Wow! Hi everyone. Brilliant,brilliant, brilliant! I love reading. Well, there’s one thing you need to know.You need to learn. If you don’t learn every day, your knowledge will notimprove.

If your knowledge will notimprove, your income will not improve. Your knowledgeis tied totally, 100 percent, to your income. This is very, very, veryinteresting.

Now people think that they learn every day, but I want youto get you to look, and you’ll see that most of the time, most of the people donot actually learn. They hear data, most of it false -- false data, it’s notcorrect.


But they’ve been trained for years that the source is moreimportant than the actual data, and I say it is false. The source is not moreimportant than the data. The data is what’s important.

So, I’m Israeli, I’m Jewish, and you cannot suspect me thatI like Hitler. I don’t. I really don’t like him, but Hitler was instrumental ininventing the sonar. I’m a submariner. I used to be a diver in the submarine,an Israeli submarine so am I not going to use now the sonar because Hitler waspart of it?

I’m using the light. Do I care if was ethical or not? Ofcourse if he’s was it’s better, but I really don’t care. What I look at is thedata, does it makes sense to me?


And when I lose this ability to evaluate things for me,“does it make sense to me,” I cannot anymore study. I cannot anymore improvebecause if I don’t evaluate data for myself, how do I know?

Most of the people reading “God Google” something -- andthey will tell you because it was in God Google, it’s true. They cannotevaluate. They need someone else to evaluate for them, and in that momentyou’ve lost everything.


You will not ever, ever, ever improve before you start tothink for yourself. What I’m telling you is not true, at all -- ever! Any oneof my videos, any one of my lectures, anything that comes up out of my mouth isnot true -- unless, of course, it is true for you.

Now, how will you be able to know if it’s true for you ifyou cannot evaluate data, if you cannot trust yourself?

Self-confidence is the ability to trust your own decisions.When you cannot trust yourself, you cannot trust anyone. Because when you say,“Well, he told me,” is just a way to shun from responsibility, to run away fromresponsibility.


How do you evaluate data? How do you know what’s true? Whatis the word truth? What is the definition of the word truth?

All of these things are the first things that you will learnin my seminars because you need to know what truth is. How to evaluate data,how to think for yourself, once you have that, you are king. Once you don’t,you’re a slave with no hope.

To become who you really are -- to learn how to learn andhow to evaluate data -- come to my seminar. I’ll teach you, and you will neverbe the same again.


Looking forward to seeing you -- exciting, exciting stuff!Thank you.

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