGAIN.

7. Ask questions. You want others to enjoy your company and let's not be dishonest. Everybody wants to talk about themselves - everybody!

8. Take decisions when nobody else is able to do it. This shows that You are concerned about what the other group members think, but it also shows that you are an ambitious person who wants to pay focus on the task and getting forward. 



Okey, let's get straight to the point: in this blog we will pay 99,9 % focus on increasing the quality of You on the surface which means that the depth in this blog can be hard to find (because it is not existant). This blog does not intend to help You find the meaning of life, but to give You the inspiration You need to find the business person inside You.

"Increasing the quality of You on the surface" ... What does this really mean?
Five years of studies does not make You an obvious candidate for your dream job. The quality of your knowledge about rates, taxes, swot-analysis, funds, bonds etcetera says much about what You have to bring to the company, but there is thousands of people with the same quality of their knowledge as You have and it can be over a hundred of people looking for the exact same job as You. This gives us the conclusion that You need to be more than the quality of your knowledge and You need to show that there is more quality in You than the quality of your knowledge.

We are going to discuss superficial things as how to talk, move, dress and how to become the powerful You in the business world.